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Danish Maritime Days continue in 2018

Danish Maritime Days continue in 2018

28-01-2017 10:00:00

The three partners behind the Danish Maritime Days - Danish Shipowners' Association, Danish Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority - have decided to continue the maritime days, although the event no longer receives funding from the state. The next Danish Maritime Days will be in 2018.

"We dissolve the original association behind the Danish Maritime Days, whose three-year mandate has now expired, but continue to collaborate on a recurring event that brings together the Blue Denmark", says the director of the Danish Shipowners' Association Anne H. Steffensen to Maritime Denmark.

Where the original association was created by the previous government's growth team in 2012, the new initiative is a voluntary collaboration between the three parties. The plan is for the partners to take turns to be the coordinator for the project and that each partner shall bear the costs of their own arrangements - possibly seeking support for single projects in funds.

"In 2018, it will be Danish Maritime who is the coordinator of the event," says Anne H. Steffensen, who also says that it has not yet decided what time of year Danish Maritime Days will take place.

The previous main event, Danish Maritime Forum, will no longer be a part of the Danish Maritime Days. A group of individuals is working to create a new Forum to carry forward the process and the thoughts which Danish Maritime Forum has launched. But there has been great satisfaction with the event and it has reached its goal of cementing Denmark's position as a maritime pioneer.

The three partners behind the Danish Maritime Days will now cooperate with other organizers of events during the Danish Maritime Days, including the Danish Maritime Fair, to embark on preparations for the Danish Maritime Days 2018.

"We are pleased that Danish Maritime Days continue and we look forward to engaging in the process," says Rene Wittendorff, Managing Director of Media Group Maritime Denmark, which organizes Danish Maritime Fair.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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