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Aarhus Harbour expands with new terminal

Aarhus Harbour expands with new terminal

22-06-2016 08:00:00

Aarhus has grown out of its areas, and the board has therefore decided to build a new terminal, which is a construction project worth more than 200 million kroner. Its's a biofuel terminal that will be the largest in Denmark.

"It is our assessment that biofuel has significant potential for Aarhus. First of all, biofuel is an environmentally friendly fuel, and is therefore one of the fuels of the future, and partly because the Aarhus Harbour's size and position is optimal for this type of cargo," says Jacob Flyvbjerg Christensen, director at Aarhus Harbour.

The omniterminal, which in the first cycle is approximately 135,000 square meters, will meet a growing demand for storage areas for project cargo and bulk cargoes besides being a terminal for biofuels.

The new omniterminal will be designed following a new concept, which means that the operation of the terminal can be optimized in all processes and be smarter than before - regardless of the type of cargo. The new concept and the new terminal have provided a good basis for Aarhus Harbour being able to continue its current growth in both revenue and market share.

"Whether it is wood chips, wood pellets or biowaste - or completely different load types - the terminal will be suitable. We have already experienced great interest from several different types of customers, who can see the possibilities and therefore have expressed interest in very specific areas of the new terminal," says Jacob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

The omniterminal is expected to be ready in early 2018.

Source: Aarhus Havn / Maritime Denmark

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