Progress for DFDS on Copenhagen – Oslo
Progress for DFDS on Copenhagen – Oslo
25-07-2014 08:00
The 120 million which DFDS has spent on renovating the two Oslo ferries Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways seems to be well spent. The number of Danish travelers from April until now increased by 8 percent. This is according to standby.dk.

Danish Maritime Fair reaches 100 exhibitors
25-07-2014 14:00
Despite the summer heat, interest in purchasing a booth at Denmark's new major maritime exhibition - Danish Maritime Fair - remains high. The number of registered companies and organizations has just passed 100. More and more foreign companies are also choosing to represent themselves.
Fjord Line doubles passenger numbers
24-07-2014 12:00
Fjord Line is close to 1 million passengers on board its four ferries, by the end of 2014. This is now confirmed by the number of passengers during the first 7 months which have passed half a million.
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Semco Maritime focuses on Southeast Asia
24-07-2014 10:00
Semco Maritime and PetroVietnam Marine Shipyard has signed a strategic partnership - Vung Tau Rig Services - to perform the repair, renovation and upgrading of drilling rigs in Vietnam for local and international operators in the region.
Both of Scandlines ferries now at Fayard
23-07-2014 12:00
The two hulls, which Scandlines took over in March 2014 have now both arrived at Fayard in time to make the two passenger ferries ready for deployment at Rostock-Gedser in 2015.
 APM Terminals sells terminal in Virginia
23-07-2014 10:00
The Danish port company APM Terminals has sold its container terminal in Portsmouth, Virginia to the two investment funds Alinda Capital Partners and Universities Superaanuation Scheme. The price is not disclosed.

 Danish Maritime Fair - now on video
23-07-2014 08:00
The Media House Maritime Denmark, the company behind the first major international exhibition ever in Denmark - Danish Maritime Fair - which will take place from 6 - 10 October at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, now boosts the international marketing of the fair.

Preservation worthy ships around Fyn
22-07-2014 14:00
On Monday at 18 o'clock, 42 old sailing ships arrived at Middelfart, the first stop on this year’s voyage around the island of Fyn that will bring the beautiful old ships from Odense to Svendborg.
Scandlines ferry towed to Fyn
22-07-2014 12:00
The first of the two hulls, which Scandlines overtook in March 2014 from the bankrupt P+S Werften in Stralsund - Berlin - arrived on Friday last week to Fayard at Lindø. The second - Copenhagen - is going through the Kiel Canal right now, bound for the island of Fyn.
Maersk Line completes scrubber test
22-07-2014 10:00
Maersk Line has successfully tested a new scrubber developed by Belco Technologies Corporation. The test took place on board the container ship Maersk Tukang during a 6-day voyage from Algeciras to Genoa.
The Navy has completed Syrian operation
22-07-2014 08:00
The Danish-led maritime operation regarding the transport of chemicals from Syria to destruction in other countries is now finally complete. It happened on Sunday when the final containers with Syrian chemicals were discharged in Finland.
 South Fyn islands threatened by savings
21-07-2014 14:00
Faaborg-Midtfyn will cut 700,000 kroner on ferry operations in 2018. This may affect the smaller islands as Lyo and Avernakø. It is proposed that the cuts will be by reducing the number of departures to and from the two islands.

 Marstal Maersk swarmed at Marstal
21-07-2014 12:00
The following video shows the many boats that crowded around one of the world's largest container ships Maersk Marstal as the giant ship anchored in Marstal Bay on Sunday, July 13, to help celebrate the old ports 500th anniversary.

Naval Home Guard Chief retires
21-07-2014 10:00
Chief of Naval Home Guard District West, Commander Arne Petersen, will retire by the end of July 2014. On Saturday, July 12 he hosted a farewell reception and received the volunteers unreserved respect.
Nordic exhibitors at Danish Maritime Fair
21-07-2014 10:00
Although the majority of the exhibitors that have booked a booth at the upcoming maritime exhibition in Copenhagen - Danish Maritime Fair - are Danish, the organizers may notice a marked increase in interest from, among others, Nordic companies.
Color Line expects increased traffic
21-07-2014 08:00
Color Line expects that the opening of the new E18 from Oslo through Vestfold in Norway towards Larvik can provide great growth for the company's SuperSpeed ferries. The road opened on July 4 and made it faster to get from Oslo to Denmark via Larvik Hirtshals route.
First Scandlines hull comes to Fayard
18-07-2014 14:00
The first of the two hulls, which Scandlines took over in March 2014 from the bankrupt P+S Werften in Stralsund, came to Fayard at Lindø today. The ship was towed through the Kiel Canal yesterday and sailed under the Storebælt-bridge last night.
 40 old ships sail around Fyn
18-07-2014 12:00
There is a record high participation in this year's edition of Around Fyn for sailing vessels. 40 old ships will start from Odense on Sunday and sail around the island of Fyn with a call in at Middelfart, Assens Marstal, Faaborg and Svendborg.

 Offshore wind the second cheapest energy
18-07-2014 10:00
The DEA has investigated what it costs to set up different types of plants for electricity generation. Wind turbines on land beat all other technologies. Electricity generation from offshore wind comes in at second place in the survey.

