Maersk supports the fight against Ebola
Maersk supports the fight against Ebola
09-01-2015 08:00
A. P. Moller-Maersk keeps trade relations open in the Ebola-affected countries in West Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and also supports the UN with a million dollars in the fight against Ebola.

Passenger criticism of Færgen
11-01-2015 12:00
The Passenger Association and the elderly council complain that it is difficult to get in and out of the cars on the car deck on the fast ferry Leonora Christina sailing between Ystad and Rønne. Both also feel that the company has behaved arrogantly to criticism, however the director rejects that
8.0 MW is the year's best offshore turbine
11-01-2015 10:00
The world's most powerful wind turbine, MHI Vestas flagship, the wind turbine V164-8.0 MW, has been appointed the industry's leading offshore turbine in 2014 and awarded the gold medal from Windpower Monthly in the annual competition.
Drop in oil prices may lead to less scrapping
09-01-2015 10:00
The large drop in the price of bunker oil and the resulting lower bunker costs can result in the already oversupply of tonnage, to be even bigger. The low oil prices do not encourage ship-owners to get old ships scrapped.
Cemfjord found at the bottom
08-01-2015 08:00
The cement ship Cemfjord, who was on its way from Aalborg to Liverpool with 2.000 tons of cement board when it sank north of Scotland, has now been found at the bottom of the Scottish Pentland Firth. It was a passing ship that noticed that it was sinking.
 First electric powered ferry to Ærø in 2017
07-01-2015 12:00
The abolition of electricity tax for ships over 500 gross tons have made electric powered ferries profitable. A new project will add four electric ferries to Ærø instead of the three regular ferries sailing there today. The first electric ferry is expected to be operational in 2017, and the rest by 2021. Ærø will save 50 percent in energy for ferry operations.

 The port of Køge loves trash
07-01-2015 12:00
The last year, the Port of Køge profited from the fact that both the English and Irish cities have a hard time disposing of household waste due to lack of incineration capacity. Incineration capacity is something that Kara in Roskilde has and it provides work at the port.

DFDS has closed yet another route
07-01-2015 10:00
At the turn of the year DFDS has closed the ferry route Le Havre - Portsmouth, as the company has previously threatened to do. The route has not been producing any surplus for years, and the ferry routes between England and France are generally categorized by overcapacity and declining freight volumes.
Altor withdrew 1 billion kr from OW Bunker
07-01-2015 08:00
The Swedish private equity fund Altor withdrew about 1.1 billion kroner from OW Bunker to shareholders in the form of a capital reduction shortly before OW Bunker got stock exchange listed.
Companies fear remodeling of Assens Port
06-01-2015 12:00
In Assens, the City Council is considering wheater they should focus on having a commercial port or focus on tourism instead. A hearing process is underway, and the City Council must make a decision by the end of February. The businesses in the port fear for the ports development, as powerful forces want to convert the port into a recreational area.
Shipping is crucial for Denmark
06-01-2015 08:00
Denmark's Statistics new report, "Danish Foreign Economy in 2013", concludes that shipping is crucial for Denmark. The report shows that maritime transport in 2013 accounted for 50.6 percent of Danish exports of services and thus far more than other service groups.
 German freighter pulled free
06-01-2015 08:00
Sunday evening around 6 p.m., the German cargo ship Langeland, who for over a week has been stuck aground south of Fænø in Lillebælt, was pulled free after several unsuccessful attempts. The water level in the Lillebælt has been low due to strong winds last week.

 Changed departure times to Agersø
05-01-2015 10:00
SHORT NEWS: The Agersø ferry, Agersø III is to be repaired, and that means changes in the sailing schedule today Monday between Agersø, Omø and Stigsnæs.

