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Offshore wind power for 800.000 households
Energy, Utilities and Climate Ministers Lars Chr. Lilleholt (Venstre)
Offshore wind power for 800.000 households
23-04-2018 11:00
The danish government has presented their idea of building the world's largest offshore wind farm, which will supply 800,000 households with offshore wind power. The proposal has been received positively, but several political parties desire to build more parks.

Subsidy for removal of shipwrecks
23-04-2018 10:45
Along the coasts of Denmark, multiple shipwrecks lay abandoned, while many of them have been there for years. Municipalities can now apply for funds to get rid of these shipwrecks along the coast. Ministry of Environment end Foods has started a pool of 2,8 million Danish kroner.
DMD will focus on safety and climate
20-04-2018 14:00
Danish maritime education sector Det Blå Danmark (The Blue Denmark in English) will meet during the first days of May, as the maritime industry opens up doors for the annual Danish Maritime Days (DMD). At the events, everything from sea economies to safety issues in the Gulf of Guinea will be discussed. This years events, which will take place all over Copenhagen, will focus on safety and climate.
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Ørsted makes hosptal deals in Taiwan
20-04-2018 10:00
Offshore wind farm creators Ørsted has signed declarations of intent (MoUs) with Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and Changhua Christian Hospital in Taiwan, regarding a partnership in making hospitals prepared for patients of offshore wind farm related accidents.
Worlds largest ports gives green advantages
19-04-2018 11:30
A new report from International Transport Forum (ITF) shows that 28 of the worlds 100 largest ports, measured by volume, are creating special advantages for environment friendly vessels. These ports can help support the new IMO goals revolving CO2 emission, but so far the effects are marginal.
 More cars chose HH Ferries in first quarter
19-04-2018 11:00
Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg has kept progressing and had an increased number of private vehicles and trucks onboard during the first quarter of 2018. Customers took advantage of the expansion of the route plan for the ferry Hamlet, a ferry on which many guest like to have a meal.

 Maersk Drilling appoints new CCIO
18-04-2018 12:00
Morten Kelstrup will be taking over the new role of Chief Commercial & Innovation Officer (CCIO) in Maersk Drilling. Prior to landing this position, Morten worked under the title of CEO of Maersk Oil UK and prior to this he was CEO of Maersk Oil Kazakhstan and head of the financial department of Maersk Oil.

Naval Academy moves to new residency
18-04-2018 09:00
79 years of residency in Nyholmen ended this Friday for the Royal Danish Naval Academy with a large array of old cadets and a ceremony of taking down the flag. Exactly at 12:00 on Friday, April 13, the flag was taken down at the Academy in Nyholmen.
Maersk supports Russian-sanctions
17-04-2018 15:00
Maersk Line will not be shipping nor receiving goods or handle money related issues from companies or persons part of the US sanctions against Russia. Bloomberg has reported this on the basis of a note sent by Maersk Line to its customers.
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Ørsted signs contract for new SOV
17-04-2018 14:00
Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) new service operation vessel (SOV) will service Ørsted’s Hornsea Project Two wind farm, once the vessel is delivered in 2021. The vessel will be designed by Salt Ship Design and built at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey.
EPA tightens control of bunker companies
16-04-2018 15:00
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tighten the control of bunker fuel prior to the introduction of new sulfur laws, which will be in effect from January 1 2020. The bunkers company Monjasa has pointed out that it is too easy for ships to cheat the system with bunker fuel because it is not really checked whether the ships have scrubber systems on board, writes Danish paper Søfart.
 Pricewar could hit Asien-Europa route
16-04-2018 14:00
The freight rates on the container routes from Asia to Europe are at their lowest within the last few years, due to competition among the major container shipping companies that undermine each other in pursuit of market share. The situation is starting to look like a price war.

 Maersk into decommissioning services
13-04-2018 12:00
Drawing on Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Service's high-quality assets and technical capabilities, Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Service now join forces for decommissioning services. The joint-venture will initially offer bundled solutions for up to 80% of the process required in decommissioning an oil field.

