Esvagt tests wave power device
Esvagt tests wave power device
15-02-2019 10:00
Esvagt's vessels and crew can handle tasks as diverse as towing a wave power device. Wave power is one of the possible sources of renewable energy, and Esvagt has helped Wavepiston install their device at the test site near Hanstholm, Denmark.

Another good year for the Port of Hirtshals
14-02-2019 12:00
Growth for the 10th year in a row is something that characterizes the Port of Hirtshals, where the number of truck and trailers for 2018 became 148.000 units in total, which is the largest amount of units the port has ever witnessed. This marks a growth of 6.000 units compared to 2017. On the other hand, the amount of bulk cargo fell a little.
Danish Shipping seeks inspiration
14-02-2019 10:00
Danish Shipping and Copenhagen Business School are focusing on the value creation and benefits that shipping companies can get from working with undergraduate students doing bachelor degrees. This will happen in form an event that takes place on February 20 which will be open for everyone.
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Blue Water Shipping active in Georgia
13-02-2019 12:00
Anaklia Development Consortium is going to invest US$ 2.5 billion in developing Anaklia Deep Sea Port in Georgia.The new port allows larger ships to enter Georgian waters for the first time, thus expanding Tbilisi’s export potential and ability to act as a main transport corridor within the region.
ÆrøXpressen takes shape in Riga
12-02-2019 12:00
The hybrid ferry ÆrøXpressen, which is going to sail between Rudkøbing and Marstal, is beginning to take shape in Riga where the hull is being build. Sometime near May 1, the hull will be transported to Hvide Sande Shipyard where the yard will spent around six months finalizing the ferry.
 10.000 tons of salt unloaded in Kalundborg
12-02-2019 10:00
13 hours of efficient work – thats how fast crane operators in the Port of Kalundborg were able to unload 10.000 tons of road salt to Chemisafe from the freight ship Oslo Fjord 1. The freight ship was in a rush, as it had to return to the shipowner after being time chartered.

 Maersk rig hired for drilling in Mexico
11-02-2019 12:00
The oil and gas company Cairn Energy has signed a contract with Maersk Drilling for renting the semi-submersible drilling rig Maersk Developer for a drilling program of the coast of Mexico. The contract is for 110 days and will begin in September 2019.

British government terminates contract
11-02-2019 10:00
The British government has terminated a “no-deal” agreement with Seaborne Freight. The deal has been canceled because the Irish shipping company Arklow Shipping, who were suppose to supply the ships that were part of the agreement, decided to pull out of the deal. Seaborne Freight does not own their own ships and therefore needed a partner in order to hold up their end of the bargain.
EU approves Stena joint venture
08-02-2019 10:00
The European Commission has approved the establishment of a joint venture between Stena Shipping, a part of Stena AB, and German Glovis Europe, which is operated by the South Korean company Hyundai Glovis. The joint venture will mainly revolve around operating shorter routes by RoRo vessels.
NorSea gets Sprogø Wind Farm Contract
07-02-2019 12:00
NorSea Wind, which is headquartered in Esbjerg, has won the contract for operation and maintenance of the Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm in the Great Belt. The Norwegian owned company began the job on January 1 2019, after getting the contract through a bidding process.
Braat celbrates 30 years in Danske Maritime
07-02-2019 10:00
The Danish trade organization Danske Maritime’s CEO Jenny N. Braat will be celebrating her 30th anniversary in the organization that represents Danish shipyards and maritime equipment companies. She has been CEO of the trade organization since 2011.
 New advanced products from Furuno
06-02-2019 12:00
These days navigator’s have to know how to process a lot of information by themselves: imaging radar, ECDIS, GPS, and so on – while simultaneously keeping a look out from the bridge. But Furuno has a solution to this problem.

