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Ambassador: Window for DONG in the US

Ambassador: Window for DONG in the US

16-03-2017 15:00:00

Denmark's ambassador to the United States sees good opportunities for the establishment of wind turbines in the country. DONG is already well underway and has plans for more. So far there is nothing to suggest that the new president can or will stop the development.

"There is a window right now where Americans need to adapt their energy sector, and that means that opportunities are greater than they have been before. In several places, both nuclear and coal plants are closing because they are too old," says the Danish ambassador in the United States, Lars Lose to Berlingske Business.

America needs the replacement of old coal and nuclear power plants and this creates opportunities for producers of green energy sources. Interest in offshore wind farms in the US is growing and DONG is already progressing.

"In the US there is huge potential for offshore wind. There are plans for offshore wind in sizes varying from 5000 to 6000 MW, which quite certainly will be built within the next year. And if we look further ahead, the numbers within the next ten years will be significantly larger," says Thomas Brostrøm, head of DONG Energy's activities in the United States, to Berlingske Business.

Last year, DONG Energy Wind Power U.S. Inc. signed a partnership with the US energy company Eversource, and will jointly seek to develop, construct and operate the large-scale offshore wind project in a 50/50 partnership.

DONG Energy will be responsible for developing and building the project's offshore production and transmission assets. Eversource will use its large transmission expertise in New England to develop and construct the transmission system on land.

In August 2016, Massachusetts adopted a comprehensive energy bill, which for the first time ever commit state utilities to purchase 1,600 MW of offshore wind power by the end of 2027. The first government procurement round, beginning in June 2017, represents a milestone for the offshore wind industry in the United States.

Although the focus has shifted away from green energy in Washington, the ambassador doesn't think that it will have a negative impact on the creation of more wind farms because they are commercially interesting.

"Under President Obama, many of these things were operated with a climate agenda. But it is clear that the narrative is different now, and it's no secret that it is not the climate agenda that's affecting policy in Washington these days. But when talking job creation at competitive prices, the politicians show interest," says Lars Lose to Berlingske Business.

Source: The editors of Maritime Denmark

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