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The sea way can be improved

The sea way can be improved

09-03-2017 15:00:00

Associated Danish Ports (APD) hosts the multimodal conference, which focuses on how to strengthen the Danish transport sector through considering ports, highways and railways in transport in Denmark. It requires that the framework conditions are reviewed, says Anne H. Steffensen

"The sea way has the capacity to relieve the crowded road network in Denmark and Europe, as we've talked about over many years. But the shift in transport takes a long time. Therefore it is time that we trim the short sea shipping conditions, so we can meet the policy objectives of the EU. A single market for maritime transport is of course imperative," says Anne H. Steffensen, Managing Director of the Danish Shipowners' Association, speaking at the conference today.

Road transport is by far the most common mode of transport in the EU. As a transport solution, it is very competitive with high flexibility and relatively short transport time. Short sea shipping keeps up on the longer distances, especially if the sea transport is shorter than road transport.

The multimodal conference in Fredericia has more than 150 stakeholders from the transport sector in Denmark as participants.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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