DONG choose Vestas 8.0 MW turbine
DONG choose Vestas 8.0 MW turbine
18-02-2015 08:00
DONG Energy divides the offshore development project, Walney Extension, into Phase 1 and 2, each with a capacity of 330 MW. MHI Vestas Offshore Winds V164 8.0 MW offshore wind turbine has been preferred for the first phase, and their UK factory on the Isle of Wight will supply blades for the project.

Grenaa - Hundested on its way to rise again
17-02-2015 08:00
The bus company Red Ticket has plans to reopen a ferry route between Grenaa and Hundested. The company has had difficulty getting space for its buses on the Mols-Line ferries, and therefore the company will now buy two ferries and sail between the regions.
The Danish Maritime Fair 2015
16-02-2015 10:00
After a successful first edition, received with great enthusiasm by the international maritime cluster, the Danish Maritime Fair is opening its gates for the second year, from 6th to 8th of October 2015.
ESVAGT's first wind turbine ship in Esbjerg
16-02-2015 08:00
ESVAGT's first special vessel of the SOV-type for the servicing of wind farms can now be seen in Esbjerg. The special vessel Esvagt Froude will be at the home port of Esbjerg until Wednesday, before the ship is handed over to Siemens Wind Power, where it is immediately deployed.
Significant growth for Viking Supply Ships
15-02-2015 08:00
Viking Supply Ships, which is headquartered in Copenhagen, came out of the fourth quarter with a net profit of 113 million Norwegian kroner, a significant increase compared to last year when the company had a loss of 76.3 million in the fourth quarter.
 Progress in the Mols-line
14-02-2015 08:00
The Mols-Line earned 21.4 million kroner in 2014, thereby exceeding the most recent expectations. The result will be positively affected by the High Court granting the Mols-Line A/S a replacement in the case against Tryg Forsikring A/S worth13.1 million kroner.

 Denmark in the top as flag state
13-02-2015 08:00
Just as in the latest inventories, Denmark scored the maximum points in the annual statement "Flag State Performance Table 2014/2015" by the International Shipping Federation International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) publishes.

MF Samsø finally coming home
12-02-2015 08:00
The new Samsø ferry MF Samsø is now on its way home to the Port of Sælvig after transfer at the shipyard in Gdansk. The ferry has sailed through Øresund and is now close to passing Kronborg. The ferry will reach the port of Sælvig later in the day.
Pia E. Voss becomes director at HORESTA
11-02-2015 08:00
HORESTA, which is the trade organization for the hospitality sector, has derived their new legal director of the Danish Shipowners Association. Pia E. Voss will enter her new position, where she joins the Executive Board with responsibility for labor relations and collective bargaining. She has been director of the Danish Shipowners Association since 2001
Aarhus harbor coming out of the crisis
10-02-2015 08:00
Aarhus harbor feels progress in container shipping and has hired five new employees, including a new business developer and a department manager for the customer center. The harbor believes in growth in the future.
The dropping oil prices are starting to show
09-02-2015 08:00
This week the consequences of the dropping oil price are starting to show. Both Maersk Supply Service and Maersk Drilling have been firing employees in the head office, and Dong Energy presented their financial statements for 2014, which was marked by very large write-downs and a deficit of 5.3 billion kroner
 SKAT focusing on North Jutland ports
08-02-2015 08:00
SKAT has visited 11 companies in the ports of Aalborg, Frederikshavn, Skagen and Thyborøn with the police and WEA. The idea was to investigate whether social dumping was occuring. The authorities have taken a look at employees from foreign companies who are working as subcontractors.

 Maersk Line orders new feeder ships
07-02-2015 08:00
Maersk Line has placed an order of seven ice class feeder vessels of 3,700 TEU with a value of $ 351 million at China COSCO Shipyard Group. In addition, there is an option for two additional vessels. The ships are expected to be delivered in 2017 and 2018.

