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Islanders on Birkholm get free shipping

Islanders on Birkholm get free shipping

02-09-2014 12:00:00

Residents on the island Birkholm, which is under the Ærø Municipality, will now have free shipping on the route between Marstal and Birkholm. Ærø has chosen to use some of the funds from the state for the free shipping.

Ferries leave from Marstal and Birkholm twice daily in the summer and once a day during the winter months, however, there are no departures on Sundays. Larger volumes of cargo that requires separate boating, residents will still have to pay for.

Birkholm is one of the least inhabited islands with only eight residents. The island is 92 hectares and extends only 1.9 meters above sea level. 70 years ago, there were 80 residents on the island and it had its own school, grocery store and mill, and there was farming until 1994.

It is located northeast of Ærø in a large very shallow area, with three small islets Nyland, the Great and Small Egholm as nearest neighbors. It takes 25 minutes to get to the island by ferry.

The natural fairway Mørkedyb, which passes near the small ferry berth, is a former glacial river from the last Ice Age, and is used as a navigation route. The water is shallow and stone filled to both sides.

Source: Aero Municipality/ The Editors

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