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Vestas secures three Chinese turbine orders

Vestas secures three Chinese turbine orders

29-03-2017 16:00:00

Vestas has secured three firm and unconditional orders for wind turbine projects in China, totaling 151 MW. Two of them are comprised of 48 MW with hub heights of 137 meters, China's tallest turbine towers. The second project is comprised of the 55 MW turbines, also built on the Vestas 2 MW platform.

"Through our tall tower solution, this order underlines Vestas' competitiveness in terms of wind energy solutions in the Chinese market and establish our ability to establish trust from new partners," said Ken Xu, Vestas' Vice President of Sales, Vestas China, in connection with the 48 MW order.

The solid and unconditional order of 48 MW consists of 22 V110-2.0 MW turbines optimized for 2.2 MW, which will be located in eastern China's Shandong province. The project also includes a two-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM4000) service contract, where Vestas guarantees a fixed level of availability and performance.

Delivery and commissioning is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017. The customer's name and other details have not been published at the customer's request.

Moreover, Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 55 MW from a Chinese company. The order is also based on the 2 MW platform. Delivery and commissioning is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017.

The customer - and project name and the specific turbine names in this project are not published at the customer's request.

The third project of 48 MW, Liutai, is located in the Changli region at Qinhuangdao city in central eastern China in Hebei Province. The project is comprised of 24 V110-2.0 MW turbines with hub heights of 137 meters in order to maximize energy production in the area that do not have optimal wind conditions.

Source: Vestas / Maritime Denmark

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