Danish Maritime Forum in new surroundings
05-02-2015 08:00
The new cruise terminal at Nordhavn forms the maritime border when the global top leaders meet for the next Danish Maritime Forum, taking place in Copenhagen on 7 and 8 October. With only five meters to Øresund, the world's maritime executives feel at home when participating in the Danish Maritime Forum 2015.
Veterans retrained for offshore jobs
04-02-2015 08:00
Offshore companies like Semco Maritime and Q-Star cooperates with the soldiers project "Veteran Crossover" which educates former soldiers to work in the offshore industry. So far, 103 veterans have been retrained, and everyone can get a job.
Copenship has come to halt payment
03-02-2015 08:00
The Danish dry cargo shipping Copenship has after 37 years of operation come to halt payment. Nearly two dozen employees at the company's headquarters in Bronshoej stand to lose their job. The Company operates up to 50 dry bulk vessels on charter basis.
New convention on wreck removal
02-02-2015 08:00
On April 14, 2015, the Nairobi International Convention on the removal of wrecks will go into force. The Convention requires insurance and certificate. In this context, the DMA sends a call to Danish shipping companies and owners of boats.
 DIS can increase Denmark's profits
30-01-2015 08:00
It amazes Maritime Leaders, that the government does not want to invest more in the maritime industry than the current bill to amend the shipping Tax suggests. Maritime Leaders, like the companies suggest that DIS must also apply the new shipping within the offshore segment.

 Danish ports create value for 58 billion kr
29-01-2015 08:00
The OECD has for five years analyzed some of the world's largest port cities to find a formula for coexistence, leading to economic growth through a well-integrated strategic cooperation between city and port. If OECD results are transferred to the Danish port sector, Danish ports create an annual total value of 58 billion kroner to the Danish society.

Former OW-boss starts his own company
28-01-2015 08:00
The former Director of OW Bunker subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading in Dubai, Jesper Jervild, has after OW Bunker's bankruptcy started his own brokerage company, Liberty Marine. He believes that the industry has changed after the bankruptcy.
Nordic Tankers bring activities together
27-01-2015 08:00
Nordic Tankers brings together all its activities in Denmark at the new headquarters, located in Tuborg Havn, Copenhagen. The Herning-office functions thus move to Copenhagen and Herning office will then be phased out. It will happens by June 2015.
Sunken vessel in Brejning has been raised
26-01-2015 08:00
The Dutch survey vessel Sara Maatje XVI, which sank in Brejning Harbor on Sunday night was salvaged yesterday. Now the studies to clarify why the ship suddenly sank while crew and geologists spent the night at a hotel nearby will begin.
New company in the Port of Frederikshavn
19-01-2015 08:00
Frederikshavn Bulk Terminal is a new company that has established itself in Frederikshavn, where the company so far has rented 4.000 square meters of warehouse space and 1.000 square meters of space for a bagging plant. The company offers managing of stevedoring tasks, cargo handling and terminal solutions with storage and bagging of bulk goods.
 DMA launches new ship inspections
18-01-2015 08:00
From January 1st, the Danish Maritime Authority has started to inspect all Danish passenger ferries in a new way. The shipping companies are positive towards the new inspections, which involve the crew and the daily safety activities in a better way.

 Scandlines left with two routes
17-01-2015 08:00
Now that Scandlines has sold the Elsinore-Helsingborg route, which was operated in a joint venture between Scandlines and Stena Line, Scandlines now only has two routes to Germany and seven ferries left. Is Scandlines being sold piece by piece?

