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Danish wind road show underway in the US

Danish wind road show underway in the US

20-06-2017 12:00:00

Four Danish wind energy companies have joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in a roadshow in the United States, where companies will meet with potential American partners on the American East Coast and at the Gulf of Mexico.

The alliance starts in Boston because the state of Massachusetts has become the center of the American wind industry. Here the companies Bladt Industries, ISC Consulting Engineers, LICengineering and Semco Maritime will meet with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center before traveling to Providence, Baltimore and Houston, Texas.

"We have spent 26 years developing the Danish offshore wind sector," says the Danish ambassador in the United States, Lars Gert Lose.
He points out that Denmark has previously been focused on talking about the potential of offshore wind energy, but now it is about negotiating real agreements.

"Through these agreements, we want to work with US companies to develop innovative concepts that can deliver solutions that will contribute to a dynamic US offshore wind supply chain," said the ambassador.

Source: Offshorewind / Maritime Denmark

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