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Maersk Drilling secures two contract
Maersk Drilling secures two contract
13-07-2018 12:00
Maersk Resolute has been awarded a 56-day contract extension by Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V., continuing its work in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea where it has drilled multiple wells since commencing operations in June 2017.

Maersk Broker: Very active first half of 2018
12-07-2018 12:00
The first half of 2018 has been very active indeed for Maersk Broker. Most of the main tonnage segments are still faced with considerable challenges, and Maersk Brokers role – and ambitions – are clearly to improve our engagement and service to the extent that they can qualify as partners and consultants.
MAN propulsion for LNG-Containerships
11-07-2018 12:00
MAN Energy Solutions has won the order to provide the propulsion systems for 2 × 2,525-teu containership newbuildings, which will join the fleet of Pasha Hawaii, the U.S. Jones Act carrier in the Hawaii trade lane.
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Another shipping company cut ties with Iran
10-07-2018 11:00
Due to USA’s threatening sanctions against Iran, French shipping company CMA CMG has decided to pull the plug on their shipping routes to the country. Earlier this year in May, Maersk Line announced that they were stopping their operations in the country.
New Samsø ferry requires 5-7 million dkr
09-07-2018 08:00
A new express route sailing between Aarhus and Samsø requires an annual grant of a number between 4.7 and 7 million. This is the conclusion of a the market research that the municipality of Samsø requested, in order to determine whether Samsø should have another sailing route.
 Fire on windmill ship in Esbjerg
06-07-2018 13:00
10 people have been hospitalized due to a case of smoke poisoning, which occurred due to a fire that broke out on a windmill ship in the port of Esbjerg, this morning informs the police of South and South Jutland. Several helicopters were called to the scene.

 Shore power is great, but expensive
06-07-2018 11:00
It is currently tourist season for cruise ships and therefore also high season for pollution stemming from cruise ships in the cities surrounding the waters. Shore power could be the solution that would reduce this pollution, but it would be too expensive to establish, according to experts in the field.

Norden sells older oil tanker
04-07-2018 13:15
Danish shipping company Norden has sold one of their older model oil tankers, according to sources in the field. Shipbrokers believe that it is the 40.100-DWT Nord Farer tanker (Build in 2005) that now has a new owner, after a deal of 11,5 million dollars has been closed.
Maersk Oil books PSV duo
04-07-2018 11:00
SHORT NEWS: Maersk Oil has signed a charter contract regarding two platform supply vessels. The contracts last two months to two years. The two vessels from Mokster and SolstadFarstad are reserved for work in the British part of the North Sea.
Cosco completes OOCL acquisition
02-07-2018 13:00
The government-owned CoscoCS has gone public about their acquisition of OOCL for 6.3 billion dollars the day close to the deadline of 30 June. Last Friday OOCL announced, that the Chinese Government’s Anti-Monopoly Authority would not ban the transaction from happening.
Helicopter rescues people from aground ship
02-07-2018 11:00
On Tuesday the 6th of March 2018, the freight carrier Betanzos sunk to the bottom of the waters near Lisbon, off the coast of the Bugio Island in Portugal. 10 crewmembers were evacuated by helicopter due to heavy storms in the area. There is now a video of the rescue operation surfacing the Internet.
 Maersk and Vestas join forces
29-06-2018 12:00
Vestas and Maersk Supply Service have entered into an innovation partnership to jointly develop solutions and next-generation technology for the sustainable energy industry. The partnership aims to address the industry’s future challenges within installation and logistics to decrease the cost of energy.

 Maersk Decom mangagement in place
28-06-2018 11:59
With the senior management team now in place and interest growing from potential customers, today the decommissioning joint venture reaches a new milestone with the launch of its new name.

