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Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats
Tuco receives order for Multi-Mission boats
15-10-2018 12:00
Tuco Marine Group has signed a contract with Hovedstadens Beredskab I/S (The Capitols Emergency Agency Partnership) regarding 15-meter long ProZero Multi-Mission emergency boats. The boat is designed to quickly and effectively transport emergency staff and the newest equipment to places of emergency in Copenhagen as well as on nearby islands.

Maersk board of directors adds member
15-10-2018 12:00
Ibrahim Gokcen, Chief Technology Officer, CTO, at Schneider Electric, will join Maersk Tankers’ board of directors from November 2018. Gokcen will keep his position as CTO at Schneider Electric while working the role of board member at Maersk Tankers.
Alba Rousing breaks free
13-10-2018 10:00
The Danish coaster Alba Rousing, which went aground on Wednesday night near Bardenfleths Grund north of Årø in the southern part of Lillebælt, is no longer stuck and is currently at a dock in the Port of Kolding. The vessel broke free around 01.00 o’clock Thursday night.

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Shippingcompanies are going against Rønne
12-10-2018 12:00
A battle regarding millions of Danish kroner, which until now was kept secret, between shipping company Færgen, Molslinjen and the Port of Rønne has come to light, as Danish media TV 2/Bornholm has gotten insight to an financial battle between the Port of Rønne and Danish ferry company Færgen, a battle that has lasted for more than a year
Lindø Port of Odense result decrease
11-10-2018 12:00
The first half of 2018 was not a good one for Lindø Port of Odense. The company saw a fall in both revenue and profits – especially the latter, from a profit of 32.6 million kroner after tax in the first half of 2017, to now 10 million.
 Molslinjen in financial battle with Rønne
10-10-2018 12:00
On January 1, the Port of Rønne raised the toll that ferries have to pay when arriving at the port - by between 160 and 400 percent, depending on the calculation method. Danish ferry company Molslinjen believes that the port’s raise of the toll is far to extreme, and have therefore reported the case to the competition authorities.

 Shippingcompanies are going against Rønne
09-10-2018 12:00
A battle regarding millions of Danish kroner, which until now was kept secret, between shipping company Færgen, Molslinjen and the Port of Rønne has come to light, as Danish media TV 2/Bornholm has gotten insight to an financial battle between the Port of Rønne and Danish ferry company Færgen, a battle that has lasted for more than a year

Denmark develops new under water drones
08-10-2018 12:00
Denmark is cooperating with NATO regarding the development of new under water drones that can fight submarines and mines. Nato perceives the development of new autonomous systems as an important renewal and strengthening of the Alliance's fighting force.
Danish fishing ports prosper
05-10-2018 12:00
The Danish Fisheries Agency has just announced the latest numbers for fish landings in 10 selected ports during the first half of 2018. The statistics show a significant improvement in landed value of nine percent compared to the landed value for the same period of 2017.
Fjord Line wins Danish award
05-10-2018 10:00
The Danish Travel Awards was held on Wednesday night in the Circus Building, Copenhagen. It was rather surprising that a Danish shipping company didn’t win the award for Best Passenger Ship Company, as the award was given to Norwegian company Fjord Line while Bornholmerfærgen and DFDS won second and third place.
Danish ex-minister in Norwegian flag debate
04-10-2018 12:00
The Danish MP and former Minister of Transport, Magnus Heuniche fears that a domino effect will happen if the Norwegian government adopts a law that enables Color Line to re-flag their Kiel-ferries to NIS. The Danish politician comments on the debate in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen.
 The government wants new harbor act
04-10-2018 10:00
SHORT NEWS: The Government's proposal list of laws for 2018-2019, which was presented in relation to the Danish Parliaments opening on October 2, includes a proposal for a new harbor act. The proposal is expected to be processed in February 2019.

 Regina Seaways arrived safely at harbor
03-10-2018 12:00
Short News: DFDS-ferry Regina Seaways arrived safely in Klaipeda in Lithuania last night around 21.00 o’clock. The ferry made it to the port by its own force, after the ferry experienced engine failure on Tuesday afternoon as it was located Southeast of Bornholm, heading from Kiel to Klaipeda. All passengers onboard were safe and sound.

