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New Samsø Ferry is in good shape
Foto: Jens Øster Mortensen
New Samsø Ferry is in good shape
01-05-2016 10:00
The DMA has been at Faaborg Harbour to oversee the new Samsø Ferry, which in the past few days have probably been the most discussed ferry in Denmark. It turned out that M/F Issehoved is in fine form. The ferry is still not ready to be put into operation on the route between Samsø and Aarhus.

Biggest cruise ship opens the season
30-04-2016 12:00
On Wednesday Skagen Harbour received the cruise ship Celebrity Silhouette. The ship, which comes from the shipping company Celebrity Cruises, with a length of 314,86 meters and a passenger count of 2,850 is the largest cruise ship coming to Skagen in the season 2016.
Dong Energy puts Hejre field up for sale
29-04-2016 12:00
Dong Energy will sell a large part of Hejre field. There have been major problems in the oil field, and now a new partner enters the arena. Dong Energy still believes that there is potential in the area which Dong Energy has invested heavily in along with Bayerngas.
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Maritime Denmark media partner for MSSM
28-04-2016 12:00
The Conference Secretariat behind the annual conference on maritime safety, health and environment (MSSM) has selected Maritime Denmark as its media partner for the marketing of the conference, which takes place at Hotel Nyborg Strand on August 25 - 26.
Numerous national pavilions af DMF 2016
27-04-2016 12:00
The Danish Shipowners´ Association, AHOY Rotterdam as well as numerous national pavilions and international partners will participate when the doors open for the Danish Maritime Fair.
Danish Maritime Fair takes place October 25th-27th in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen with an estimated 200 exhibitors from the international maritime sector and around 5000 visitors.
 A2SEA to install Arkona Wind Farm
26-04-2016 12:00
A2SEA has signed a contract with EON and Statoil that the company's installation vessel Sea Challenger must install 60 Siemens 6MW turbines in Arkona offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea from the summer of 2018.

 New ARK contract for DFDS
25-04-2016 12:00
As it's know, DFDS has a substantial cooperation with the Danish and German military to make ships available for maritime transport of military equipment, the so-called ARK cooperation. Now there is a second contract for Futura, Britannia and Suecia Seaways with JMTO - Joint Movement Transport Organisation.

Clipper Group joins Green Ship
24-04-2016 12:00
Clipper Group's solution for vessel performance monitoring, COACH, has been connected to "Green Ship of the Future", which is a network of companies, all with the aim of making shipping more environmentally friendly through innovation and new technology.
The maritime creates prosperity in Scanel
23-04-2016 12:00
The Frederikshavn company Scanel International A/S is pursuing a strategy to double sales. So far it looks fine for the company that has the order books filled for several years. It is not least the maritime area, as well as wind, oil and gas, which has created prosperity.
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Bladt finished with Sand Bank project
22-04-2016 12:00
Sand Bank project is now complete, and last week the last shipments from Bladt Industries manufacturing facilities in Aalborg took place. The project started in 2014 and has as planned been underway for almost eighteen years.
Delisting of Mols-Linien shares postponed
21-04-2016 12:00
The Company Appeals Board has decided that the complaint on March 17, 2016 regarding Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S's ruling that Mols-Linien shares can be deleted from trading and from official listing has been postponed.
 Frederikshavn Harbour expansion live
20-04-2016 12:00
You now have the opportunity to follow the expansion step by step via live streaming from a webcam on top of the Kattegat silo. The camera is set to short intervals to switch between three different positions. In this way the area which the port expansion will cover is displayed wholly.

 Growth potential in the maritime industry
19-04-2016 12:00
Despite the challenges of low growth in international trade and low oil prices, the Danish Maritime expects the maritime industry and the shipyards to experience progress. But it requires framework conditions to allow the businesses to compete more equally in the global market, says the trade organization.

