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Increased defensepreparedness in the Arctic
Increased defensepreparedness in the Arctic
09-12-2016 10:00
The government, Socialdemokratiet, Radikale Venstre and Dansk Folkeparti have agreed to implement the recommendations of an analysis of future defense tasks in the Arctic, which came in June. 120 million kroner will annually be added to Arctic tasks in the defense bill.

13 companies reported for sulfur violations
10-12-2016 10:00
Since January 2015, nearly 300 oil samples have been collected and analyzed. Based on the tests the Environmental Protection Agency has reported a total of 13 shipping companies to the police for using fuel with high sulfur content. One of the shipping companies was reported in 2015 and the other 12 were reported this year. One of the cases is settled with a fine.
Many cruise ships coming to Elsinore
08-12-2016 12:00
Next year Elsinore will be visited by six cruise ships. This is twice as many as in 2016. In terms of number of passengers, Cruise North Copenhagen is now the second largest Danish cruise destination after Copenhagen.
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BP drilling for more gas in the North Sea
08-12-2016 10:00
BP has begun drilling for gas deep beneath an existing field in the UK North Sea. The drilling, which leads down to the new layer several hundred meters below the existing Ravenspurn field, breathes new life into the aging field.
Skipper found dead
07-12-2016 12:00
A deceased person was found in the waters between Denmark and Sweden yesterday afternoon. Rescuers from both Denmark and Sweden worked together to search for the crew of the fishing boat that went aground off Skodsborg with the engine running on Tuesday.
 Vestas will supply China's tallest turbines
07-12-2016 10:00
Vestas has received a Chinese order from Titan Wind Energy 80 MW distributed on 40 V110-2,0 MW turbines for a project in Licun Town, Heze City in the Shandong province in eastern China. The order includes a two-year service contract. The turbines will be the tallst in China with their 137 meters.

 Hazardous goods empty Samsø ferry
06-12-2016 12:00
New Year is approaching. On Tuesday, December 20, Samsø Rederi will transfer a truck with fireworks at 22:00 from Hou to Samsø. This leads to a passenger limit of max 12 passengers. It is therefore a requirement that all travelers have a reservation for this departure

ISS expands global business with Norden
06-12-2016 10:00
Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), the world's leading maritime and logistics service supplier, has expanded its global business with the Danish shipping company, Norden, with a new contract for crew member's logistics and financial services
Cruise tourism is a business worth billions
05-12-2016 12:00
Cruise tourism is a business worth billions for Denmark, a new study suggests. In 2016, 866,000 cruise guests visited Denmark. It has an estimated total economic impact of approximately 1,35 billion kroner and create around 1,900 jobs
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DONG signs contract with DeepOcean
05-12-2016 10:00
DeepOcean has secured a contract with DONG Energy for cable installation and trenching work for DONG Energy's Hornsea Project One wind farm. Work will be completed in 2018/2019. DeepOcean must install and bury 93 array kable with a total length of 203 km.
Erria focuses on service and management
04-12-2016 10:00
Erria has bought Saigon Shipping J/S Company Ltd.'s 49 percent share of Erria Container Services Ltd. and thus receives full ownership of the company, which Erria has owned 51 percent of since 2013. The purchase price was 3,4 million kroner
 Kalundborg Harbour is deepened
03-12-2016 10:00
Kalundborg Harbour has a contract to ensure a water depth of 10 meters in the docks at Pier 15. The water has decreased to about 9,5 meters due to so-called siltation, where sand and biomaterial, such as seaweed, has piled up at dock, which now must be purified.

 New offshore windship presented in Esbjerg
02-12-2016 10:00
Siemens Wind Power has introduces its new vessel for the transport of windmill parts in the Port of Esbjerg. The 141 meter long vessel Rotra Wait, is expected to be a frequent visitor in the Port of Esbjerg, which is the base port for multiple offshore wind farm projects in the North Sea, where Siemens Wind Power has an assembly plant.