Former Maersk boss Ib Kruse has died
18-07-2014 08:00
On behalf of A. P. Møller - Maersk A/S Ane Maersk Mc-Kinney Uggla, vice chairman and president of AP Moller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes states following obituaries for Ib Kruse, who has died at the age of 82:
Progress for the Port of Hirtshals
17-07-2014 12:00
By the end of June 2014 the Port of Hirtshals reported an increase in turnover in the first half of about 15 percent compared to the same period in 2013, and similarly develops financial results and cash position as expected.
New port in Ballen on Samsø takes shape
17-07-2014 10:00
On March 1 construction work on the new Ballen ferry port on Samsø began. The large construction project is currently proceeding with haste. The new ferry terminal is to be ready for sailing by the ferry from Kalundborg already on October 1.
DONG sells half of Gode Wind 2
17-07-2014 08:00
Today DONG Energy has signed an agreement to sell half of the German offshore wind farm project Gode Wind 2 252 MW to a consortium of Danish pension investors, PKA, Industry Pension, Teachers 'Pension and Doctors' Pension Fund; this makes over 840,000 pension savers into shareholders.
 Esbern Snare meets Somali leaders
16-07-2014 14:00
During participation in the NATO Anti-Piracy Operation Ocean Shield at the Horn of Africa, Esbern Snare and the onboard remaining staff will conduct meetings and talks with leaders of the Somali coastal towns and regions.

 Danske Bank wants out of Torm
16-07-2014 12:00
Danske Bank is the latest of the shipping company Torm lenders who are trying to pull out of its exposure to the Danish tanker operator. Lloyd's List writes, referring to two investors and an advisory source.

Leaders leave Siemens Wind Power
16-07-2014 10:00
Siemens Wind Power loses its longtime technology CEO Henrik Stiesdal, who is retiring at the end of the year. The company also loses the CEO of onshore wind farm areas, Jan Nybo Andersen, who will move on to another job.
Transformer station heading for North Sea
16-07-2014 08:00
Almost two weeks ago Bladt Industries in Aalborg began the loading of the Nordsee Ost substation. Now the giant construction, following a major effort to secure it to the transport barge, is heading towards the German North Sea.
Ferry incident is expensive for Grenå
15-07-2014 12:00
As Stena Nautice rammed a pier in Grenå and got a hole in the hull on July 8, it didn’t only mean high costs for the company. It can also be felt in Grenå and other parts of Jutland, because there won’t be any more Swedish tourists coming in with the ferry every day.
DONG Energy expands in Esbjerg harbor
15-07-2014 10:00
Increased activity has made it necessary to have a large increase in DONG's office and storage facilities within the harbor. DONG Energy has entered an agreement with Blue Water Shipping on a major expansion of the existing lease agreement between the two companies.
 New technology enhances security at ports
15-07-2014 08:00
As the large crude oil tankers are increasing in size, the demands on precise navigation are increasing as well. Therefore, DanPilot with Statoil and Marimatech has developed a unique navigation system with centimeter accuracy which shows the ship's position, speed and drift.

 Sailor dead on board ship in Fredericia
14-07-2014 12:00
A Russian sailor of 41 years has died on the Dutch ship Lady Irina with a cargo of wood pellets in the port of Fredericia. Four others who had gone into the hold, to find the deceased were taken to hospital in Kolding. Two were later transferred to the National Hospital.

MHI Vestas perhaps on the way to 10 MW
14-07-2014 10:00
MHI Vestas sought permission to build offshore test wind turbines up to 10 MW off the west coast of Jylland according to offshorewind.biz that mentions Reuters as the source. The company has no immediate plans to develop the mill at this time.
Marstal Maersk gathered a great crowd
14-07-2014 08:00
A lot of tourists, residents from Ærø and sailors had gathered as one of the world's largest container ships anchored in Marstal Bay on Sunday afternoon, to help celebrate the old sea-towns 500th anniversary.
Maersk buys and sells four VLCC's
12-07-2014 08:00
Maersk Tankers is currently completely withdrawing from the market for crude oil transportation. In January, the company sold 15 VLCC's to Euronav, and now the company has bought four chartered ships to resell them, also for Euronav. Maersk Tankers now only has two VLCC vessels.
Drunk captain sails into dock in Aalborg
11-07-2014 12:00
A Dutch captain of an 84 foot long coaster, Simon B, has been arrested for drunken sailing. It happened after he first sailed past a designated berth and then eventually collided with the dock on Thursday around 4:30.
 Engineers receive new DIS agreement
10-07-2014 12:00
Danish Shipowners Association and Engineers Association agree on the renewal of the DIS agreement. In addition, there have been increases in wages; pension payments, adjustment of parental leave regulations, etc. contain renewal agreement also brand new items.

 DFDS receive 47,2 mio kr from the EU
09-07-2014 12:00
The EU supports investment in smoke cleaners that can help companies transition to new environmental rules. The EU has allocated DFDS a support of 47.2 million kroner for the installation of scrubbers on five of the company's cargo ships sailing from Gothenburg to Gent in Belgium and Immingham, England.

Maersk out of DESMI Ocean Guard
08-07-2014 12:00
The partners behind DESMI Ocean Guard A/S announced on Friday that AP Møller - Maersk A/S and Ultra Aqua A/S have sold their shares in DESMI Ocean Guard A/S DESMI A/S .
J. Lauritzen co-founder of Trident Alliance
07-07-2014 12:00
A group of companies with worldwide operations have now founded Trident Alliance. Trident Alliance is a coalition of owners and operators who share a common interest in robust and transparent enforcement of the current and future marine sulfur rules.
BWS ro/ro project on the Faroe Islands
04-07-2014 12:00
Blue Water has agreed to transport elements for the construction of Marknagil Education Center which to date is the largest construction project on The Faroe Islands. The transport will be carried out for HSHansen a/s which altogether will handle the delivery of 7,000 sqm of elements for the facade.
Enforcement of sulphur regulations
03-07-2014 12:00
By a joint “musketeer oath” a number of North Western European countries made a commitment earlier this week in Copenhagen to cooperate with a view to making the control of ships’ sulphur emissions more efficient.