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Frederikshavn Harbour expansion live

Frederikshavn Harbour expansion live

20-04-2016 12:00:00

You now have the opportunity to follow the expansion step by step via live streaming from a webcam on top of the Kattegat silo. The camera is set to short intervals to switch between three different positions. In this way the area which the port expansion will cover is displayed wholly.

"We are experiencing very strong interest from citizens and business partners who want to follow the progress of port expansion. We therefore believe that it is quite natural to provide all those interested in the port expansion a chance to experience it via webcam. The port can also use the webcam in connection with the documentation of the port expansion," says Technical Manager Søren Pilgaard.

NOTE! It may take about 5-10 seconds to connect to the webcam!

Images from the camera can be seen HERE

According to § 3a of the Act on CCTV, Frederikshavn Harbour has as an independent municipal port access to make TV surveillance of signage or other clear indication to that effect. Frederikshavn Harbour informs of the CCTV at all entrance routes to the port.

Source: Frederikshavn Harbour / Maritime Denmark

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