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New Hempel factory in Kuwait
New Hempel factory in Kuwait
26-03-2017 12:00
Hempel has inaugurated a new factory in Mina Abdullah in Kuwait. Built to ISO 9000 quality management guidelines, the new factory will meet growing demand for Hempel coatings in the Middle East region.

The North Sea to become a "Silicon Valley"
25-03-2017 10:00
Denmark is something special in the blue energy sector. Therefore, it is the Government's ambition that the Danish part of the North Sea should be offshores answer to "Silicon Valley" with great value for the Danish society. This was written by Lars Christian Lilleholt and the CEO of Esvagt in a debate.
Five consortiums may bid for port expansion
24-03-2017 12:00
Hanstholm Harbour and its consultant, Rambøll, has selected five consortiums that are allowed to prepare offers on the forthcoming expansion of the port, which is estimated at half a billion kroner and will take about three years to realize.
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LM Wind Power builds French blade factory
23-03-2017 16:00
LM Wind Power has started construction on its new offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Cherbourg in France. The first stone for the new factory, which marks the official start of construction will be set today, March 23, according to information from the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and sea.
North Sea: High oil prices benefit the state
23-03-2017 15:00
To ensure continued balance between hydrocarbon producers and the state in the case of future high oil prices, a reimbursement system is established. Companies that choose to use the investment window, are imposed an additional tax on particularly high oil prices.
 New North Sea agreement is in place
22-03-2017 18:00
Maersk Oil and its partners in DUC can now cancel the closure of the Tyra field and instead embark on the reconstruction of the old field. It was established today after the government has reached an agreement with S, DF, SF and RV, which ensures lower taxes on oil and gas from the North Sea.

 Support for strong maritime growth plan
22-03-2017 12:00
A broad majority in the Dansish parliament seems prepared to support a strong maritime growth plan.
It is clear in a survey, which the Danish Shipowners' Association made, prior to its annual meeting in Nyborg on Friday.

Shipping.dk secure gravel project in Nyborg
21-03-2017 16:00
Per Aarsleff A/S has secured a major construction project in the Odense area. Shipping.dk, which is part of the Middelfart-based company USTC, has been coordinating the task of handling 75 percent, 100,000 - 150.000 tons of gravel for the project in Nyborg.
GE given EU green light for the acquisition of LM Wind Power
21-03-2017 15:00
General Electric's purchase of the Danish company LM Wind Power was unconditionally approved by the EU Commission on Monday. The deal brings in 1,5 billion EUR, about 11.2 billion kroner to the current owners of LM Wind Power, the European private equity fund Doughty Hanson.
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The government will allow pilotless ships
20-03-2017 15:00
Pilotless ships will improve safety at sea and reduce costs. By 2020 it should be possible to insert pilotless ships in Danish waters according to the Industry Minister Brian Mikkelsen, who wants to change legislation to pave the way for pilotless ships.
Danish bulker collides with icebreaker
20-03-2017 13:00
The dry cargo ship Nordic Barents, which is owned by Nordic Bulk Carrierers collided with the nuclear-powered icebreaker Vaygach while sailing in the Northeast Passage. No one was injured in the accident.
 Port authorities concerned about Trump
18-03-2017 10:00
The US president wants to finance his planned increase in the US defense budget, and it may include going beyond the budget of the government-funded US ports. And that worries port authorities.

 Hanstholm Port in wind turbine agreement
18-03-2017 09:00
Hanstholm Harbour has established an agreement with the company GPP Vind K/S to set up three wind turbines in the port area. The turbines will replace four existing ones, but will have an overall greater capacity. The agreement is a milestone towards the expansion of the port, which will occur over the next three years.

Ambassador: Window for DONG in the US
16-03-2017 15:00
Denmark's ambassador to the United States sees good opportunities for the establishment of wind turbines in the country. DONG is already well underway and has plans for more. So far there is nothing to suggest that the new president can or will stop the development.
Nordic Tankers form new company
16-03-2017 14:00
Nordic Tankers Trading joing with V.Group on the establishment of the new company, Dania Ship Management, which will be established in Nordic Tankers headquarters in Copenhagen.
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The ports are under pressure
13-03-2017 12:00
Declining growth in the world economy and less trading than expected, makes great demands on the adaptability of Danish ports. The volume of freight has shrunk by some 15 percent over the past 10 years, while the port investments have grown significantly.
Stena Bulk acquires Stena Weco
12-03-2017 10:00
Stena Bulk has purchased the remaining 50% of the shares in Stena Weco from its partner WECO Shipping. Stena Weco will thus be wholly owned by Stena Bulk. Stena Weco’s head office will remain as it is today in Denmark.
 Great Danish interest for cruise trade fair
11-03-2017 10:00
This year, Denmark can look forward to receiving more than 1 million cruise guests and it enhances interest in the growing industry among Danish stakeholders.

 North Sea negotiations stranded
10-03-2017 10:00
Negotiations between Maersk and the government on a new tax agreement for the North Sea is put on stand-by. According to Børsen, this is due to the controversy surrounding the development of oil prices.

The sea way can be improved
09-03-2017 15:00
Associated Danish Ports (APD) hosts the multimodal conference, which focuses on how to strengthen the Danish transport sector through considering ports, highways and railways in transport in Denmark. It requires that the framework conditions are reviewed, says Anne H. Steffensen
Another record year for Køge Harbour
09-03-2017 14:00
2016 was a record year for Køge Harbour. There was set a record with a turnover of 2,4 million tons of goods, but also with a surplus of 11,937 million kr. This is an increase of 30 percent compared to the port's best performance to date in 2015.
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The new sulfur regulations in 2020
08-03-2017 15:00
Conference on March 21 at Hotel Hilton in Copenhagen Airport.

