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Two shippping IT providers join forces

Two shippping IT providers join forces

16-01-2013 10:00:00

PRESS RELEASE: Nordic IT and shipIT has announced a strategic alliance to build upon a shared passion for providing the best solutions to the shipping industry. shipIT will become authorized agent of the MARK5 solution and offer consulting services around MARK5.

We already have a strong market position with especially our MARK5 product suite launched early 2011, and need to scale our sales and implementation teams to
leverage the success. At the same time we are continuously looking for new ways to expand our scope of offerings; and believe in partnerships as a way to grow. This makes shipIT a perfect fit with their consulting expertise and presence in the same market. So since we are addressing the same clients, why not join forces to the benefit of our clients”, says Lars Hansen, CEO of Nordic IT.

The collaboration means shipIT will become authorized agent of the MARK5 solution and offer consulting services around MARK5. However, the partnership will go even further than that, so that Nordic IT and shipIT will be joining efforts in many areas, providing a global, one-stop-shopping service of leading solutions and the best consulting services available for the shipping industry.

“Working with our clients, we have come to know Nordic IT and their MARK5 solution as a market leader. At shipIT we do not develop our own solutions, but use our insight and
consulting approach to understand what are the best products available; not just the software itself, but also the company behind it. Furthermore, we have been looking for ways to expand our presence in Asia, and expect to leverage from the strong foothold of Nordic IT in Singapore. We have high expectations to this unique collaboration; and the plan is definitely to intensify the collaboration over time”, says Kim Ahler, CEO of shipIT.

Source: shipIT

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