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Two well-known Skagen shipyards merge

Two well-known Skagen shipyards merge

08-07-2015 12:00:00

The Boards of Karstensens Shipyard and Danish Yachts A/S have jointly issued a notice that the two yards, both housed in Skagen will be merging. It is the owners of the family-owned Danish Yachts, who wanted the merger to ensure the future of the yard.

"Therefore, we want to publish the plan to merge Danish Yachts with Karstensens Shipyard A/S. It is Karsten's intention to maintain the skills that have been earned over the years at Danish Yachts. These skills, combined with the skills that Karstensens already possess and works with today will form the basis for the activities to be conducted in Danish Yachts territory," it says in the message.

Danish Yachts A/S has been owned by the Sørensen family since 2002. In that time, the company has undergone significant changes and the shipyard has evolved to be a leading manufacturer of advanced yacht's and ships of carbon fiber, among the pioneering Cat-SWATH technology used for offshore wind turbine support vessels.

Danish Yachts has developed unique designs and production technologies and is well positioned for the next phase of its development. The owners now want to ensure Danish Yachts future through transfer to a business partner with a long history of shipbuilding, which also has Skagen in mind.

Danish Yachts's buildings and facilities will help attract new customers and help Karstensens future development and increased activities. In connection with the proposed merger it is expected that there will be certain changes and retraining of the workforce. Karstensens, however, are confident that it will eventually result in increased employment and a boost of shipbuilding in Skagen.

The Sørensens will cease their active involvement in Danish Yachts. Danish Yachts' President, lawyer Jens Stadum, will join the board in Karstensens. Danish Yachts A/S name and brand will be unchanged under the new ownership structure.

Source: kanalfrederikshavn.dk / Maritime Denmark

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