Viking Supply looses money on ships sale
27-06-2018 12:00
SHORT NEWS: Viking Supply Ships, who are severely affected by the current downward spiral within the offshore sector, has sold three of their offshore ships - Freyja Viking, Nanna Viking and Sun Viking – whom all have been set aside for several years for a non-disclosed buyer. The Ships will be handed over to the new owner next month.
BWS enters new one-stop-shop partnership
27-06-2018 10:00
A new partnership deal between Blue Water Shipping and Fowlco Ltd means that the two companies are now able to offer a one-stop-shop solution in Freeport, Bahamas to all cruise ship companies. This will happen by combining global experience and local expertise in dry dock logistics.
Coats Guard Ships to be built in Norway
26-06-2018 16:00
The Norwegian Armed forces has decided to order three new Coast Guard vessels of the Nordkapp class from Vard Langsten. The order has a total value of 5,2 billion Norwegian kroner. Only Norwegian shipyards had access to gibe their offer on the order.
We would do the same thing again
26-06-2018 12:00
Even Though it has created problems for Maersk Line, that the shipping company’s container ship Alexander Maersk picked up 113 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea on the night to Friday, and did not get permission to free them before four days later, the company will not hesitate to pick up people in need in the future.
 DFDS’ new ro/ro's taking shape
25-06-2018 12:00
Progress is taken place in the building of the first out of five new freight ferries that DFDS have ordered from Chinese shipyard Jinling Shipyard. The main engine has been installed and the hull has been closed. The canal locks at the dock are expected to open In three weeks. Until then the work will concentrate on the aft where the rudder and propeller are to be installed.

 Torm goes for scrubbers
25-06-2018 10:00
Danish tanker shipping company Torm has decided to install scrubber systems onboard 13 ships that the company has ordered for delivery between 2018-2020. This order consists of seven MR-product tankers, four LR 2 and two LR1 tankers. All ships were ordered from CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering.

CMA CGM buys Finnish Containerships
21-06-2018 13:00
The French container giant CMA CGM has decided to buy the Finnish company Containerships, a company that specializes in servicing the intra-European market, World Maritime News writes. Containerships is a logistics company that, in addition to a 15-vessel fleet, also owns trucks and terminals.
The Ærøexpress begins building new ferry
21-06-2018 11:00
The board of the Ærøexpress has lifted the finance restraints in the contract with Danish company Hvide Sande Shipyard A/S regarding the building of a new ferry. This means that a new ferry crossing on the Marstal-Rudkøbing route will now become a reality, the board reports in a press release.
Fast Ferry between Lolland and Langeland
20-06-2018 11:00
A fast ferry between Lolland and Langeland is on its way, and Liberal left-wing politician Erling Bonnesen promises that it will become a reality while he is still in the Danish Parliament. The ferry service is close to being a reality, but it could still take a while before the project is completely ready, TV 2 / Funen writes.
Maersk Tankers gets new advanced tool
20-06-2018 10:35
After working together for less than a year, Maersk Tankers and technology partner CargoMetrics presented the first result of their collaboration. Maersk Tanker's Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Søren C. Meyer, perceives the new software tool to be a "big step" in Maersk Tanker's digital efforts.
 Pragmatic access to sulfur rules is necessary
19-06-2018 13:00
A group consisting of the world's largest shipping organizations - Bimco, ICS, Intercargo, Intertanko and WSC - urges harbor states to be "pragmatic" in relation to compliance with the new sulfur regulations from 2020.

 Environmentalist criticises cruise ships
19-06-2018 11:00
Cruise tourism is booming - also in Danish harbors - but big ships are dangerous to the surroundings, according to the Danish organization Det Økologiske Råd (the Ecological Council). It is the smoke that prevails from the ships that can become a health risk, the organization believes.

31 fresh graduates from Rybners
18-06-2018 13:00
On Friday, June 15, 2018, the Danish Ship Brokers Association and Rybner Business School hosted the annual graduation for shipping students who started in Rybner in 2016. The tradition was kept alive as the event was held in Amaliegade 33, the home of the Danish Ship Brokers Association.
Transocean are scrapping four deep-sea rigs
18-06-2018 10:00
Transocean plans to send more of its drilling rigs for scrapping in light of the continued weak market. According to the company, the ultra deep-sea rigs Deepwater Discovery, Deepwater Frontier and Deepwater Millennium as well as Songa Trym will be scrapped in an environmentally responsible manner.
Maersk will be in competition with itself
13-06-2018 15:00
A.P. Møller – Maersks subsidiary Damco wants to establish a rail transport service between China and Europe that will cut transport time for containers shipped by ships with 20 days. The new service will thereby be in direct competition with Maersk Lines container ships.
Problems take toll on value of Maersk brand.
13-06-2018 14:00
For the last couple of years, Maersk has been short of good news, and this has had an effect on the companys’s brand, a new survey shows. Although, Maersk is not the only Danish company to lose value on the top 10 list. But another Danish logistics company is experiencing Progress.
 Ørsted sells last non Danish power station
12-06-2018 15:00
Ørsted has made a deal of selling its 50 percent stake in the Dutch power station Enecogen located in Rotterdam, to a fully owned subsidiary of Castleton Commodities International LLC. The deal includes certain usual conditions and is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2018.

