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Container ship aground north of Fyn

Container ship aground north of Fyn

13-02-2017 12:00:00

The Portuguese flagged container ship Victoria went aground on Friday night northwest of Fyn. The team leader at Defence Operation Centre informs that there's probably holes in several of the ship's tanks, but there are no traces of oil in the water. The ship came loose unaided and is now anchored.

The environmental ship Gunnar Thorsen is on the way to the location. The authorities have deployed both a helicopter as a reconnaissance plane to search for possible traces of oil pollution.

There is no information on the cause of the grounding, but the Danish authorities refuse at this time that alcohol played a role in the ordeal.

The container ship was en route from Antwerp to Fredericia when the grounding occurred at 18 o'clock Friday night. As shown on the map, Victoria sailed north of Skagen and down through the Kattegat.

The patrol ship Diana quickly arrived at the grounded vessel and circled intensively around the it before it sailed to Juelsminde at midnight to return again shortly.

On Saturday morning, Diana left the position and is now bound for Hamburg. There will during Saturday be completed a diving survey of the ship to determine the extent of the damage to the hull.

Source: Marinetraffic / Fyns Stiftstidende / Maritime Denmark

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