Accident report on the sinking at Esbjerg
05-01-2015 08:00
The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board has prepared a report on the sinking of the small tug boat Diver Master, which sunk on August 4th 2014. The tugboat capsized and sank near Esbjerg, as it was towing the large Russian training ship Kruzenstern out of the harbor
Francis Zachariae Secretary General of IALA
19-12-2014 10:00
Francis Zachariae, Deputy Director General of Danish Maritime Authority, will take the position of IALA Secretary General on 1st February 2015.
Esvagt winns contract for offshore windfarm
19-12-2014 08:00
Esvagt has landed another contract for servicing offshore wind farms: ’Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm’, an approximately 400 MW offshore wind farm off the east coast of England, which from autumn 2016 will be serviced by an Esvagt SOV that has been specially designed for the purpose.
The Stige ferry will be closed down
18-12-2014 16:00
On Friday, the Stig ferry which is Denmark's smallest ferry route will be sailing its last ordinary trip across the Odense Canal. The funds needed to replace the old ferries with new electric-powered ferries have not been acquired, thus ending 207 years of ferry services on the stretch.
 Agreement on the development of the port
18-12-2014 14:00
After years of political debate, the city council in Svendborg, has reached an agreement on the development of the port. The politicians have agreed that the port will be developed with new residential areas and new commercial buildings. Initially there will be 3.600 square meters of mixed commercial and residential areas on the Jessen pier.

 MacArtney gets record high revenue
18-12-2014 12:00
At the end of the year, the specialist in underwater technology MacArtney, with headquarters in Esbjerg, has had record high revenue of 300 million kroner. It seems that the company can now achieve its ambitious growth goal, to reach sales of one billion kroner in 2015.

Maersk continues unaffected in Russia
18-12-2014 10:00
A. P. Moller-Maersk will continue its activities in Russia as planned despite the major economic problems caused by the fall in oil prices and the Russian currencies greatly reduced value. Both Maersk Line, APM Terminals, Damco and Svitzer has activities in Russia, and they continue to have so.
Suspected Torm pirates prosecuted
18-12-2014 08:00
Denmark gave prosecuting nine Somali pirates who were accused of trying to hijack Torm Kansas. But right now the nine pirates are on trial in the Seychelles, where a verdict in the case is expected on February 1st.
Esbern Snare comes home on Friday
17-12-2014 16:00
After having been deployed to international missions since September 2013, the Danish warship Esbern Snare is finally returning to Denmark this Friday. The ship joined the hunt for Somali pirates on December 7 and is now on its way home to Frederikshavn.
Pilotage Service need to be streamlined
17-12-2014 16:00
The Pilotage Act was amended to streamline the pilot market, and in response to the changes, DMA now issues new rules. From 1 January, the Danish Maritime Authority will initiate a number of measures, including a simpler regulation of the pilotage area.
 Frederikshavn wants funding for ports
17-12-2014 14:00
As Business and Growth Minister Henrik Sass Larsen said that there was a lack of a large new construction shipyard in Denmark in the fall, Frederikshavn Municipality was quick to launch an offer itself. However, no new shipyard is underway, but Frederikshavn Municipality recently had a meeting with Henrik Sass Larsen.

 OW-chief shocked by Italian arrest order
17-12-2014 14:00
The former head of OW Bunker's global sales to government customers, Lars Bohn, is shocked by the news that he is wanted by the Italian police for cheating the state for 55 million dollars worth 11 million liters of bunker oil that was never delivered to the fleet. He has nothing to hide and is innocent in the matter, he said.

