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Increased activity in Frederikshavn

Increased activity in Frederikshavn

24-11-2016 10:00:00

Victor DST, which provides solutions for the offshore, marine and energy sector, has signed an agreement aimed at Victor DST producing components for heat supply plants, which IESenergy offers. The agreement provides new jobs for Frederikshavn Harbour.

"This is an important agreement because it means revenue and jobs in Frederikshavn in the short term and prospects for even more activity to come. Specifically, we expect an increased annual turnover of tens of millions in the short term with great potential to become three-digit in the medium term. It supports our strategy to have more legs to stand on and extend our capabilities to other sectors than marine and offshore oil & gas," says Ole Nygaard, CEO of Victor DST.

Specifically, Victor DST produce large cooling towers for the installation of district heating plants and undertake the establishment of the compressors included in IESenergy's total heat pump solution. The agreement is the result of several years of work to improve existing technology together with Siemens, Rolls-Royce, the Danish Technological Institute and Rambøll.

Source: Victor DST / Maritime Denmark

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