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Fight against over implementation helps

Fight against over implementation helps

07-02-2017 08:00:00

The Director of the Danish Shipowners' Addociation Jakob Ullegård, calls on the government to continue the fight against over implementaion. A statement from the Ministry of Justice in 2015 showed that 90 percent of the EU rules that were incorporated into Danish law in 2014, were implemented through executive orders.

Even now Danish companies reap the benefits of the government's work. A current example is the Danish Maritime Authority's decision to phase out 31 specific requirements for Danish shipping companies - on the recommendation of the Implementation Council. A so-called "neighbor check” showed that there was a lot to come by.

The government's neighbor check showed that the 31 technical requirements make it half a million kroner more expensive on average to register a medium-sized, second-hand ship flying the Danish flag. Although Denmark is doing well when it comes to good conditions for a large part of shipping, this kind of unnecessary additional costs could send Danish ships off to foreign flags.

Briefly, Denmark has historically made a number of very specific requirements for ships. They have become fewer, but there are still several requirements that go beyond international conventions and farther than competing maritime nations.

The problem is that many requirements are not very well reasoned, as the global rules already regulate the area in a satisfying matter and ensure the same rules. Danish officials should therefore not implement the directives coming from Brussels and other international rules.

One example is the recognition of maritime education. For example; why do we not acknowledge education that seafarers have taken in other reputable maritime nations - instead of sending them to school to learn the same thing once again?

However, there is room for further improvement in the response to the deployment. Because while the DMA has completed neighbor checks and taken action, Tax and Taxation have completely ignored two other neighbor checks in the same period a year, despite the fact that they were also approved by the Government Committee.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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