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Absalon managed hectic voyage nicely

Absalon managed hectic voyage nicely

23-11-2016 12:00:00

It has been a hectic autumn for the support ship Absalon. It participated in escorting the chemical material that has been removed from Libya. Five commanders in the Army visited the ship before it sailed for Denmark.

At midnight the night between Monday and Tuesday Absalon left the role of the Danish contribution to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) and is expected back in Denmark in early December. Before the participation in SNMG 2 the ship participated in escorting chemical material from Libya.

The ship and its crew, both the main crew and the additional staffing, in the form of a maritime helicopter, Lynx, with personnel, a number of MPs apart from doctors, nurses, language officers and a priest, has been on the road non-stop since the beginning of September. To thank them for that and to recognize the crew's good work under difficult conditions there was a special visit to the ship, which has made a stop in Malta to stock up before the ship continues homewards.

No fewer than five commanders in the Army visited the ship and thanked them for the good efforts. The defense chief General Peter Bartram said his thanks on the helideck for the entire crew to hear. He was accompanied by the chief of the operations staff, Major General Flemming Lentfer, the chief of naval staff, Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn, Head of flying Staff Major General Max Arthur Lund Thorsø Nielsen and Head of 2nd Squadron, Commander Carsten Fjord Larsen, who also thanked the crew for effort.

The purpose of Absalon's voyage has been two things: The first part of the trip saw Absalon take part in escorting chemical material that was being removed from Libya for destruction in Germany. In the second part of the trip Absalon acted as the Danish contribution in SNMG 2, which is part of NATO's presence in the Mediterranean, including Operation Active Endeavour and Danish participation in cooperative exercises with other NATO countries.

Absalon is expected back in Denmark in early December.

Source: Forsvaret / Maritime Denmark

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