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Esbern Snare has been deployed for a year

Esbern Snare has been deployed for a year

24-09-2014 14:00:00

On September 21, 2013 Esbern Snare departed to be deployed for five months in NATO's anti-piracy operation off Somalia. Esbern Snare was scheduled to be returned to Denmark in late January 2014 to be in Denmark for six months before being deployed again in June this year.

Instead, Esbern Snare was ordered to the Mediterranean to be the flagship of the Danish-led operation RECSYR last December, which was intended to carry chemical weapons out of Syria. In May, the frigate Peter Willemoes replaced Esbern Snare, after which the ship continued towards the Indian Ocean.

Here Esbern Snare was deployed again as the flagship of NATO's Operation Ocean Shield with a Danish-led team on board as planned. On September 21, after having traveled 50,000 nautical miles, Esbern Snare had been deployed for a year.

Esbern Snare is expected to leave the operation in early December 2014, after which the ship returns to its home port of Frederikshavn with arrival before Christmas.

During deployment in Operation Ocean Shield in the autumn of last year, Esbern Snare detained nine suspected pirates after they had tried to hijack the Danish flagged ship Torm Kansas and a Chinese merchant ship.

The nine suspected pirates were extradited from Esbern Snare to the authorities of Seychelles in December 2013, shortly before the Esbern Snare was ordered to the Mediterranean as the command ship for the operation RECSYR.

Source: The Defense / Maritime Denmark

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