Positive year for Monjasa
13-04-2018 10:00
2017 was in many ways a positive year for the Monjasa Group. They experienced improved profitability in their operations and continued making progress in optimising operational expenditures. Together, this led to a financial turnaround compared to an unsatisfactory 2016.
Maersk to increase revenues by 100 mia. kr.
12-04-2018 13:00
has set an ambitious goal to increase revenues by 100 mia. dkk. within the next couple of years. In order to reach this goal, the company has to buy out a new type of organization, Danish financial newspaper Berlingske Business reports.
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DFDS expands to the Mediterranean Sea
12-04-2018 11:00
DFDS are taking over U.N. Ro-Ro, the leading Turkish operator of freight routes in the Mediterranean Sea, which connects Turkey with Italy and France. U.N. Ro-Ro is a highly profitable company with a market share of twice as much as the closest competitor in Turkey.
RAL: Booking deadline wont be changed
10-04-2018 11:00
Royal Arctic Line has withdrawn their previous announcement regarding changes in deadlines for bookings and submissions in Denmark. The changes would have meant that customers had to do their bookings in connection with the submission deadline.
 Blasting a concrete silo goes wrong
09-04-2018 16:00
The blasting of a concrete silo at Vordingborg Port did not go as planned.The 53 meter tall silo fell the wrong direction and collapsed on the local library. The incident took place on Friday, but the manager in charge of the operation could today still not explain what had went wrong.

 New record for fish landings in Danish ports
09-04-2018 15:00
Fishlandings in the largest fishing port have increased in 2017 compared to 2016. In fact, landed quantities are the largest of the period where the Danish Agrifish Agency has published data for landings in 10 selected ports. Unfortunately, value does not follow.

DESMI delivers a satisfactory result
06-04-2018 12:00
At the general assembly of the DESMI Group, the Annual Report for 2017 was presented and approved. Revenue for the year prior to taxes was 855 million Danish kroner, and profit before taxes came in at 44.2 million Danish kroner. The result aligns with the budget for the year and is considered satisfactory.
Ex-CEO shows no interest in numbers
06-04-2018 10:00
Lars Møller, Former CEO of OW Bunkers subsidiary company in Singapore, refused to know anything about a long list of warning emails from his chief of finances, when the court case against him for breach of trust of 156 million dollars started yesterday in court in Aalborg.
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Environment survey in Port of Aarhus
05-04-2018 15:00
The people in charge of the Port of Aarhus have plans to extend the port towards the eastern side of the port. The extension, which is expected to occur in the third stage, is under environmental assessment. The last stage is expected to be finalized in approximately 40 years.
Danish CIP hires Bladt for Taiwan-project
05-04-2018 14:00
Bladt Industries have partnered up with Taiwan’s Century Wind Power to deliver as many as 150 fundaments to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) three wind farm projects in Taiwan. The upcoming wind farms will have a gathered capacity of 1,5 GW.
 Torm stocks finance three new MR-ships
04-04-2018 15:00
Danish shipping company Torm have decided to take advantage of their stock options and spend 93 million dollars on three new MR ships, which are to be build in the Chinese shipyard Guangzhou. The ships will be delivered n 2019 and 2020, and were purchased with the 100 million dollars the company received during a stock mission in January, the company has stated in a press release.

 Maersk Container Industry goes bananas
04-04-2018 14:00
The world’s most known banana producer and distributor, Chiquita Brands International, has chosen Maersk Container Industry as supplier of 2500 advanced cool containers, which will keep the bananas fresh for a longer period of time secure the quality bananas for supermarkets on a global scale.

Torm gets ready for upsurge
03-04-2018 15:00
Things are looking relatively bright for shipping company Torm, who is well positioned for the upsurge in the product tankers market, which could be right around the corner, according to stock analyst Lau Svenssen. Next year could be one with a higher demand for ships, which will increase the prices.
Ørsted signs deal with Greater Changhua
03-04-2018 14:00
Ørsted has signed a contract with CR Classification Society to develop a design for a structural passage for offshore substations for the Greater Changhua windmill project in Taiwan. The two partners signed a deal that entails cooperation in the project and support of the local certification functions in Taiwan.
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Customs restrictions worry Danish Shipping
23-03-2018 15:00
Even though the US decided to exclude Europe from new customs on steel and aluminium, new restrictions on trade between the United States and China are starting to raise concern. Diplomatic efforts are needed to make sure that the situation does not escalate, Danish shipping company Danske Rederier believes.
Denmark’s climate ambitions not best in EU
23-03-2018 14:00
Denmark's efforts in IMO regimes vision towards a more climate-friendly shipping industry only made 8th place among EU countries, an survey from the NGO organization Transport & Environment has shown. Germany, Belgium and France are top of the list, while Italy, Cyprus and Greece are the countries that struggle the most.
 Molslinjen awaits passenger no. 100 million
22-03-2018 15:00
Since 1966, Molslinjen has transported passengers between Jutland and Zealand and now the company is about to hit a historic milestone. This milestone comes will be reached when passenger no. 100 million walks onboard one of the company’s ferries.