Maritime Denmark and Europort cooperate
08-03-2017 14:00
The Media Group Maritime Denmark – who is behind the release of several maritime magazines, Internet portals and Danish Maritime Fair - has signed an exclusive agreement with the Dutch company Ahoy, who own the world's second largest maritime exhibition, Europort in Rotterdam.
 Hempel appoints new CCO
08-03-2017 12:00
Michael Hansen will take up his position on 1 May as new Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Hempel, one of the world’s leading coatings manufacturers.

 Danish Ports want clear rules on operations
07-03-2017 09:00
Vejle Harbour did not announce its activity regarding tugboats, and was not allowed to exercise tugboat activities in another port. The Danish Shipowners' Association calls for a clear division of labor between the public and private sectors.

MHI Vestas missing up to 50 engineers
07-03-2017 08:00
MHI Vestas, which exclusively manufactures wind turbines, are now in search of a number of engineers. This is because of the expansion of production capacity at the company's nacelle factory in Lindø at Odense and its turbine blade factory in Nakskov on Lolland.
Vestas creates 414 new jobs in Denmark
06-03-2017 15:30
After having hired 100 new employees in the production on the Isle of Wrigt in England in November 2016, MHI Vestas now increase production at the departments of Lindø and Nakskov. Here, additional 414 workers are hired. The company stated this in a press release.
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Danish support is extended by one week
06-03-2017 12:28
The frigate Peter Willemoes has in the past week participated in the defense and escort of the US aircraft carrier George Bush, whose main task is to support Operation Inherently Resolve. The deployment into the aircraft carrier group is extended by about a week at the request of the US administration.
Three rescued after sinking off of Hirtshals
03-03-2017 16:22
Three fishermen aboard Sara V were lucky when their boat suddenly sprang a leak 20 nautical miles northwest of Hirtshals yesterday morning. They contacted another boat nearby, HG 75 Nicoline before they jumped into a raft.
 EU approves DONG Formosa 1 agreement
03-03-2017 16:11
The European Commission has, in accordance with Regulation EU Merger Regulation, approved the proposed acquisition of joint control of Formosa 1 International Investment Taiwan between DONG Energy, Australia's Macquarie Capital and Swancor Holding in Taiwan.

 Offshore wind turbine trials approved
02-03-2017 11:21
The DEA has given I/S Nissum Bredning Vind settlement permit for their 28 MW pilot project "Testbed for new technologies and integrated design". In February 2016, the project was the winner of the DEA's bidding round in the special pilot scheme for new offshore wind technology.

Norwegian offshore company rehire 300
02-03-2017 10:51
The supply company Island Offshore rehires 300 employees who were laid off. Now several of the company's vessels can look forward to receiving jobs as a number of vessels that otherwise were obvious choices, have recently received contracts so that they can come into operation once again.
Berlingske: North Sea agreement in place
01-03-2017 12:00
According to Berlingske, the government agreed with Maersk on a new agreement that ensures new investments in the Tyra field - and thus the Danish oil and gas extraction continues.
Free Trade ensures Denmark's position
01-03-2017 10:00
Free trade agreements are crucial for Denmark to maintain its position as one of the world's leading shipping nations. The Director of the Danish Shipowners' Association stated this at a debate with two very different members of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.
New traffic plan in favor of Horsens Harbour
28-02-2017 12:00
Horsens Municipality has just presented a new traffic plan, which ultimately is a benefit for Horsens Harbour. The plan includes construction of a new road in the extension of the new southern bypass road. The road provides shorter transportation from the port to the motorway and moves heavy and slow traffic out of the city center.
 Tax law in the way of offshore adventure
28-02-2017 10:00
OECD predicts that offshore wind will experience an explosive growth in the coming years. The Danish Shipowners' Association see a great potential for Danish companies, but warns that tax regulations may stand in the way.

 New wave energy plant coming to Sæby
27-02-2017 12:00
Ever since the turn of the century, a team led by the late inventor Henning Pilgaard has worked to create a new Danish wave energy plant - Crestwing. The first half-scale plant is planned to be launched in the autumn.

Shipping should be part of Internal Market
27-02-2017 10:00
The EU Internal Market is a great success and a clear advantage for the Danes, whose wealth according to a new study, is 5 percent higher than it would have been without the Internal Market. But the Internal Market does not include shipping and this should be rectified. The Danish Shipowners' Association now takes action.
Situation at sunken ship under control
26-02-2017 10:00
The situation around the Sternö was under control sunday morning. The ship owners and the insurance company, jointly with the marine authorities were in the process of preparing a recovery plan to salvage the ship during the next week.
Norwegian conflict can affect Danish sailors
25-02-2017 19:31
A Norwegian legislative change could make it possible to register ferries in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) and it may later threaten Danish jobs, predicts Søfartens Ledere.
Ocean-wind beat all records Wednesday
24-02-2017 12:00
On Wednesday, Danish wind farms produced enough electricity to cover 104 percent of the country's energy consumption. Thereby, Denmark tops the list of countries with the highest proportion of energy from offshore wind on a windy day in Europe.
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