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Danish Maritime Fair publishes e-book

Danish Maritime Fair publishes e-book

01-06-2016 12:00:00

How do you go about getting the most out of attending a trade show. You can find answers in a new e-book published by the organizers of the Danish Maritime Fair. The book is free for a limited time, if you sign up to Danish Maritime Fairs newsletter.

A trade show is a costly affair and naturally you expect the trade fair participation gives results that can be felt on the bottom line. But everyday life is busy and the time isn't used properly before, during and after the fair, you are likely facing a result that does not commensurate with expectations.

If you have all the responsibility, there are relatively many things to consider. At the organizers' office at Danish Maritime Fair, they have been looking for a comprehensive step by step guide to guide an exhibitor through the process. Since there wasn't one available, Danish Maritime Fair has released an e-book "Exhibitor Extended Guide" on 28 pages, packed with tips and tricks and good input - and relevant checklists.

The book is written by Claus Holm, who besides taking a Master of Experience Economy and Leadership, one M.Sc. International Marketing and Management and a B.Sc. Business Administration, has also developed trade shows and conferences from scratch - and teaches at CBS. Claus Holm has also been the author of Wonderful Copenhagen's conference guide.

On the background of the book says Exhibition Manager, Jakob le Fevre:

"When we create a new international maritime event in Denmark, we are very dependent on everyone giving their contribution to make the fair a success. A basic prerequisite for the success of a B2B trade show is the number of participants and the profile of these participants. Last year we opened up the possibility that our exhibitors could invite guests for free to the fair and despite the fact that it was easily and quickly done, we were surprised how few actually did it. When we went in depth with the subject, it dawned on us that there were very divergent views on how to achieve success at a trade show," said Jakob le Fevre.

"We decided to access the topic professionally and hire an absolute capacity of the area, both to help us adjust the concept itself, but also specifically in producing this guide. This year we have implemented a new system where exhibitors can not only generate a link to invite guests for free, they can also see who registers on the invitation, so it's a perfect opportunity to review marketing efforts before the fair ".

The book is suitable for use on all trade fairs and is free for a limited time, if you sign up to Danish Maritime Fairs newsletter.

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Source: Maritime Denmark

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