 Major fishing conglomerate chooses Skagen
22-03-2018 14:00
Skagen Havn has signed a leasing deal with the Norwegian fishing conglomerate Pelagia regarding the establishment of a new fishing industry to be located in the new area at the third stage of the harbor extension. The deal with Pelagia will be one of the cornerstones of the establishment of the third stage of the harbor expansion.

New record for Hanstholm Havn in 2017
21-03-2018 15:00
In 2017, Hanstholm Harbor statet its position as Denmark’s largest and also one of Northern Europe's largest ports for consumer fish. Including industrial fish, the harbors turnover of fish reached 1 billion Danish kroner. The harbors gross profit rose by seven percent to 26.8 million DKK.
Reefer ship leaks oil in Kalundborg Fjord
21-03-2018 14:00
The captain of a reefer ship hit alarm yesterday afternoon because the ship had a hole in the hull and leaked oil. The ship sailed towards Kalundborg Fjord, where the Navy Home Guard quickly arrived and set up flood barriers.
Statoil accused of underpaying Asian workers
19-03-2018 15:00
Statoil are in the spotlight for renting a heavy lift vessel from a Dutch company accused of paying Asian workers as little as 23 Danish kroner an hour. The Dutch company, Heerema, state they comply with all requirements of the International Transport Workers' Union (ITF).
Danish paddle boarder sets new world record
19-03-2018 14:00
Around eight o’clock Sunday evening, it became an actuality. 24-year-old Casper Steinfath has, as the first person in the world, paddled the 138-kilometer stretch across Skagerak from Hirtshals to Skagerrak standing on 4,25 meter long SUP-board the entire trip.
 Fire onboard Maersk Line Limited ship
17-03-2018 08:00
Thursday Evening the Maersk Kensington, a vessel owned and operated by our U.S. subsidiary Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), reported a container on fire in a cargo hold while en route from Salalah, Oman, towards Suez. All 26 crew members are safe and accounted for and the fire is reported to be contained, Maersk reports.

 Maersk changes dangerous goods rules
16-03-2018 12:00
Maersk Line has stopped placing dangerous goods in areas close to living sections and machinery spaces onboard their container vessels, until the investigation that will determine the cause of the fire on Maersk Honam last week is done.

Molslinjens buses takeover in Bornholm
16-03-2018 10:00
Molslinjens new and successful bus routes between Aarhus and Copenhagen, the Kombardo Express will expand its concept when Molslinjen on September 1st 2018 takeover the ferry route in Bornholm. The purpose of the ferry buses is to bring people who commute and other passengers fast, cheap and direct between Rønne and Copenhagen.
Wrist Ship experienced rise in revenues
15-03-2018 10:30
Danish supply company Wrist Ship Supply Service experienced a rise in revenue and net profit in 2017, where the company noted revenues of 4.1 billion Danish kroner, which is an increase of 3 percent compared to 2016. Revenues grew from 60 million in 2016 to 86 million Danish kroner in 2017.
A.P Møller donates 5 million to EUC Nord
15-03-2018 10:00
With the donation of five million Danish kroner from A.P. Møller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Foundation for regular purposes, EUC Nord are one step closer to towards obtaining the finances needed to build a maritime learning environment in Frederikshavn.
Tension in Danish marine association
14-03-2018 11:30
The case of exiling the chairman of Maskinmestrenes Forenings (Marine engineer association) is going to be the topic of debate when the union have their general meeting today in Nyborg. Numerous members have already expressed their strong dislike in the board for exiling the chairman of many years, Per Jørgensen.
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