 Scandinavias first dry port
06-02-2019 10:00
ADP Associated Danish Ports/Port of Fredericia is now in the process of driving the construction machines in position for construction and land development of what will be Scandinavia's largest and preliminary only Dry Port

New TEU-record in the Port of Aarhus
05-02-2019 12:00
In 2018, the Port of Aarhus beat their own previous Danish record made in 2017 of 511.424, as the port took in 540.363 containers (TEU). This corresponds to a six percent increase. That is more than one container for every minute of the year. The ports freight turnover was 8.801.234 tons.
Municipal meeting regarding Samsø ferry
05-02-2019 10:00
On Thursday February 7 Samsø’s district council will work out the details of a new express ferry, which will sail between Aarhus and Sælvig. The 11 district council members will amongst other things gain insight to what the new ferry will look like.
744 ships were scrapped in 2018
04-02-2019 10:00
744 large merchant vessels were sold to wrecking yards in 2018. 518 of these vessels were scrapped on beaches in South Asia and made a new record of 90,4 percent of the total tonnage that was scrapped on a global scale throughout the year.
Molslinjens Express 4 is heading to Aarhus
01-02-2019 12:00
After a years work, ship builders at Austal Shipyard in Perth have handed over Express 4 to Molslinjen’s people in Australia. After a few weeks of doing tests in waters outside Perth, Molslinjens crew began the 20.000 kilometer trip to Aarhus, which is equivalent to 11.100 nautical miles.
 60 years ago Hans Hedtoft sank
01-02-2019 10:00
It is exactly 60 years since the Danish liner MS Hans Hedtoft was shipwrecked south of Kap Farvel. People in both Denmark and Greenland followed the rescue mission. Every hour, people could tune in to their radioes for updates on the rescue mission, which seemed to swerve between hopefulness and doubt. In the end, all that was left was sorrow. Everyone onboard the liner died.

 Hirtshals Yard is fully operating
31-01-2019 12:00
After a thorough renovation that took place last autumn, the floating dock in the Port of Hirtshals is now back in its permanent place. With the docking of M/V Franklin, Hirtshals Yard is again fully operating after a challenging autumn, where the yard's floating dock capsized, and a renovation became necessary.

Danish rowers cross the Atlantic Ocean
31-01-2019 10:00
Danish rowers Lasse Wulff Hansen og Mads Vangsø were the first to cross the finish line on Tuesday, after rowing 5,000 kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean over the last 50 days. They started the journey on December 12 in the Canary Islands, and for most of the trip, the two rowers took turns to row for a period of 2 hours.
Webinar on cabel- and pipe laying
30-01-2019 12:00
Roxtex Group, the worlds leading supplier and manufacture of cable and pipe seals, is hosting a free webinar about the latest knowledge and initiatives within the segment such as the Roxtec Transit Safety Services on March 12 from 10 – 10.40 o’clock.
Good chances of beach auctions this year
30-01-2019 10:00
Over the last 10 to 12 years, little to no wood has been found on the Danish coasts, and because of this there has not been any reason to have any beach auctions. But that will change this year
Unifeeder connects Gdynia with DP London
29-01-2019 12:00
Unifeeder has established a new route between Gdynia and DP World London Gateway, which will open on February 22. The new route is part of Unifeeders plan of delivering a competitive transport alternative to customers, as well as creating a safe door-to-door delivery of freight to the UK from the continent.
 Two killed and 10 injured in explosion
29-01-2019 10:00
An explosion that took place in a boiler room on a Turkish shipyard cost the lives of two workers, and injured ten others. Firemen were quick to put out the fire on Cido Shipping’s aframax tanker LR2 Poseidon yesterday at Tuzlas shipyard near Istanbul.

 Freighship hits weir in Göta Älven
28-01-2019 12:00
The Latvian freights ship Oak, which is registered in the Cook Islands, had an accident on Sunday evening when it was in Lilla Edet in Göta Älven. The crew lost control of the ship as it hit a weir and was wrecked.

Offshore worker dies in North Sea
28-01-2019 10:00
An offshore worker died at 11 o’clock on January 24 after falling into the North Sea while working on Total’s Culzean gas field. His body was found later the same day, and his family was then informed. The victim’s identity has not been made public.
Falck Safety Services changes name
26-01-2019 10:00
The world’s leading safety training partner Falck Safety Services has changed its name to RelyOn Nutec to consolidate global activities around one brand. With 33 locations across 20 countries, the company delivers safety and skills training to more than 250,000 people annually in oil & gas, maritime, renewables and other high-risk potential industries.
Royal Arctic Line experiences ice problems
25-01-2019 12:00
SHORT NEWS: Royal Arctic Line, RAL, has decided to postpone a shipment to the Disko Bay in West Greenland indefinitely due to the ice conditions. This means that Minik Arctica will remain in Nuuk until the weather conditions allow sailing to Aasiaat.

