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Maersk does not want to comment

Maersk does not want to comment
Photo: Bent Mikkelsen

13-01-2017 10:00:00

At this stage Maersk Supply Service does not want to comment on the criticism of the company's transactions in connection with towing two worn-out support ships, which was made in France after the ships sank off the French coast before Christmas.

"Our investigation is ongoing, and we continue to cooperate with the authorities. We have no further comments at this stage," writes Tina Østergaard Hansen in an email to Maritime Denmark.

As Maritime Denmark wrote on Thursday, the French environmental organization Robin des Bois has filed a complaint against Maersk Supply Service to the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Brest in which the organization accuses Maersk of dumping waste and for being the cause of marine pollution.

Meanwhile, the environmental organization Mor Glaz sent an open letter to the French Environment Minister Segolene Royal, in which the movement provides a number of critical issues to both the French authorities' handling of the case, as Maersk Supply Service handling towing and ships containing oil residues.

The criticism from the environmental organizations have caused Segolene Royal to get involved in the case. Last week, she sent a letter to the Danish Minister of Industry Brian Mikkelsen, urging the government to closely follow the investigation of the disasters and that the Danish authorities should include the French accident investigation in clearing up the matter.

In 2007, Segolene Royal tried to be elected president, but was beaten by Nicolas Sarkozy. Royal has been Minister of Environment since 2014 and she was considered as the Socialist presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election, but did not want to go through with it.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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