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Denmark increases humanitarian aid

Denmark increases humanitarian aid

17-11-2014 12:00:00

Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen allocates DKK 60 million for relief efforts in and around Somalia, which has been hit by a food crisis. That brings the total Danish humanitarian contributions for 2014 up to DKK 133 million.

"For more than two decades, the Somalis have been plagued by civil war, extremism, oppression and recurrent famines. The neighboring countries and the rest of the world has felt the consequences in the form of piracy, hostage-taking, large refugee flows and terrorism. We have in addition to our joint duty also a strong interest in helping Somalia recover, "said Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen.

Of the new money, DKK 35 million will go to UN humanitarian Countries Fund for Somalia administered by the UN relief agency (OCHA), which coordinates efforts through local NGOs and international organizations where the need is greatest.

The remaining DKK 25 million goes to the World Food Programme (WFP) efforts for food security and food handouts in Somalia. The needs are massive and the crisis is underfunded. WFP has just announced that by the end of January 2015, food rations in refugee camps in Kenya will be reduced by 50 percent.

Denmark, along with Somalia and the United Nations hosted a major international ministerial meeting in Somalia on 19 and 20th November in Copenhagen. The food crisis and the deteriorating humanitarian situation will be a key topic at the conference.

"I look forward to the conference later this week. I hope that Denmark can make an important contribution to promoting peace and stability in Somalia, for the people of Somalia, neighboring countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, and for our own sake, " said Mogens Jensen.

The humanitarian situation in Somalia during 2014 worsened considerably. Especially the food situation is critical, and the number of people in urgent need of life-saving food aid has increased by 20 percent this year and has now reached 1 million.

The new appropriation will be approved in the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

Source: Ministry of Trade and Development/ Maritime Denmark

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