Norden charters new ultramax to JJ Ugland
25-01-2019 10:00
Norwegian shipping company JJ Ugland has chartered their newest ultramax to Danish shipping company Norden. JJ Uglands ship Jorita of 63.000 DWT was named last Wednesday at Shin Kasado shipyard in Japan by its god mother Pernille Berg Johnsson. The shipyard delivered a sister ship in 2017.
 New maritime internship portal launched
24-01-2019 12:00
Danske Rederier’s new internship portal ‘Blue Internship’ will be launched today during a sparring forum at the Fredericia School of Marine Engineering. At the forum, Danske Rederier’s internship coordinator, Anne Panknin Kristensen, will present and demonstrate how the portal works.

 Partnership focuses on greener shipping
24-01-2019 10:00
Yesterday, the Danish- South Korean Green Ship Expert Committee (GSEC) held their first meeting at the Danish Maritime Authorities. GSEC will function as the framework for a partnership regarding new technologies and sustainable solutions for shipping.

Danmark leads mine sweeping task
23-01-2019 12:00
For the entirety of 2019, one of the Danish Defenses’ inspection ships will be in charge of NATO's task of removing old naval mines in the Baltic Sea and the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for the task is to keep the shipping lanes free of dangerous mines.
Frigate will never sail again
23-01-2019 10:00
A Norwegian expert who has been in charge of the building process of numerous of the parts that the Norwegian frigate KNM Helge consists of has said that the frigate, which is almost sunken at this point, will never sail again.
Danske Maritime happy with EU’s initiative
22-01-2019 12:00
There has to be more focus on the importance of the industry, according to Danske Maritime, and the EU agrees. The Rumanian presidency has invited to a discussion about the European maritime industry in Brussels. The EU’s initiative is therefore pleasing to Danish trade organization Danske Maritime.
Maersk adds to Far East Asia-USA Gulf route
22-01-2019 10:00
As Maersk continues their quest to improve customer experience and supply cost effective products, the company wants to add another container vessel to the TP18 rotation from the Far East to the Gulf of Mexico.
 Port of Frederikshavn wins business award
18-01-2019 12:00
It was a humble and happy Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen who, as CEO of the Port of Frederikshavn, received Frederikshavn trade council’s Growth and Willingness Business Award 2018 in front of 230 guests in the Music House together with Chairman of the Board Bo Uggerhøj.

 Maersk introduces random sampling
18-01-2019 10:00
SHORT NEWS: The devastating fire onboard the container ship Maersk Honam last March, which took the lives of five seafarers, has made Maersk Line to introduce random sampling of the contents of containers. This random sampling will be tried out in four ports in the US to start out with.

32 % of offshore-vessels not in operation
17-01-2019 12:00
It is no secret that shipping companies that deal in the offshore sector are under pressure. VesselsValues' offshore manager Robert Day has a new study out on how many ships are currently not in service on a global scale, a study that shows that 32 percent of the worlds ships are not in service. The situation is worst in South East Asia.
DSV wants to buy Panalpina
17-01-2019 10:00
Danish transport group DSV has confirmed that the company has given their offer on Panalpina to the company's board of directors. The offer consists of 1.58 DSV shares and 55 Swiss franc in cash per Panalpina share. The value of this is 170 Swiss franc per share, based on closing prices on January 11 2019.

New partnership for the Danish Maritime Fair
17-01-2019 09:00
The Media Group Maritime Denmark and Bella Center Copenhagen have entered into a partnership to develop and host the International Maritime Fair - Danish Maritime Fair - in 2020 and 2022.
Esvagt rescues men from fire North Sea
16-01-2019 12:00
Last Friday, the crew onboard the fishing boat RI 524 James Robert were rescued by a helicopter in the North Sea, as water was leaking into the boat which caused it to start sinking. On Saturday, Esvagt Carina was hired to pull the unmanned fishing boat to the waters of Grådyb, where another vessel would takeover and pull it to land
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