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Esvagt is successful with new SOV vessels

Esvagt is successful with new SOV vessels

08-11-2017 15:00:00

When Esvagt launched the world's first two SOVs, Esvagt Froude and Esvagt Faraday in spring 2015, there were high expectations for the new ship type and service concept. Esvagt's groundbreaking SOV concept has exceeded all expectations, but the potential is far from fully utilized yet.

"The ships manage far more than what we agreed with the customer, even more than we had hoped for. We have been able to maintain far more turbines than expected at the same time. Our customers see that wind farms with SOV’s have a higher uptime,"says Ole Ditlev Nielsen's Business Development Manager at Esvagt.

An important element of the Esvagt Wind Solutions concept is the unique Safe Transfer Boats, which increase the flexibility and efficiency of everyday life. After about two and a half years of operation, expectations have indeed been met. The ship has significantly greater availability in the park than expected. This means that technicians can service turbines faster.

"It was expected that every fifth day would be without transfers to the turbines due to bad weather and necessary port visits. However, the ships have made transfers on nine out of ten days," says Ole Ditlev Nielsen.

It is both the mother ship and the various elements of the SOV concept that have worked excellent. The use of the STB7 and STB12 transfer boats as well as the walk to work-gangway system for transfers has proved extremely effective. Especially STB12 has shown excellent efficiency in everyday life.

"The STB12 has added value to the concept. At 'Esvagt Faraday', the STB12 is in port every week to change the customer's crew, pick up equipment and spare parts. This frees the mother ship to work in the park and at the same time save considerable fuel and quay costs,"says Rune Østergaard.

Esvagt sees a still untapped potential with the SOV’s. Both to develop operations in existing parks and optimize the operation of future parks.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Denmark

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