Mols-Linien bids on routes to Bornholm
18-04-2016 12:00
Mols-Linien wants to expand its current business activity by sailing several ferry routes in Denmark, and has submitted a bid for the ferry service to routes between Rønne-Køge and Rønne-Ystad.
Few accidents in the Danish oil industry
17-04-2016 08:00
In 2015, the accident rate in the oil and gas industry was 1,72 accidents per 1 million working hours - the second lowest in ten years. The Minister of employment Jørn Neergaard Larsen said this at Oil Gas Denmark's security conference Task Force Zero in Esbjerg on Thursday.
Knud E. Hansen wins international award
16-04-2016 12:00
At the 14th annual ferry shipping conference, the award ShipPax Award 2015 was awarded to Knud E. Hansen for the design of CONRO vessel Atlantic Star. The ship is designed with a ro/ro area in the middle of the ship and space for containers on both ends of the ship.
How sustainable scrapping should look like
15-04-2016 12:00
The European Commission has published a technical guide for ship recycling facilities that would like to be approved by the EU. Such scrap yards must provide safe working conditions, control pollution and proper waste management.
 Lauritzen Foundation expands board
14-04-2016 12:00
Tommy Thomsen has joined the Board of Lauritzen Fonden from April 10. He has 35 years of experience in the maritime sector including Maersk, Clipper and Nordic Tankers. He has since 2013 been CEO of the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU).

 Drastic changes underway in Maersk
13-04-2016 12:00
The Board of Directors of A. P. Møller-Maersk is considering drastic changes in the company, which among other things will mean new business areas. Chairman Michael Pram Rasmussen shared some of the thoughts of the board at the general meeting.

Power from Horns Rev 3 wind turbines
12-04-2016 12:00
Energinet.dk is building the technical power plant for the Horns Rev 3 project, which is under construction in the North Sea about 55 kilometers from the port of Esbjerg. Blue Water Shipping is involved in the project in several ways including transport and storage.
Cargo ship aground at Skagen
11-04-2016 12:00
The Dutch freighter Hestia went aground on a sandbank off Skagen on Sunday late afternoon. The grounding occurred at 18:09 according to duty officer at the Defence Operation Centre. The ship should be pulled loose by a tugboat sometime during Monday.
Fund has awarded almost half a billion kr.
10-04-2016 12:00
The Danish Maritime Fund has since its inception in 2006 awarded a total of 431 million kroner in support to 532 projects. Of this, 332 million kroner has been awarded to charitable causes and 99 million kroner to business purposes in the form of special loans.
Turbulent 2015 for Lindø Industrial Park
09-04-2016 12:00
Lindø Industrial Park A/S, a subsidiary of the Port of Odense, increased its occupancy rate to 88 percent in 2015 from 80 percent in 2014. Revenue for 2015 was 102 million kroner, and net profit was 13 million kroner. The figures for 2014 were respectively 120 million and 21 million kroner.
 Another record year for Hirtshals Harbour
08-04-2016 12:00
Hirtshals Harbour set another record in 2015. Denmark's seventh largest commercial port achieved a satisfactory financial result of 14.5 million kroner. Revenue increased to 73.8 million kroner. It is the sixth consecutive year thath the harbour experienced an overall increase in revenue.

 Pirates followed the Danish newspapers
07-04-2016 12:00
The Somali pirates that held six seamen from the Danish cargo ship Leopard hostage for 838 days, were well-informed about the information that is presented in the Danish press in connection with the case. Some of the information was used to increase the ransom.