 Maersk closes major deal
12-06-2018 14:00
Norwegian maritime insurance company Gard has taken over the insurance of more than 800 Maersk vessels from the UK company XL Catlin, TradeWinds writes. The insurance company has offered Maersk better conditions than the former English partner of many years.

Maersk's fleet is second most valuable
11-06-2018 15:00
A.P. Møller - Maersk has the world's second most valuable fleet only surpassed by Chinese Cosco Shipping. Number three on the list is Norway's wealthiest man, John Fredriksen, figures from VesselValue show.
Østerild allowed testing 330 meter windmills
11-06-2018 14:00
The Danish Parliament has approved the plan to expand the test center for windmills in North Jutland’s cities Østerild and Høvsøre. The changes will be in effect from July 1 and amongst other things, this will mean that the test center can expand with two windmills and in Østerild it will be allowed to test 330-meter tall windmills compared to the current regulations, that allow windmills of 250 meters.
Learn about safety onboard offshore vessels
07-06-2018 11:00
The Danish Maritime Authority is inviting the Danish maritime industry to a seminar on safety onboard offshore construction vessels. The seminar takes place on June 14, 2018 for the section of the profession working on offshore construction vessels engaged in excavation work at sea.
Maersk’s goals might be too optimistic
07-06-2018 10:00
Investment bank Carnegie does not believe that A.P. Møller - Maersk can live up to its expectations of an operating profit result of 4-5 billion dollars for of 2018, seeing as freight rates have been significantly lower in 2018 compared to last year, Danish business paper Børsen writes.
 Shipping companies have lost profit maker
06-06-2018 15:00
The highly pressured shipping companies have lost the opportunity to make large amounts of money from the purchase and sale of ships, which has for many years been the source of billion kroner incomes.

 Color Line buys subsidiary company
06-06-2018 11:30
The Norwegian ro-pax shipping company Color Line Transport has bought the subsidiary company Kristiansand Line for 71 million dollasr off ONS Ship Finance. The purchase also includes th 37.000 gt ferrye Superspeed 1.

Sundbus Jeppe returns to Helsingør
05-06-2018 11:55
14 years after the Sundbus Jeppe left the Helsingør-Helsingborg crossing, it now returns to its route to deliver a half an hour trip between the two cities. The Danish shipping line Sundbusserne has bought the ferry from Spar Shipping, and the purchase is at the same time the start of an extended partnership between the two shipping companies.
Molslinjen gets discount in Rønne
04-06-2018 12:00
The more passengers Molslinjen transports to Bornholm, the more discount the shipping company receives from the Port of Rønne. This is the essence of a deal that has just been made beteween the port and Molslinjen. The discount will be transported to Destination Bornholm, who will be using the money to attract more guests to Bornholm.
The Naval Home Guard touch down
04-06-2018 12:00
330 members of the Danish Naval Home Guard and 10 of the Home Guard’s vessels visited the municipality of Struer this weekend, in order to practice some larger drills, which includes acting as support for the Danish Maritime Authorities units. This drill is one of the largest of its kind ever to happen in Denmark.
Clipper Group A/S deficit of 121 mio. kr.
01-06-2018 12:00
Clipper Group’s Danish department, Clipper Group A/S which includes Danske Færger, made it out of 2017 with a deficit of 121 million Danish kroner against a deficit of 83 million the preceding year. Reasons behind the deficit include depreciations of ship values and loss in sale of ships.
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