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Get a maritime diploma in management

Get a maritime diploma in management

02-11-2017 10:00:00

Now it is possible for navigators and other professional groups in the maritime field to complete a specially designed diploma in management. The new education will take place over four semesters with teaching at LedelsesAkademiet Lillebælt in Odense.

The new diploma program, Blue Diploma, is structured with seminars where theory and knowledge are linked to practice using exercises, cases and training. A completion of the Blue Diploma provides a total of 60 ECTS credits and thus a full-time diploma in management, which is a recognized and sought-after education in many groups.

"When choosing a management program, it is important that it directly addresses one's own reality so that the knowledge gained can be transformed into practice. Therefore, we have also prioritized the development of education in collaboration with maritime organizations and educational institutions," says Jens Linder, executive consultant at LedelsesAkademiet and initiator of the new education.

Blue Diploma is specifically aimed at navigators and engineers, but there will also be people involved in chartering, operations, safety, HR tasks etc.

"The unique part is that we gather leaders and future leaders in the maritime field. By bringing different professional groups together, it typically becomes very dynamic," Jens Linder emphasizes.
He has no doubt as to what the dividend will be for each participant:

"Leaders in "The Blue Denmark" are most often in their positions by virtue of a high level of professionalism, but without necessarily having great management skills. With management training, they can strengthen their ability to make the right choices, whether strategic, organizational, human or financial. Personally and professionally, you grow as a leader when you feel that you have knowledge to fall back on."

The entire diploma program costs 88,300 DKK.

Source: Søfartens Ledere / Maritime Denmark

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