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Global standard for e-Navigation on the way

Global standard for e-Navigation on the way

08-04-2017 10:00:00

Denmark strives to digitize shipping, and now a project led by the Danish Maritime Authority and supported by the European Union, has taken a big step toward an international standard for digital data exchange. This creates safer and more efficient shipping.

"E-Navigation is about increasing safety at sea through the best use of digital solutions. Here, the standardization of solutions' specifications will make it easier and cheaper to develop a solution for Danish waters that may be useful in other parts of the world," says Thomas Christensen, the Danish Maritime Authority representative in the IALA Committee on e-Navigation.

When a provider of digital solutions is developing a new product to the maritime world, it is typically created for specific equipment and a limited geographical area. Then the solutions can potentially be spread to larger areas, but it often requires a greater conversion to make even the best solutions available globally. That will be changed by the new guidelines.

IALA's Committee on e-Navigation has just adopted a new set of guidelines for the specifications of digital data exchange. The proposal for the new guidelines is drawn up in the Danish Maritime Authority project EfficienSea2. The new guideline will provide a common language for how to deliver digital data services and will make it possible to spread the same digital data stream across devices and regions.

It can increase the use of modern navigation solutions and make it easier for small and medium-sized companies with good ideas to operate globally. The proposed guidelines are expected to be finally adopted by the IALA Council in December 2017.

Read more about working with the international standards in the EU project EfficienSea2's website HERE.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Denmark

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