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Svendborg appeals to the EU maritime event

Svendborg appeals to the EU maritime event

03-05-2017 14:00:00

Business Minister Brian Mikkelsen has appointed Svendborg as the Danish candidate to host the EU's European Maritime Days. The EU Commission will decide on the location of the conference later in May.

In Svendborg, both the chairman of the business council and the mayor are pleased that Svendborg is now a candidate for hosting the EU International Maritime Conference in 2022 or 2023.

The conference, which attracts around 1000 participants, has never been held in Denmark before.
And the chairman of Svendborg Business Council, Per Nykjær Jensen, believes in the city's chance:
"Usually the conference is in a larger foreign city. This year it will be held in the English town of Pool with 100,000 inhabitants.
But there is no doubt that the strong maritime cluster we have in Svendborg combined with Svendborg's history as a maritime city has meant that both the Ministry of Business and the Danish Maritime Authority have had a positive look at Svendborg's application,” says Per Nykjær Jensen.

Also, Svendborg mayor Lars Erik Hornemann (V) welcomes the candidacy.
"It's a great thing for all of us. Both to all the maritime companies in the city, our educational institutions and to the upcoming new Simac at the port. The conference will help put Svendborg on the maritime European map," says the mayor in a press release.

Source: Svendborg Kommune / Maritime Denmark

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