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New green scrubber solution

New green scrubber solution

02-10-2015 12:00:00

PureteQ will be exhibiting their new Maritime Turbo Scrubber at the Danish Maritime Fair next week. The company is launching a lightweight, energy-efficient scrubber for shipping, which purifies flue gas and meets new legislation relating to the reduction of Sulfur emissions by 98%

Since its installation aboard the Bornholm passenger ferry, Hammerodde, in May of this year, PureteQ's Maritime Turbo Scrubber (MTS) has undergone thorough testing.

Earlier in 2015, shipping operator, Danske Færger A/S, and PureteQ entered into a partnership, after it was determined, that PureteQ's scrubber technology appeared viable and met Hammerodde's criteria for a green, affordable, and efficient solution.

In January 2015, legislation was introduced to lower the emission of Sulfur particles found in traditional marine oil used by larger ships. For shipping operator and owner of Hammerodde, Danske Færger A/S, the choice was either to sail on costly low-sulfur oil or install a scrubber system that could purify the flue gas produced by the vessel to the level required by the new legislation.

"PureteQ's scrubber solution appears interesting, as it is a relatively lightweight solution and also
because it is simple to install on the vessel. But first and foremost, for us it was essential that the scrubber complied with the relevant environmental legislation. It has also proved to be a cost-effective solution, compared with using significantly more expensive low-sulfur marine oil," explains Hans Henrik Simonsen, Fleet Manager at Færgen A/S.

PureteQ's MTS is a hybrid system. This means that the scrubber system is designed to operate in both 'open loop' and 'closed loop' configurations. In open loop configuration, seawater is used to purify the polluted gas. Provided that the water falls within certain limits, it is then released into the sea. This solution is currently permitted throughout the ECA areas in open seas. Closed loop configuration allows the seawater used in the process to be reused a number of times, after which the treated wash water can be released into the sea or stored in tanks on the vessel.

In recent months, PureteQ has received numerous inquiries from organizations within the international maritime industry about the new MTS solution. To meet this rising interest, PureteQ has recently employed several new colleagues with expertize within areas such as technical sales and project management.

"We look forward to presenting our new Maritime Turbo Scrubber to the international maritime industry at the Danish Maritime Fair. Our stand at the event features a large funnel, so there should be no problem finding us. We look forward to meeting everyone at the event. We hope as many people as possible visit our stand and take the opportunity to talk with some of our new colleagues over a cup of coffee," says Anders Skibdal, CEO of PureteQ A/S.

Meet PureteQ at Stand E9 at the Danish Maritime Fair.

Source: PureteQ

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