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Danish maritime advances on the world list

Danish maritime advances on the world list

19-10-2017 14:00:00

Denmark has managed to advance on the list of the largest maritime nations in 2017. A total tonnage of over 60 million gross tons, BT, places Denmark as number seven on the world ranking of maritime nations, measured on operating tonnage. Thus, Denmark has overtaken South Korea.

"It is very positive to see that Denmark, despite some hard years and a fierce competition with Asia, can continue to grow and become the seventh largest maritime nation. It proves that in Denmark we have some solid maritime competencies and skilled shipping companies," says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danske Rederier.

It is especially the Asian countries such as Japan, China and Singapore, who are at the front and who continue to be heavily placed on the seats in the top five in the list of maritime nations. The countries in Asia are particularly interesting for shipping companies because of the competitive conditions.

"We are proud of the growth in the Danish fleet, but we have a hunger for more. Denmark must be among the world's five largest maritime nations, measured on operating tonnage. Therefore, it is important that in the future we can also be competitive if the trend is to go that way. Fortunately, we are well placed for new growth in Denmark with the announced maritime growth plan and broad political support for developing Danish shipping," says Anne H. Steffensen.

Greece and Germany are the only EU maritime nations that are larger than Denmark. However, Germany's headline has shrunk from 7 million BT earlier this year to almost 2 million BT in October 2017.

Top 10 . 2016 . 2017

Greece 151,038,943 BT 155,108,386 BT
Japan 126,497,945 BT 124,829,485 BT
China 99,760,771 BT 103,997,008 BT
Singapore 94,078,858 BT 93,619,926 BT
USA 67,393,914 BT 70,570,909 BT
Germany 64,807,298 BT 62,374,664 BT
Denmark . 57.038.007 BT 60.492.994 BT
South Korea 58,330,913 BT 55,582,449 BT
UK 50,544,294 BT 51,095,108 BT
Hong Kong 46,985,797 BT 49,512,587 BT

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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