Sydbank: Maersk is doing the right thing
01-12-2016 10:00
It is definitely a sensible decision that Maersk Line is acquiring the German container line Hamburg Süd. The German shipping company is the world's seventh largest container shipping company, and with the acquisition Maersk Line increases its share of the global market from 15,7 percent to 18,6 percent
Blue Water starts the potato season
30-11-2016 12:00
Blue Water Brest is pleased to note that the season for potatoes has begun once again. Although with a few weeks delay compared to previous years. Despite this delay and a difficult market, Blue Water Brest stays positive.
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Maersk Maritime Technology is shut down
30-11-2016 10:00
According to Shippingwatch, A. P. Møller – Maersk, has decided to close on of the Group's most respected subsidiaries - Maersk Maritime Technology. The company develops and test advanced technology, which is subsequently implemented on board the Group's vessels
Major narcotic discovery on the Rødby ferry
29-11-2016 12:00
The South Zealand and Lolland-Falster police are cooperating with SKAT Customs and the Home Guard surrounding the control in both Rødby and Gedser. Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 13 o'clock, the cooperation led to a major narcotic discovery by Rødby, where a Swedish car was packed with 100 kilograms of amphetamine.
 Bladt reveals Arkona transition piece
29-11-2016 08:00
Bladt Industries in Aalborg has published a picture of one of the 60 transition pieces, the company will manufacture for the Arkona wind farm. EEW SPC delivers 60 monopiles for the project and Bladt delivers the transition pieces. Both companies began work on the project in August.

 Ministers could strengthen Blue Denmark
28-11-2016 12:00
Shipping companies look forward to working with the new government. The appointment of Brian Mikkelsen as Minister of Industry is warmly welcomed by the Danish Shipowners' Association, as the Minister of Business and the Minister of Foreign Affairs can strengthen the Blue Denmark.

Maersk Oil cancels two North Sea licenses
24-11-2016 12:00
According to North Sea Energy, Maersk Oil has decided not to renew Bagpuss and Blofeld Licence P. 1943 in the UK North Sea. After Premier Oil decided to withdraw from the Bagpuss license in the North Sea in September, the time has now come for Maersk Oil to do the same.
Increased activity in Frederikshavn
24-11-2016 10:00
Victor DST, which provides solutions for the offshore, marine and energy sector, has signed an agreement aimed at Victor DST producing components for heat supply plants, which IESenergy offers. The agreement provides new jobs for Frederikshavn Harbour.
Absalon managed hectic voyage nicely
23-11-2016 12:00
It has been a hectic autumn for the support ship Absalon. It participated in escorting the chemical material that has been removed from Libya. Five commanders in the Army visited the ship before it sailed for Denmark.
Fire at platform has been extinguished
23-11-2016 10:00
A fire on a semi-submersible drilling rig in the North Sea has been extinguished according to Statoil. The fire in an engine room aboard the Scarabeo 5 started around 17:30 local time on Tuesday. They managed to extinguish it after three hours and there are no reports of any casualties.
 Even cheaper tickets for island ferries
22-11-2016 12:00
On November18, the government along with Dansk Folkeparti, Liberal Alliance and the Konservative Folkeparti signed an agreement to expand the road principle in the budget agreement. Up to 2020 fares for passenger tickets to and from Danish islands will be reduced.

 New debate about Mols-Linien waves
22-11-2016 10:00
There is an ongoing debate on the waves that Mols-Linien's fast ferries are thought to cause. A man from Risskov who was out rowing in August almost drowned and the rowing club reported Mols-Linien to the police, who dismissed the case as the company had complied with the speed limit. Now the rowing club wants to have the rules changed.

