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Reefer ship leaks oil in Kalundborg Fjord
Reefer ship leaks oil in Kalundborg Fjord
21-03-2018 14:00
The captain of a reefer ship hit alarm yesterday afternoon because the ship had a hole in the hull and leaked oil. The ship sailed towards Kalundborg Fjord, where the Navy Home Guard quickly arrived and set up flood barriers.

New record for Hanstholm Havn in 2017
21-03-2018 15:00
In 2017, Hanstholm Harbor statet its position as Denmark’s largest and also one of Northern Europe's largest ports for consumer fish. Including industrial fish, the harbors turnover of fish reached 1 billion Danish kroner. The harbors gross profit rose by seven percent to 26.8 million DKK.
Statoil accused of underpaying Asian workers
19-03-2018 15:00
Statoil are in the spotlight for renting a heavy lift vessel from a Dutch company accused of paying Asian workers as little as 23 Danish kroner an hour. The Dutch company, Heerema, state they comply with all requirements of the International Transport Workers' Union (ITF).
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Danish paddle boarder sets new world record
19-03-2018 14:00
Around eight o’clock Sunday evening, it became an actuality. 24-year-old Casper Steinfath has, as the first person in the world, paddled the 138-kilometer stretch across Skagerak from Hirtshals to Skagerrak standing on 4,25 meter long SUP-board the entire trip.
Fire onboard Maersk Line Limited ship
17-03-2018 08:00
Thursday Evening the Maersk Kensington, a vessel owned and operated by our U.S. subsidiary Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), reported a container on fire in a cargo hold while en route from Salalah, Oman, towards Suez. All 26 crew members are safe and accounted for and the fire is reported to be contained, Maersk reports.
 Maersk changes dangerous goods rules
16-03-2018 12:00
Maersk Line has stopped placing dangerous goods in areas close to living sections and machinery spaces onboard their container vessels, until the investigation that will determine the cause of the fire on Maersk Honam last week is done.

 Molslinjens buses takeover in Bornholm
16-03-2018 10:00
Molslinjens new and successful bus routes between Aarhus and Copenhagen, the Kombardo Express will expand its concept when Molslinjen on September 1st 2018 takeover the ferry route in Bornholm. The purpose of the ferry buses is to bring people who commute and other passengers fast, cheap and direct between Rønne and Copenhagen.

Wrist Ship experienced rise in revenues
15-03-2018 10:30
Danish supply company Wrist Ship Supply Service experienced a rise in revenue and net profit in 2017, where the company noted revenues of 4.1 billion Danish kroner, which is an increase of 3 percent compared to 2016. Revenues grew from 60 million in 2016 to 86 million Danish kroner in 2017.
A.P Møller donates 5 million to EUC Nord
15-03-2018 10:00
With the donation of five million Danish kroner from A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Foundation for regular purposes, EUC Nord are one step closer to towards obtaining the finances needed to build a maritime learning environment in Frederikshavn.
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Tension in Danish marine association
14-03-2018 11:30
The case of exiling the chairman of Maskinmestrenes Forenings (Marine engineer association) is going to be the topic of debate when the union have their general meeting today in Nyborg. Numerous members have already expressed their strong dislike in the board for exiling the chairman of many years, Per Jørgensen.
Maersk declare general average after fire
14-03-2018 11:00
Maersk Line has declared "general average" after last week’s fatal fire on the container ship Maersk Honam. The partner MSC have announced that all of the company's containers will be under the control of the Richards Hogg Lindley (RHL) valuation company in London until all safety measures have been taken.
 Danish duo launches new bulk-index
13-03-2018 14:40
A new index that focuses on handysize, suprama and panamax bulk carriers has been launched in Denmark. Behind the new vesselindex.com is maritime consultancy organization Liengaard & Roschmann, established in 2017 by veterans in the bulk field Anders Liengaard and Søren Roschmann.

 Risk management be implemented in harbor
13-03-2018 13:00
Aalborg Harbor's new head of risk manager Anders Klitgaard completed training sessions for all harbor employees in January in a new management system, established to structure Aalborg harbor's handling of risks. The system is an essential part of the port's ambition to implement risk management.

