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Danish ship crew receives medal of bravery

Danish ship crew receives medal of bravery

19-11-2014 10:00:00

The crew from DFDS Seaways ship Britannia has received this year's "Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea", awarded by the IMO once a year for special heroism at sea. The crew was recognized for their efforts during a ship fire in November 2013.

"I wish Captain Andreas Kristensen and the entire crew at the Britannia Seaways congratulations with the prestigious award, they receive today. This is a significant recognition and proof that the crew has demonstrated outstanding seamanship and heroism beyond the ordinary," said Business and Growth Minister Henrik Sass Larsen.

The crew from Britannia Seaways receive IMO "Bravery Award" for the professional and heroic effort that was shown when the ship caught on fire 26 November 2013. The ship sailed along the Norwegian coast as the extensive fire occurred and caused explosions and 30 meters high flames. Thanks to the captain and crews' professional efforts the fire was put down and the situation was handled so professionally that none of the 32 people on board were injured, and pollution was averted.

Captain Andreas Kristensen received the award on behalf of the entire crew during a ceremony at IMO Headquarters in London. IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu presented the award, and Denmark's ambassador to Britain, Claus Grube and Maritime Authority director Andreas Nordseth was present during the ceremony. It is the first time the crew of a Danish ship receives the award.

The IMO Bravery Award was first awarded in 2007 and is awarded on the basis of nominations from member countries or organizations. This year, the IMO had received 35 nominations for the price.

Source: Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs / Maritime Denmark

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