USTC rehire OW Bunker people in Aalborg
USTC rehire OW Bunker people in Aalborg
12-12-2014 08:00
The oil and shipping group USTC now fills the gap which emerged after the collapse of OW Bunker. Bunker Holding now establishes a new subsidiary in Aalborg - Unioil Supply - staffed by experienced employees from the former OW Supply&Trading.

Agreement ensure ferries to Køge and Ystad
12-12-2014 16:00
A broad majority of parliamentary parties entered an agreement Thursday night, that ensures ferries to both Køge and Ystad seven days a week. Freight to Bornholm is up to 60 percent cheaper than today - the general ticket price has also dropped.
Faster ferry to Samsø from Sjælland
12-12-2014 14:00
These are new times for SamsøFærgen, which from January presents a modernized ferry, shorter crossing time, more departures and cheaper prices. From January 5th, sailing time from Kalundborg will be reduced by 20 or 35 minutes depending on the chosen departure .
DONG get Hornsea Project One approved
12-12-2014 12:00
DONG Energy has had Hornsea Project One wind farm approved by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. The authorization includes the construction of wind turbines with a total capacity of up to 1,200 MW. It thus becomes the world's first offshore wind farm of more than one gigawatt.
Shipping.dk opens office in Aalborg
12-12-2014 10:00
Another USTC company establishes itself in Aalborg on the ruins of OW Bunker. Shipping.dk opens office in the Limfjord town staffed by experienced employees from the former company OW Tanker
 Maersk Broker and Lightship unite
11-12-2014 14:00
The Danish broker houses Maersk Broker and Lightship Chartering are now having their bulk activities united together in a new company LMB Bulk Chartering. The new company will have a staff of 80 brokers in 12 offices worldwide.

 Dispute over flying rust dust in Horsens
11-12-2014 12:00
It was extremely expensive for the 64 boaters in Horsens, when Stena Recycling on August 25 this year, chose to move metal scrap out on the dock in windy conditions. Rust dust flew over the harbor and took hold in the fiberglass of the boats.

CT Offshore completes installation work
11-12-2014 10:00
Last week another project was completed by CT Offshore. A total of 44 inter-array cables were successfully installed and buried at DONG Energy's offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 1. The work was done by the cable laying vessel Sia.
Norden reduces expectations for the year
11-12-2014 08:00
The shipping company Norden has made a provision of $ 230 million non-cash, because a market analysis has shown that certain time charter contracts on chartered tonnage concluded 3-6 years ago, is unlikely to be profitable
Vestas - settlement in USA case approved
10-12-2014 16:00
On 26 June 2014, Vestas announced that they had entered a conditional settlement in a case brought by a US court. As part of the settlement, the claims against the individual board members and senior managers was also abandoned. The settlement is approved by the court.
Samsø extends contract with Ane Læsø
10-12-2014 14:00
As Samsø Rederi have not yet received a delivery date for the MF Samsø from the shipyard in Poland, the current contract with Ane Læsø has been extended until January 31. The Sail plan will be applicable even if the new ferry is inserted on the route during the period.
 OW Bunker executives bought apartments
10-12-2014 12:00
Two days before OW Bunker was declared bankrupt, the CEO of the company Jim Pedersen took over an apartment in the center of Copenhagen with a value of 6.5 million kroner, which was paid in cash. Ekstra Bladet srote this and also wrote that Lars Møller from the Singapore subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading also took over an apartment same day.

 Less paperwork for the shipping industry
10-12-2014 10:00
IMO has launched a number of initiatives to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and ease the administrative burden for the global shipping. It happened last week at a meeting in London. The goal is to make it easier to live up to the rules and requirements, arising from international conventions.