Trump issue orders to Danish companies
21-11-2016 10:00
Donald Trump have announced major investments in the US Navy. New vessels will be added to the fleet and it may prove to be synonymous with new orders for Danish suppliers. The Minister of Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen was in Baltimore as part of a business delegation on Thursday and Friday.
Burbo Bank Extension delivers electricity
20-11-2016 10:00
For the first time electricity has been produced at DONG Energy's offshore wind farm Burbo Bank Extension. It is the first time that the latest generation, 8 MW offshore wind turbines from Vestas MHI, has been used commercially offshore, and the first electricity is an important step in the project.
SIMAC initiate American cooperation
14-11-2016 12:00
Mutual exchange of knowledge, skills and students is now possible with the cooperation SIMAC has just signed with Maritime College, State University of New York (SUNY), which has 1,800 students.
Accident report on fishing boat
13-11-2016 12:00
On April 23, 2016 the Danish fishing boat Christina Maiken capsized and sank in the Swedish part of the Kattegat while the ship was on its way to a fishing spot by the Oslo Fjord mouth. The two crew members were rescued by the fishing vessel Bjarke, which was in the vicinity.
 Trans-it sign contract with Gaslog
12-11-2016 10:00
Trans-it - with Head office in Copenhagen - has signed a new contract with the recognized gas-carrier Gaslog. Trans-it serves more than 2000 ships globally.

 Knud E. Hansen designs ferries for India
11-11-2016 12:00
Knud E. Hansen has entered into a collaboration with Indian Smart Engineering & Design Solutions (India) to deliver two new ship designs, where there will be built two ships of each design. All four ships will be built at Cochin Shipyard in India and will sail under the Indian flag.

Siemens Wind increased profits
11-11-2016 10:00
Siemens Wind Power and Renewables recorded a 84 percent increase in profit in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2016 despite a decrease in orders of 56 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2015. The result was 132 million euros compared to 72 million euros in the same quarter of 2015.
Jakob le Fevre has been expelled
04-11-2016 12:00
It is with regret that Maritime Denmark must announce that serious conditions have made it necessary to expell our sales manager Jakob le Fevre. At the same time, the agreement which made Jakob le Fevre a partner at the Media Group Maritime Denmark is abolished.
Nils Smedegaard Andersen gets new job
02-11-2016 08:00
The board of the British oil company BP has appointed Nils Smedegaard Andersen as Non-Executive Director, and he will thus be on the board of the large oil company. Nils Smedegaard Andersen will join today.
The maritime industry is more productive
01-11-2016 08:00
The maritime equipment industries and the shipyards have in recent years achieved productivity gains that are above the level of the Danish economy and the Blue Denmark as a whole. This is shown in a new report from the Danish Maritime Authority, prepared by the Labour Movement.
 Sulfur regulations may create Danish jobs
31-10-2016 08:00
New rules on sulfur emissions from the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO, can lead to many new jobs at Danish maritime industries. The rules will go into force in 2020. One of the companies that can benefit from the new rules are PureteQ which makes smoke cleaning plants.

 Blue Water starts the potato season
30-10-2016 12:00
Blue Water Brest is pleased to note that the season for potatoes has begun once again. Although with a few weeks delay compared to previous years. Despite this delay and a difficult market, Blue Water Brest stays positive.

IMO did not reach agreement on CO2 plan
30-10-2016 08:00
The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) failed to reach a specific agreement on the reduction of shipping CO2 emissions. Instead a roadmap was agreed which will lead to a final agreement in 2023.
Cost-effective compliance with sulphur cap
29-10-2016 08:00
The MEPC’s announcement of a global fuel sulphur cap in 2020 has been met with immediate concern. Ship owners have questions not only about the availability of compliant 0.5%S fuel, but also about the likely difference in price compared to today’s bunker fuel.
Danish Maritime Fair set a new record
28-10-2016 12:00
This year's edition of the Danish Maritime Fair set a new record both in terms of number of visitors and exhibitors. Altogether, 4,600 visited the fair, while 232 exhibitors filled the floor of Lokomotivværkstedet in the South Harbour. The fair's new lounges were a great success.
Ships to reduce sulfur emissions from 2020
28-10-2016 08:00
On Thursday, IMO decided that ships' fuel from 2020 may contain no more than 0,5 percent sulfur. It will mean a reduction in sulfur emissions from ships of up to 80 percent and cleaner air for the whole world, the Environmental Protection Agency wrote on the occasion of the decision.
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