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Nordic Tankers at Danish Maritime Fair

Nordic Tankers at Danish Maritime Fair

16-09-2015 14:00:00

Nordic Tankers has chosen to be the hosting partner at the conference 'PEOPLE' a part of a series of conferences under the name Danish Shipping & Ship Management Conferences (DSSMC).

The conference will start with a Safety Seminar from 10-12 where Nordic Tankers and Clipper Group are hosting partners and representatives of another 4 companies that will be involved.

One of the speakers, Erik Carlsen, Vice President, Head of Clipper Fleet Management, Clipper Group, in collaboration with Brian Tranholm Nielsen, Marine HR Director. Nordic Tankers A/S, will discuss safety on board ships.

From 13:00 -15: 00, the focus will be on education and training where representatives of a wide range of educational institutions will give presentations. Karsten Lundsgaard Haegg, Chief Instructur Maritime from Maersk Training will talk about training

15:30 -17: 00, the focus will be on recruiting and staffing of the posts by Stig Holm, General Manager, Thome Ship Management.

See Ann-Louise Grahed, Senior Project and Communication Manager at Nordic Tankers explain what she expects of the event in the video below.

When asked why Nordic Tankers have specifically been chosen to help create a forum for discussion of security she explains:

"Safety is our top priority - our employees safety, the safety of others involved in our operations, our customers' safety, the safety of our property and the environment. Nordic Tankers work continuously to strengthen and develop our safety. All employees, both on land and at sea are involved in this work. We believe that safety is about people throughout the organization, each taking responsibility for their actions," says Ann-Louise Grahed.

"Security goes beyond the normal security procedures in a tanker company, which is usually controlled by SMS (Safety Management System) and is about the softer and less measurable aspects of security, such as behaviour, habit and culture. We look forward to be sharing our experiences and exchange knowledge and insights with others working in the same industry. "

The Danish Shipping & Ship Management Conferences are held at Lokomotivværkstedet as part of the Danish Maritime Fair, from d 6 to 8 October.

There are still seats available - read more about the event and register HERE

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