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Many cruise ships coming to Elsinore

Many cruise ships coming to Elsinore

08-12-2016 12:00:00

Next year Elsinore will be visited by six cruise ships. This is twice as many as in 2016. In terms of number of passengers, Cruise North Copenhagen is now the second largest Danish cruise destination after Copenhagen.

"It is no secret that it's a challenge to get cruise ships to Elsinore, as most companies would like to dock. But fortunately there are many who can see the uniqueness of Elsinore," says Birgitte Bergman.

"But there is no doubt that the potential is far greater if the ships could come right up to the dock," says Birgitte Bergman.

That the cruise guests have to sail in from Reden will not keep one of the world's largest cruise ships, Queen Mary, from coming back in 2018. The visit will be the ships sixth and one of the three cruise ships that's already scheduled for 2018.

"Our new floating bridge with 2 x 90 m dock side will receive the boats from the ships at the anchorage, so the arrival is as smooth as possible," says Jesper Schrøder, port manager, Elsinore Ports.

When cruise ships dock in Elsinore about half of them go on excursions to North Zealand castles or visit some of the destination's other sights. The other half choose to remain in the city, see a museum, shop or go to a café.

"The fact that we can truly call us a cruise destination will make it easier to attract new operators, tourists and travel agents to Elsinore in the future. I think this is very positive, since tourism is an area that the city is working to develop," says Benedikte Kiær, Mayor of Elsinore.

Source: VisitNordsjælland / Maritime Denmark

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