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Ejnar Mikkelsen assists Sirius

Ejnar Mikkelsen assists Sirius

01-09-2014 14:00:00

Since Juli this year, the inspection vessel Ejnar Mikkelsen has patrolled the National park North of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), North East of Greenland. The last three weeks Ejnar Mikkelsen has helped Sirius, by deploying depots along the shore.

Sirius uses these depots for overnight stays during their sled patrols in the winter; therefore it is important that the cabins contain both food and other supplies. Several of Sirius-depots are historical cabins and are part of the Greenland cultural legacy.

Ever since WW2, Sirius has patrolled the National park to enforce the Danish sovereignty. Many of the cabins, where Ejnar Mikkelsen has helped deploy depots, can be traced back to WW2 or earlier.

During WW2, North East Greenland was an interesting area for both the Germans and the Allied, because it was possible to gather Metrology information. Sirius was established to report German activity to the Americans and make sure that the Germans would not established themselves in East Greenland.

The National park is also home to many hunting cabins from the 20th century. Most of the cabins were built by Danish and Norwegian hunters. Their primary target for them was fur from animals, but the cabins were also a part of a large political agenda on sovereignty.

In 1993, Denmark successfully sued Norway in the international court in Haag, for violation the sovereignty.

The crew have enjoyed the task of placing these depose all around the National parks beautiful surroundings. Ejnar Mikkelsen is already looking forward to the future co-operation with Sirius, when the depots are running low.

Source: Forsvaret

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