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Knud E. Hansen wins international award

Knud E. Hansen wins international award

16-04-2016 12:00:00

At the 14th annual ferry shipping conference, the award ShipPax Award 2015 was awarded to Knud E. Hansen for the design of CONRO vessel Atlantic Star. The ship is designed with a ro/ro area in the middle of the ship and space for containers on both ends of the ship.

"Atlantic Star is an extremely effective ship - in terms of transport capacity and fuel savings. We are very proud to have been involved in this project. By winning the ShipPax award makes it even better," says Finn Wollesen Petersen, CEO of Knud E. Hansen.

There is room for 3,800 TEU, and there is also a 28,900 square meter ro/ro area aboard the Atlantic Star. Atlantic Star's design also has other advantages. The speed has increased by 10 percent, while fuel consumption per. TEU has fallen by 50 percent.

Source: Knud E. Hansen / Maritime Denmark

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