Port Expansion worth 358 million on Lindø

Port Expansion worth 358 million on Lindø

08-03-2016 12:00:00

LINDØ port of ODENSE has started the extensive expansion of the port at Lindø. When the work is done, Lindø Industrial Park A/S and its owner Odense Havn will have an additional 500,000 square meters of harbor area, a new quay of more than a kilometer in length and Lindø Coastal Park.

"The development of Lindø has gone much faster than expected. We have therefore set the fastest pace on our port expansion, so that within a few years we will be able to offer new opportunities to both old and new customers," says Carsten Aa, CEO of the port.

The expansion is happening through a phased replenishment of sand, soil and gravel, and within a few years, a large part of the projected area could be used. The total cost of the entire port expansion is around 358 million kroner.

The reason for the port expansion is a current need for more space at Lindø, where virtually all facilities are rented out. Since Lindø Industrial Park A/S was established in 2009, 88 companies in the offshore and heavy industry have settled here. When subcontractors are included, about 1,400-1,600 people are currently employed in the area - up to 2,400 at times.

The management of LINDØ port of ODENSE anticipates increasing demand for cargo handling at Lindø. The port also wants to be prepared for a situation where the future of the billion market of the environmentally friendly scrapping of offshore wind turbines and waste oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, becomes reality.

The port already controls of one of Northern Europe's largest and most powerful portal cranes that is able to lift and transport units up to 1,000 tons, and there will be established a special area with a carrying capacity of 70T/m2, which can carry very large mobile cranes.

Alongside port operations the developer implements two natural replacement projects around Odense Fjord. Two breeding areas for birds are established by existing beacons in the gap at the entrance to Odense Fjord, just like 10 hectares of land in Lumby Strand will be converted to wetland.

Finally, Lindø Coastal Park will be established. It is the new port's eastern embankment toward Boels Bro, as a recreational forest, meadow and stretch of beach with public access. On the dam's outermost tip there will be built a lookout tower with panoramic view of Odense Fjord.

Source: LINDØ port of ODENSE / Maritime Denmark

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