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New advanced tracking device

New advanced tracking device

02-10-2015 08:00:00

The company Polaris Electronics A/S, which is situated in Aalborg, Denmark, takes a step further with the new, advanced tracking device SIRIUS One, which distinguishes itself from its competitors both in terms of reliability and price.

With 15 years on the world market, Polaris Electronics A/S has long proven its worth as a distributor of other manufacturers' equipment for satellite communication. But the time has come to set a new course for the future, and in recent years the company has worked diligently to present to the market a new product which the company itself is behind.

When autumn's major maritime trade exhibitions will be taking place in Denmark, including DanFish in Aalborg and the Danish Maritime Exhibition in October in Copenhagen, Polaris Electronics will be ready to introduce the newly developed tracking device SIRIUS One.

Like many other distributors and service companies within the maritime market Polaris Electronics has many years of experience with equipment from some of the big manufacturers on the market. It has given the company extensive experience with customers' perception of the equipment, and with this in mind SIRIUS One has been created.

- In the development of SIRIUS One we have continuously used the input which we have received from our customers over the years. We have focused on tailoring a transmitter which is robust when it comes to the harsh maritime environment, reliable, versatile and profitable, says Managing Director Klavs Torp from Polaris Electronics.

One of the key parameters behind the development of SIRIUS One has been to avoid outages which cost the vessels both time and money. As a new feature SIRIUS One is therefore equipped with an internal battery, so there is always the safety of the power supply. At the same time SIRIUS One communicates with the satellite provider Iridium, which, with its satellites constantly moving around the earth, not only supports a tracking system that covers the entire globe without "holes" but also provides greater flexibility in the location of the tracking device on board the vessel.

Another important parameter is that SIRIUS One is cheaper in regards to airtime – meaning the time which the vessel pays for to be able to send and receive data.

- European fishing vessels are demanded to inform their position at least once an hour. SIRIUS One costs on average a third of the market price of airtime, compared to other products, so it is a lot of money in the long run, Klavs Torp emphasizes.

But SIRIUS One does not only offer excellency when it comes to reliability and price. The potential reaches further, and the product will be continuously developed by the global company with the North Jutland roots.

SIRIUS One is already prepared to contain an electronic fishing logbook, as well as the device can be used within the system which is for positioning of merchant ships worldwide, Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT). Later SIRIUS One will also be able to be used for maritime emergency response, Ship Security Alerts Systems (SSAS).

Furthermore, the Iridium satellite signal via SIRIUS One is accessible from a smartphone, so that the device can also be used for sending and receiving text messages. It gives the whole crew on board a significant advantage because they then do not have to log on to a stationary terminal every time they need to communicate with the outside world.

However, the invention from Aalborg is not limited to be useful on board vessels. SIRIUS One can be built into various products which should be traceable. It may be for example containers, construction machinery, transport of valuables or even dog sledge in the Arctic area.

Source: Polaris Electronics A/S

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