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DONG takes over the operation of Lincs

DONG takes over the operation of Lincs

14-01-2017 10:00:00

DONG Energy has signed a long-term contract on the operation and maintenance of the wind farm Lincs, which is a 270 MW offshore wind farm off the North East Lincolnshire in eastern England. The wind farm has been in operation since August 1, 2013

Centrica and Siemens Project Ventures has decided to sell their combined 75% share of Lincs to the UK Green Investment Bank's Financial Services unit and UK Green Investment Bank.

As part of this transaction, DONG Energy, which owns the remaining 25 percent, reached an agreement with GIB to take over the operation of Lincs from Centrica for 15 years after a transitional period of 12 months after the sale is completed.

"We are pleased with the prospect of being in charge of operation and maintenance of Lincs. It is the first time we take over operation and maintenance of an offshore wind farm, which we have not erected ourselves," says Jens Jakobsson, Senior Vice President, Operations at DONG Energy Wind Power.

"I want to thank Centrica and Siemens for a great partnership regarding Lincs. Now we look forward to strengthening our cooperation with the Green Investment Bank, which is also our partner in wind farm Westermost Rough," says Jens Jakobsson.

DONG Energy currently supply operation and maintenance for 16 offshore wind farms in the UK, Germany and Denmark.

Source: DONG Energy / Maritime Denmark

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