Fire onboard Maersk Honam under control
12-03-2018 10:38
The fire that haunted the large container ship Maersk Honam was brought under control during the weekend. The Indian Coast Guard has stated that the fire onboard the 15.225 TEU Maersk Honam was brought under control on Saturday, five days after the fatal fire broke out on the vessel.
Capsized fishing dredger floats again
12-03-2018 10:25
The fishing dredger, which capsized on Saturday morning just outside of the sailing entrance to Danish seaport Bogensen located in Nothern Funen, was brought back to its correct position on Sunday afternoon, the Danish Defence has informed.
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Danish/Mexican maritime agreement signed
09-03-2018 11:00
Minister for Industry, Brian Mikkelsen, and Mexico's Minister for Communication and Transport, Mr. Gerado ruiz Esparza, have signed papers for a maritime cooperation agreement, which will strengthen the two countries cooperation revolving areas such as digitalization and environmentally friendly sea transport.
Crewmembers exposed to toxic fumes
09-03-2018 08:45
Smoke from the extensive fire onboard Maersk Honam is feared to have poisoned all the evacuated crew rescued onboard the container ship ALS Ceres and will therefore be sailed to Cochin in India. According to recent reports, the mission of putting out the fire is still ongoing.
 Ships will have to report their fuel consumption
07-03-2018 15:00
The International Maritime Organization, IMO, has introduced new rules that will be initiated March 1st, which means that shipping companies must collect data on fuel consumption on their ships.

 Extreme fire on Maersk ship: four missing
07-03-2018 14:00
Four crew members have been reported missing while 23 have been evacuated after an extreme fire broke out on the container ship Maersk Honam in the Arabian Sea in the afternoon of Tuesday March 6. The shipping company describes the situation as very serious and a major search and rescue operation is in progress searching for the four missing people.

Investors turn their backs at Norden
06-03-2018 15:00
Danish shipping company Norden gained profits for the first time in five years, but this was not enough for investors, as the price on shares in the company is down by just under six percent, after one hour of trading at a price of approximately 114.40 Danish kroner. Analysts expected a higher EBITDA in the fourth quarter.
DFDS secures capacity on Göteborg-Gent
06-03-2018 14:00
On March 2, 2018, DFDS’ roll-on/ roll-off ship Primula Seaways was hit by a container ship on its way from Ghent in Belgium to Brevik, Norway. The collision did not cause any damage to the people onboard the ship nor cause any pollution, but it did damage the Primula Seaways rear side and a trailers located at the damaged part of the ship's side.
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Danish Shipping welcomes Algerian Embassy
05-03-2018 14:00
Today, Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen reveals the Foreign Service's latest representation, which is the Danish embassy in Africa's largest country and fourth largest economy, Algeria. Danish Shipping (Danske Rederier) welcomes a stronger Danish presence in North Africa.
Yet another Danish Coaster has been sold
02-03-2018 12:00
The shipping company Venus Shipping headquartered in Vestbjerg in Vendsyssel has sold the last vessel in the fleet of Danish flagged vessels, and for the first time since 1937 the company owns no Danish flagged vessels. The sale of the coaster Dan Fighter comes after the vessel has had 14 years under a Danish flag and an acknowledgement that the ship is too small for traditional shipping operations. Instead, the shipping company Venus continues to invest in larger tonnage under foreign flags.
 Total's purchase of Maersk oil approved
02-03-2018 10:00
The Danish Energy Agency has approved the sale of A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S's Mærsk Olie & Gas A/S, Maersk Oil, to the global major oil company Total S.A. The deal entails that Total takes over Maersk Oil's organization, portfolio, obligations and rights with a few conditions as part of the deal

 Norwegian ferries can now register in NIS
01-03-2018 12:00
Yesterday, Norway's Minister of Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen informed Color Line's management and seamen's unions about the introduction of a regulation that allows Color Line to change flags on their ships from the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register (NOR) to the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS).

Michel barnier will be visiting Thyborøn
01-03-2018 10:00
European Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, Michel Barnier, will be visiting Thyborøn harbor to talk about the many issues facing the fisheries sector with the effects of Brexit
Call for help for abandoned crewmembers
28-02-2018 11:00

The 19 crew members on the Natig Aliyev tanker, who has been anchored in Ålbæk Bay the last 20 days, has over one quarter million USD in unpaid wages. Due to lack of fuel and supplies, the crew is left on a Turkish/Russian owned tanker on the coast of Skagen.