16 new licenses distributed in the North Sea
06-04-2016 12:00
The Minister of Energy, power and climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt presented the 16 new licenses in the seventh licensing round for exploration of oil and gas in the North Sea today at a ceremony in the Danish Energy Agency. The 12 companies have six years to make new discoveries that can increase the Danish hydrocarbon production and thus provide money for the Danish state.
Cutbacks in DONG's Norwegian branch
05-04-2016 12:00
Dong Energy has reduced headcount by 175 in its oil and gas department. The company will not say how many positions have been taken down in Dong E & P Norge AS. According offshore.no large areas of management, among them CEO Philip J. Lafeber, have left the company voluntarily or because of cutbacks.
Esbjerg Harbour invests in a mobile crane
04-04-2016 12:00
The prospect of shipping out more than 500 wind turbines in 2016 has caused Esbjerg to expand its crane capacity with a mobile Liebherr 180-port crane. This means that the port's customers will soon have access to five mobile harbor cranes.
Maersk Broker expands
03-04-2016 12:00
Maersk Broker has apparently secured a number of dry cargo specialists as part of its efforts to expand in the sector. These are former Light Ship brokers, who joins Maersk Broker in Copenhagen.
 Engineer school increases numbers
02-04-2016 12:00
The Minister of Research and education Ulla Tørnæs gave Fredericia Maskinmesterskole permission to increase the number of admitted students to the program in Esbjerg this year. The education is popular and that it leads to jobs.

 Svendborg Bugser expands its fleet
01-04-2016 12:00
NH Svendborg Bugser A/S has acquired yet another tugboat, whose name has already been changed from Jade-Service I to Dolphin. The new purchase is located at the Eastern quay in Svendborg and is waiting to get its hull painted red like the other vessels from the towing company.

Esbjerg Harbour accelerates investment
31-03-2016 12:00
Esbjerg Harbour must declare everything sold out when it comes to areas and berth, and therefore the port now accelerates an extension of the East Harbour, an investment of 84 million kroner. The new port section will be 250,000 square meters.
DSA will have its own lounge at DMF 2016
30-03-2016 10:00
The Danish Shipowners´ Association has decided to support the Danish Maritime Days by participating in the Danish Maritime Fair with a special Danish Shipowners' Lounge, where its members can exhibit or arrange smaller events.
DONG abandons large project at Hejre field
29-03-2016 12:00
Delays in the development of the Hejre platform means that DONG Energy and Bayerngas have lost confidence in the suppliers of the platform. As a consequence, DONG and Bayerngas have terminated the contract with the suppliers, and the platform will not be completed.
Terntank names LNG-fueled tankers
28-03-2016 12:00
Terntank Rederi which is operated from Skagen, has named two of the company's four new LNG-powered tankers. The naming took place over the weekend at the Chinese shipyard Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding.
 OMT competing for Australian warships
27-03-2016 12:00
Odense Maritime Technology - also known as OMT - would like to supply the designs for nine Australian warships that will be built over the coming years. The warships have a total value of 150 billion kroner.

 Insurance of tows is not problematic
26-03-2016 12:00
The Minister of Business and Growth appeared with amendments to a bill on insurance of tows, so now it is the customer who will be responsible. The towing company must ensure that the customer is insured. It is not problematic, says Niels Ove Henriksen, Svendborg Bugser, to Maritime Denmark.

The Tunø ferry headed for a shipyard stay
24-03-2016 08:00
The Tunø ferry must stay at a shipyard in week 14 and will not sail on the route Hou - Tunø, from Monday, April 4 to Friday, April 8. The reason for the yard stay is the annual inspection. At the same time general maintenance work will be carried out.
M.H. Simonsen expands with two ships
23-03-2016 12:00
Two tankers named Silver Kenna and Silver Freya now switches to the Danish flag and are based in Svendborg. The shipping company M. H. Simonsen must ensure cargo and crew for the two tankers. During Easter, the two ships will be docked at Petersen & Sørensen Engineworkshop in Svendborg.

Torm nearing England move
22-03-2016 12:00
Torm has published a prospectus and an offer document in relation to the new group structure in the company. The new structure involves a UK parent company Torm plc, and a new English holding structure, which will help attract more international investors.
DIS system should be extended
21-03-2016 12:00

The contemporary framework remains crucial, says the Danish Shipping Association of 2010, which has just held its annual general meeting. This applies to offshore as well as other areas. The association will also work for an adjustment of the berthing rule.
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