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Maersk deliver all its documents to France

Maersk deliver all its documents to France

02-02-2017 12:00:00

Maersk has submitted all the information which the French authorities requested in connection with the two Danish supply vessels, Maersk Shipper and Maersk Searcher, which sank off the French coast on December 22.

The French authorities had given Maersk Supply Service a deadline to submit entries up until February 1, and Maersk kept the deadline.

"The dialogue with Maersk works perfectly. They have handed over all documents on time and are cooperating with our experts," says a representative of La préfecture maritime de l'Atlantique to the French magazine Mer et Marine, with which Maritime Denmark has an editorial cooperation on the coverage of the case.

The information Maersk Supply Service has handed over to the French authorities contains information collected by an underwater robot, called ROV, remote controlled from a French special ship, Jif Xplore which Maersk has chartered. The studies were conducted on January 19 and 20.

The French authorities are keeping a close eye on the sea where the two Danish ships are resting on the seabed. Every time a plane or ship from the French authorities is in the vicinity of the two positions, observations are conducted.

When all the data is analyzed and reviewed by experts, it will be decided what will happen to the two sunken ships.

It has been speculated whether French environmental organizations would take legal action against Maersk Supply's Service by French courts. This has not happened yet.

Source: Mer et Marine & Maritime Denmark

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