Helsingør harbor establish service port
17-12-2014 12:00
23 companies in Helsingør will become part of the Service Port of Helsingør, which will service the many merchant ships passing by Kronborg. The initiative was inspired by Skagen Harbor, which has created jobs by providing services to the ships passing by.
BWS supply platform in the North Sea
16-12-2014 16:00
The US-based HESS Corporation is in the process of installing a work platform on an offshore production platform in the South Arne oil field west of Esbjerg. Bluewater has provided logistics and loading of the 11 major elements that make up the work platform.
Detail in legislation affects shipyard orders
16-12-2014 14:00
Danish ships with foreign workers on board may only call at Danish ports 25 times a year. The rule is introduced to protect Danish jobs on ships, but it has the side effect that Danish shipyards will miss shipyard orders, which instead goes to Polish, Swedish or German yards.
Mercuria hires specialists from OW Bunker
16-12-2014 12:00
Mercuria from Switzerland has hired more than 40 bunker specialists from OW Bunker. They will be responsible for deliveries of bunker oil to customers. This allows Mercuria to expand its services as a distributor of energy in the form of subsidiary Minerva, which will be responsible for the quality and delivery of fuel oil.
 Danish opportunities in Brazil
16-12-2014 10:00
Brazil's largest shipping port for juice, soy sauce and fruit, Santos will be the base for the offshore industry, as the Presalt fields are located next to Santos. Large investments are ahead, but Brazil lacks know-how. Many Danish companies have lots of experience though.

 Optimism despite low oil prices
16-12-2014 08:00
The fall in the price on oil from 115 to 65 dollars per barrel has caused oil companies to put many projects on hold. This doesn't cause the optimism to disappear in the port of Esbjerg, for the low price of oil, on the other hand, is good news for freight.

Business people in the board of Aarhus port
15-12-2014 16:00
The Board of the Port of Aarhus is now strengthened by two prominent businessmen. New rules of the Board means that the non-political members of the Board are elected for four-year terms and two years offset relative to the municipal election period.
Denmark claims the North Pole
15-12-2014 14:00
The Danish Government, together with the Government of Greenland ,filed claims on the continental shelf north of Greenland to the UN Plinth Commission - a 895,541-square-kilometer sea area which implies the North Pole.
DONG Energy gets new CEO of E&P
15-12-2014 12:00
Søren Gath Hansen resigns as President and CEO of the business area Exploration&Production. His successor, David B. Cook, comes from a position as Executive Officer and Head of Oil & Gas in Abu Dhabi's national energy company, TaqA. He will start on 15. December 2014.
Maersk builds in Copenhagen
15-12-2014 10:00
TK Development has entered an agreement to sell a building project at the Amerika Plads in Copenhagen to AP Møller-Maersk, which will construct an office building in the area. The building zone is sold for 97.5 million kroner and is expected to be effected in the middle of 2015.
 Control of sulfur is not yet ready
15-12-2014 08:00
The new sulfur Directive will go into force in about two weeks, but the Danish authorities are not ready to check if the rules are respected. The measuring task has not yet gone out to tender, says the Environmental Protection Agency.

 Agreement ensure ferries to Køge and Ystad
12-12-2014 16:00
A broad majority of parliamentary parties entered an agreement Thursday night, that ensures ferries to both Køge and Ystad seven days a week. Freight to Bornholm is up to 60 percent cheaper than today - the general ticket price has also dropped.

Faster ferry to Samsø from Sjælland
12-12-2014 14:00
These are new times for SamsøFærgen, which from January presents a modernized ferry, shorter crossing time, more departures and cheaper prices. From January 5th, sailing time from Kalundborg will be reduced by 20 or 35 minutes depending on the chosen departure .
DONG get Hornsea Project One approved
12-12-2014 12:00
DONG Energy has had Hornsea Project One wind farm approved by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. The authorization includes the construction of wind turbines with a total capacity of up to 1,200 MW. It thus becomes the world's first offshore wind farm of more than one gigawatt.
Shipping.dk opens office in Aalborg
12-12-2014 10:00
Another USTC company establishes itself in Aalborg on the ruins of OW Bunker. Shipping.dk opens office in the Limfjord town staffed by experienced employees from the former company OW Tanker
USTC rehire OW Bunker people in Aalborg
12-12-2014 08:00
The oil and shipping group USTC now fills the gap which emerged after the collapse of OW Bunker. Bunker Holding now establishes a new subsidiary in Aalborg - Unioil Supply - staffed by experienced employees from the former OW Supply&Trading.