Edda Passat is ready to set sail
28-02-2018 09:00
Danish shipping company Østensjø Rederi's Service Operations Vessel (SOV) Edda Passat will begin its voyage to Ørsted's Race Bank offshore wind farm in Great Britain at the end of this week, after the vessel was delivered to the owner from Astilleros Gondán yesterday on February 27.
Good year for Dansk Skibskredit
27-02-2018 09:45
Danish ship finance company Danmarks Skibskredit received a profit after tax of 334 million Danish kroner in 2017, an improvement compared to the year of 2016, where profits were 188 million Danish kroner.
 Rumors of Maersk Tankers' sale of an LR2
27-02-2018 09:00
It has been reported that Maersk Tankers has sold one of their older LR2's for a good price. According to shipbrokers, the specifics of the tanker and the fast sale was inline with the buyers wishes, and seems to have had an impact on the price.

 Danish-Korean deal on e-navigation in place
26-02-2018 09:30
Denmark and South Korea have decided to expand their cooperation regarding digitalization of marine navigation. This includes bettering e-navigation systems and development of advanced technologies, which will be used as autonomous vessels, according to South Korea's ministry of oceans and fisheries.

Biggest Kriegers Flak substation is done
26-02-2018 08:30
The largest gravity-based structure of 10,000 tons to the second of Kriegers Flak two transformer substations was installed on February 22, a few days after Jan de Nul installed the first one. The installation of each substation took around 10 hours.
Somalia pirates takes shots at tanker
23-02-2018 12:00
Somalia pirates have exchanged shots with a guarded safety crew onboard a Leopard tanker vessel, in what appears to be the first incident within the region this year. Over three courses, pirates shot at the 50.000-dwt Leopard Sun tanker last night 165 nautical miles from the Somalia city Hobyo.
25 passengers injured in ferry explosion
23-02-2018 09:00
Local authorities have informed that 25 passengers onboard a ferry were harmed as the result of a ferry explosion on Wednesday at a popular holiday resort in Mexico. However, the reports suggest that the explosion did not cause any deaths, but that 20 tourists and five locals were harmed
Blue Water scores new French client
22-02-2018 15:00
Earlier this month, Blue Water Shipping, Brest chartered a coaster trading vessel to transport steel scrap for the new customer Les Recycleurs Bretons, who specializes in recycling. The vessel was chartered in cooperation with Blue Waters shipping department in Esbjerg.
 Færgen lays off 400 employees
22-02-2018 14:00
Tuesday, approximately 400 employees in the Danish shipping company Færgen received a letter of resignation, Annette Timmermann, Press Coordinator at Færgen, has told Danish news station TV2 / Bornholm. The resignations are due to the fact that the Moslinjen te is going to take over the ferry routes to Bornholm on September 1 this year.

 MHI Vestas’ buildings are in progress
21-02-2018 15:00
MHI Vestas has completed the steel structure in Fawley Paint & Logistics located in Hampshire, UK. The the Facility is to open in mid 2018. In November 2017, MHI Vestas announced that they were going to remake the closed Fawley power plant to a new painting and logistics facility for its 80 meter wings.

Ørsteds Race Bank SOV begins trials
21-02-2018 14:00
Edda Passat, the first Service Operations Vessel (SOV) built in Spain, has begun its sailing tests. The ship departed from Ria del Eo in mid-February and is currently located in the port of Gijón, where it is to begin its two-week sailing test program before heading to Ørsted's Race Bank offshore wind farm in Great Britain.
Nissum Bredning produces its first power
20-02-2018 15:00
Siemens Gamesas 7 MW wind turbines at Nissum Bredning demonstration site produced its first electricity last Saturday, February 17th. The first power was produced after a successful inspection of the three cables that connects the wind farm’s four turbines to the Thyborøn substation.
Lack of clarity in Brexit could damage shipping
20-02-2018 14:00
Negotiations on Britain's departure from the EU are taking longer than hoped for. This stirs up uncertainty about the future relationship of trading between the continent and the UK. The Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier fear that shipping companies won’t get a chance to prepare for the upcoming changes, and it is rumored that the British are demanding protectionist measures.
Maersk investors demand immediate results
19-02-2018 15:00
A number of impatient investors are criticizing Maersk for lack of profit and have begun to withdraw from purchasing shares in the company. Maersk is no longer a leading company in the industry and that has led to criticism, just before the capital market day in Maersk, which is taking place tomorrow.
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