Dong acquires German offshore project
10-12-2014 08:00
Dong Energy has acquired a 100 percent stake in the German offshore wind development project Borkum Riffgrund West 2, located in the immediate extension of Borkum Riffgrund West 1, which is already part of Dong Energy's pipeline. The two projects have a combined capacity of up to 550 MW.
Vestas hired 500 in Denmark in 2014
09-12-2014 16:00
The years of major layoffs at Vestas in Denmark has stopped. In the first nine months of 2014, 500 more workers were hired at the Danish factories in Ringkøbing, Lem and Hammel. Of these, the vast majority is in production.
Radio Medical to be examined
09-12-2014 14:00
Centre for Maritime Security and Society, will in a new research project over the next two years examine whether Radio Medical is working as intended. That means whether mariners in distress receive the right help. The center has received a grant from the Danish Maritime Fund of 2.6 million kroner for the research project.
Maritime growth company set for award
09-12-2014 12:00
Stæhr Marine Engineering from Frederikshavn is, for the second year in a row, set for Frederikshavn Business Entrepreneur Prize. The company specializes in servicing gear and project management, but otherwise operates widely in the naval service.
 Engineer Students given honorary grant
09-12-2014 10:00
Two engineering students from the Copenhagen School of Engineering has received Marine Technical Society Foundation Honorary Scholarship of 25,000 kroner. The grant is awarded annually to a person or group of persons who have completed or are about to complete their studies with work of exceptional quality.

 Denmark pays compensation to pirates
09-12-2014 08:00
Nine suspected Somali pirates who tried to hijack the Danish freighter Torm Kansas in November 2013, received compensation from the Danish state. Each has received 19,600 kroner in compensation for being detained for too long before they came before a judge.

Stricter control of ships' fuel
08-12-2014 14:00
Danish Shipowners Association is working with the minister of environment Kirsten Brosbøl (S) for the EU to adopt a general requirement for stricter controls on ships' fuel. The requirement cis connected with the sulfur directive, which will go into force very soon.
More investors sue OW Bunker
08-12-2014 12:00
More private and institutional investors are preparing to sue those responsible for the OW Bunker-bankruptcy. So far it looks like at least five separate lawsuits against OW Bunker-management. The Belgian consulting firm deminor is to initiate an action on behalf of a number of institutional investors.
Heat from ferry used for district heating
08-12-2014 10:00
The new Samsø ferry, which is to be deployed on the route between Hou and Sælvig, is environmentally friendly, because instead of diesel, it can also sail on liquefied natural gas. But the environmental perspectives extends even further. The excess heat from the ferry can be used for district heating.
Esbjerg - Denmark's third growth center
08-12-2014 08:00
Esbjerg City Council has together with Esbjerg Business adopted a growth strategy for 2020, where the goal is to double the number of companies and jobs in energy. Esbjerg is to be Denmark's third growth center after Copenhagen and Aarhus, and Esbjerg is crucial in this respect.
 New planning legislation is underway
05-12-2014 16:00
Minister of the environment Kirsten Brosbøll is proposing a new planning legislation for the sea, which will make it easier to get permission to do projects at sea. As Nature Tourism on Fyn wanted to lower the old ferry Ærøsund, it took example several years. The kind of applications will be easier with a planning legislation

 Nordhavn ready with new department
05-12-2014 14:00
Nordhavn Marine & Offshore A/S is experiencing a great demand for repair of cylinder heads. Now the company has established a new department for the repair of cylinder heads from all brands of running engines, both diesel and gasoline powered.

Siemens Wind hires 200 temporary workers
05-12-2014 12:00
Siemens Wind Power has started to permanently hire some of the temps, as the company's blade factory in Aalborg is very dependent of. In October, 104 temporary workers were offered permanent jobs and in December, another 40 will be added. The total amount is 200 workers, who will now have more confidence in their employment.
The shipping industry is vital to Denmark
05-12-2014 08:00
Statistics of Denmark's new report "Denmark's Foreign Economy 2013" has just been published, and it shows that shipping is by far the most important of the main trading activity in Denmark. Shipping is 20 percent of the total Danish exports.
Vestas turbine has been given certification
04-12-2014 14:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has been given a so-called B certification from Veritas for their new offshore turbine V164-8.0 MW. The green light to start commercial sales has thus been given.
Semco seeks growth in the Middle East
04-12-2014 12:00
Like many other Danish companies in the oil industry, Semco Maritime are looking to get away from the North Sea. The low oil price makes large investments in the North Sea unprofitable, and therefore, companies must go abroad to find growth.
 Danish merchant fleet bigger than ever
04-12-2014 10:00
The Danish merchant fleet has grown by 13 percent since the turn of the year and, with its 13.8 million gross tons, it's never been greater. This is shown by a new report from the Danish Shipowners Association.

