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Oil cleanup could take months

Oil cleanup could take months
Photo: Benny Dahl

15-02-2017 10:00:00

On Tuesday, the cleanup of the oil spill on Endelave started. 10 men and trucks and excavators arrived Tuesday morning to the island with a special ferry. They were going at it all day. The cleanup is only the beginning of a work that may extend over several months.

"On Endelave there is a stretch of four kilometers that needs to be cleaned. It is a place where the flow direction may cause more to come in. The workers clean 500 meters at a time to be sure to cover it completely," says biologist Lene Thomsen from Horsens Municipality to TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND.

10 men wearing protective suits are in the process of removing especially eelgrass that has been oiled and oil lumps that have washed ashore. Eelgrass is subsequently pushed along by a wheeled loader and loaded in containers.

The ship Victoria from Portugal has leaked oil since it got a 50-meter crack in the hull after sailing aground north of Funen, which damaged the fuel tank. The oil is led by sea currents until it hits the southeast coast of Endelave and the east coast of Jutland on the stretch from the mouth of Vejle Fjord and partially into Horsens Fjord.

Victoria is currently anchored south of the island, while waiting for a salvage plan.

Source: TV2 / and rabbit Katrine from Endelave / Maritime Denmark

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