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Safe Ocean Service has moved to Hirtshals

Safe Ocean Service has moved to Hirtshals

02-09-2015 08:00:00

Safe Ocean Service has in recent years worked on offshore units in the oil sector and in the wind industry and in several ports, but now they will focus on offshore services in the company's home port - Hirtshals. Safe Ocean Service has rented office space on Jens Munksvej 1 in Hirtshals.

"The move to Hirtshals is another step in the process we are going through with Safe Ocean Service, where we would like to grow as a company, but at the same time it will be an exciting place to work. We want to show that we can deliver quality work and that we can provide the services that the market demands. We provide flexibility and curiosity in our approach to the markets we are in all the time, and therefore we are always ready to deliver what our customers want," says CEO Thomas Nielsen.

In recent years, there has already been offshore units at a repair dock, but with a location at the East Basin 2 Safe Ocean Service has taken the step into a new future with repairs of offshore units directly at the main office, and better service to operators and rig owners can therefore be supplied.

The two owners of Safe Ocean Service, Thomas Nielsen and Chris Durhuus, are pleased with the progress that has meant that the company today has 80 employees and has offices in both Houston and Hirtshals.

Director Chris Durhuus said this about the growth of recent years:
"It has been incredibly exciting to be part of the development we have been through. Although we have encountered bumps along the way, we have always been able to look ahead, and we can see that what we are doing is the right thing while we learn from all our relationships."

Source: Hirtshals / Maritime Denmark

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