 Accident report on bridge collision
04-12-2014 08:00
The Maritime Accident Investigation Board has come up with a report on the British ship KARLA C, which on April 13, 2014 collided with Masnedsund when the thruster of the ship had a short malfunction during a turning maneuver at Vordingborg Harbor.

BWS enters agreement with Kongsberg
03-12-2014 16:00
Blue Water Shipping will provide transport solutions for all of the Kongsberg divisions in a two-year period. Norwegian Kongsberg supplies high-technology systems and solutions to the oil and gas industry, marine industry and the defense industry.
Giant windmills heading to Frederikshavn
03-12-2014 14:00
A large group of companies are working together on a demonstration project, which is to erect six turbines at 8 MW each on already authorized positions in waters not far from Hirsholmene off of Frederikshavn.
Fredericia ships out giant grain cargo
03-12-2014 12:00
Throughout week 49, the bulk carrier Ellivita will fill out quay 26 in the port of Fredericia. 225 meters long and 32 meters wide is the ship that during the week, will be loaded with 65,000 tons of wheat. DLG is an exporter of the large grain cargo while Fredericia Shipping A/S is in charge of the loading.
Judicial Courts resolve bunker payments
03-12-2014 10:00
Shipping companies have turned to the courts to clarify who should be paid for the bunker oil, which they have been supplied by OW Bunker just before the bankruptcy. Both the estate and the subcontractors who worked for OW Bunker, are fighting to get the money. The companies will make sure that they are not going to pay for the same bunker delivery twice.
 Shipping emissions will quadruple
03-12-2014 08:00
Shipping emissions consisting of CO2 and NOx from ships at berth in a port will quadruple by 2050, according to a new study by the International Transport Forum. The total emissions of CO2 and NOx will increase to 70 million and 1.3 million tons in 2050, due to a growing demand for certain types of products and goods.

 Ærø-firm enjoys offshore market
02-12-2014 16:00
Maritime Engineering, which supplies fuel saving solutions and perform repairs on ships worldwide, has trained staff through the regional project Power Push from Business Link South Denmark. Power Push provides financing for education and training for employees.

More environmentally friendly engines
02-12-2014 14:00
With 16 million kroner donated by the Innovation Fund, Danish researchers and designers of ship engines will find solutions for ship engines to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. The requirements are that the emissions of NOx, SOx and CO2 are reduced, which means that the operation of the ships' engines must change.
Oil spills in the Baltic Sea are decreasing
02-12-2014 12:00
Surveillance flights have in recent years seen fewer cases of oil spills from ships in the Baltic Sea. In 2013, the amount of oil illegally discharged by ships, was the smallest detected in the past 25 years. It should be interpreted with caution as the flying time in 2013 fell by 15 percent.
Fewer accidents and spills in the North Sea
02-12-2014 10:00
Companies that have oil or gas activities in the North Sea, have a duty to report work accidents with more than one day's absence to the DEA. In 2013, 9 accidents were notified. This is a decrease compared to all previous years, even when the number is seen in relation to the number of hours worked.
EIB provides large loan for Welltec
02-12-2014 08:00
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted a loan of 25 million euro for Welltec, that delivers advanced technology for the oil and gas industry. Welltec provides technology that can raise the utilization rate of oil wells. It is the first EIB operations in Denmark with the support of "InnovFin - EU Finance for Innovators", which is supporting innovative growth companies.