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MHI Vestas tests mega-turbine in the USA

MHI Vestas tests mega-turbine in the USA

25-10-2017 12:00:00

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Clemson University in South Carolina have agreed to test the world's most powerful offshore wind turbine, V164-9.5MW. Test and verification of the wind turbine gearbox and main bearings are carried out at the university's 15 MW test bench.

"We are pleased to have found such world-class facilities to conduct vital tests of the world's most powerful wind turbine. Test and verification of the gearbox and bearings enable us to optimize the performance and reliability of the wind turbine," says Jakob Søbye, Technical Director at MHI Vestas.

According to MHI Vestas, the V164-9.5MW wind turbine is the turbine most likely to be used for the first round of major wind turbine projects in the United States. The total investment of the project is $35 million, which will provide $23 million over five years to Clemson and stimulate the employment of a dozen high-tech jobs.

The test is expected to give MHI Vestas a better understanding of how the 9.5 MW gearbox and bearings will react over a 20+ year lifecycle. Through the exploitation of the large amounts of data from the tests, MHI Vestas can optimize the service strategy for the turbine to ensure optimum reliability and minimize component fatigue.

The agreement with Clemson University marks MHI Vestas Offshore Wind's first major investment in the United States. The $98 million test center was funded with $45 million from the US Department of Energy and $53 million from public and private funds.

In November 2009, the US Department of Energy awarded Clemson University in South Carolina with the largest grant in the University's history to build and run a plant for next generation wind turbine technology testing. The 82,000-square meter facility is not only designed for the wind turbine center but also studies of connection to the grid.

Source: MHI Vestas / Maritime Denmark

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