The Port of Kalundborg expands in Asnæs
16-01-2015 08:00
The Port of Kalundborg and its collaborator Schultz Shipping A/S have bought 23.000 square meters from DONG, east of the power plant park. The area with five warehouses and a workshop is located right next to the approved Ny Vesthavn Project in Asnæs.
DFDS consolidates the route network
15-01-2015 08:00
DFDS is closing down a route, partly due to the new sulfur regulations, but are in turn opening another elsewhere. From the turn of the year, DFDS will close the Le Havre-Portsmouth route because it was not profitable enough and after the introduction of the new sulfur regulations, the routes future did not look bright. On the other hand, DFDS has opened a new cargo route between Norway and northern Germany.
New large orders provides growth for Scanel
14-01-2015 08:00
Revenue from Scanel International in Frederikshavn, who delivers electro technical systems for the maritime and offshore industry, increased by over 20 percent in 2014, and it has provided the basis for 50 new jobs. The company expects similar growth this year.
Passenger criticism of Færgen
11-01-2015 12:00
The Passenger Association and the elderly council complain that it is difficult to get in and out of the cars on the car deck on the fast ferry Leonora Christina sailing between Ystad and Rønne. Both also feel that the company has behaved arrogantly to criticism, however the director rejects that
 8.0 MW is the year's best offshore turbine
11-01-2015 10:00
The world's most powerful wind turbine, MHI Vestas flagship, the wind turbine V164-8.0 MW, has been appointed the industry's leading offshore turbine in 2014 and awarded the gold medal from Windpower Monthly in the annual competition.

 Drop in oil prices may lead to less scrapping
09-01-2015 10:00
The large drop in the price of bunker oil and the resulting lower bunker costs can result in the already oversupply of tonnage, to be even bigger. The low oil prices do not encourage ship-owners to get old ships scrapped.

Maersk supports the fight against Ebola
09-01-2015 08:00
A. P. Moller-Maersk keeps trade relations open in the Ebola-affected countries in West Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and also supports the UN with a million dollars in the fight against Ebola.
Cemfjord found at the bottom
08-01-2015 08:00
The cement ship Cemfjord, who was on its way from Aalborg to Liverpool with 2.000 tons of cement board when it sank north of Scotland, has now been found at the bottom of the Scottish Pentland Firth. It was a passing ship that noticed that it was sinking.
First electric powered ferry to Ærø in 2017
07-01-2015 12:00
The abolition of electricity tax for ships over 500 gross tons have made electric powered ferries profitable. A new project will add four electric ferries to Ærø instead of the three regular ferries sailing there today. The first electric ferry is expected to be operational in 2017, and the rest by 2021. Ærø will save 50 percent in energy for ferry operations.
The port of Køge loves trash
07-01-2015 12:00
The last year, the Port of Køge profited from the fact that both the English and Irish cities have a hard time disposing of household waste due to lack of incineration capacity. Incineration capacity is something that Kara in Roskilde has and it provides work at the port.
 DFDS has closed yet another route
07-01-2015 10:00
At the turn of the year DFDS has closed the ferry route Le Havre - Portsmouth, as the company has previously threatened to do. The route has not been producing any surplus for years, and the ferry routes between England and France are generally categorized by overcapacity and declining freight volumes.

 Altor withdrew 1 billion kr from OW Bunker
07-01-2015 08:00
The Swedish private equity fund Altor withdrew about 1.1 billion kroner from OW Bunker to shareholders in the form of a capital reduction shortly before OW Bunker got stock exchange listed.

Companies fear remodeling of Assens Port
06-01-2015 12:00
In Assens, the City Council is considering wheater they should focus on having a commercial port or focus on tourism instead. A hearing process is underway, and the City Council must make a decision by the end of February. The businesses in the port fear for the ports development, as powerful forces want to convert the port into a recreational area.
Shipping is crucial for Denmark
06-01-2015 08:00
Denmark's Statistics new report, "Danish Foreign Economy in 2013", concludes that shipping is crucial for Denmark. The report shows that maritime transport in 2013 accounted for 50.6 percent of Danish exports of services and thus far more than other service groups.
German freighter pulled free
06-01-2015 08:00
Sunday evening around 6 p.m., the German cargo ship Langeland, who for over a week has been stuck aground south of Fænø in Lillebælt, was pulled free after several unsuccessful attempts. The water level in the Lillebælt has been low due to strong winds last week.
Changed departure times to Agersø
05-01-2015 10:00
SHORT NEWS: The Agersø ferry, Agersø III is to be repaired, and that means changes in the sailing schedule today Monday between Agersø, Omø and Stigsnæs.
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