Shipping companies satisfied with PM
03-10-2018 10:00
During yesterdays opening statement inside the Danish Parliament, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen spoke of his ambitions of continuing growth and development in Denmark, which amongst many things involves access to qualified labor and focus on international trade. According to shipping organization Danske Rederier these are important initiatives for the shipping industry.
Ørsted buys Lincoln Clean Energy
02-10-2018 12:00
Yesterday, Ørsted finalized their purchase of 100 % of available stocks in Lincoln Clean Energy LLC (LCE) from I Squared Capital. Ørsted will form en new business department, Onshore Wind, which will be a separate segment. LCE will be the only activity n the beginning stages of Onshore Wind.
Maersk Tankers moves headquarters
02-10-2018 10:00
Maersk Tankers are moving their headquarters in Copenhagen from Nicolai Eigtveds Gade to Holmbladsgade next year. All of the 160 emloyees will be transferred to the new address. The new office reflects Maersk Tankers ambitions of creating a market leading digital tanker shipping company.
Knife drama onboard Stena-ferry
01-10-2018 12:00
On the night to Saturday, a 30-year-old man was stabbed by knife in the stomach and legs onboard a Stena – ferry as the ferry was sailing from Frederikshavn to Gøteborg. The Swedish police was alarmed Saturday night at 01.29 o’clock. The man who did the stabbing was arrested, when the ferry anchored in Gøteborg.
 2M cancellations will not affect rates
01-10-2018 10:00
Maersk Line's and MSC's decision to suspend their AE2-service will cut approximately 5,7 percent of the west going capacity, but is a decision based more so on limiting damage due to the lack of demand in the coming months, Drewry claims.

 HMM signs contract for 20 ships
28-09-2018 12:00
The South Korean container shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine, HMM, has signed a deal for an giant order of container ships with local shipyard DSME, Hyundai Heavy(HHI) and Samsung. HMM’s CEO Chang Keun Yoo signed a contract for 20 vessels in total earlier today.

Cruise season in Skagen is cut short
28-09-2018 10:00
The Port of Skagen has experienced the best cruise season in its history, but it has been cut short. This last cruise ship arrival of the season should have occurred on Sunday, where Viking Sky from shipping company Viking Cruises was going to visit the harbour. Unfortunately, the shipping company has canceled its stop in Skagen due to the weather forecast promising strong winds.
More departures to and from Bornholm
27-09-2018 12:00
The Bornholmer Line ferry service has publicly announced their route plan for 2019. The route plan includes more departures, cheaper tickets and an additional ferry that sails on the busiest days. The plan revolves around four daily departures with the express ferry Express 1.
Better things ahead for drilling rigs
27-09-2018 12:00
The drilling rig market is one of the segments most affected by the oil crisis, which started back in 2014. Maersk Drilling recruited 500 people just before the crisis hit, and subsequently fired the same amount when the company saw the effects of the crisis. Now it seems that things are looking brighter and the company is preparing for next years stock exchange listing.
Tanker released after eight months
26-09-2018 12:00
After having laid anchor in Albæk Bay, close to Skagen, for the last eight months, the crew of 19 men onboard the Turkish/Russian owned tanker Natig Aliyev are now finally getting their long awaited pay of 2,6 million Danish kroner. Since the case is now settled, the ship has been allowed to continue its sail.
 ÆrøXpressen acquired new capital
26-09-2018 10:00
ÆrøXpressen A/S has finished their second share issue. 1.295.000,- has been transferred to the company in additional share capital. The company consists of 1.492 shareholders spread over 14 countries and in 200 different area codes in Denmark. The collected share capital is now spread over 10.836.000 kroner.

 Esvagt and Wind Power LAB joins forces
25-09-2018 12:00
Esvagt and Wind Power LAB, specialists in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and wings have joined forces, and are now offering a list of services for offshore wind farm owners. The new joint venture is names EWPL Ocean will be lead by Anders Røpke as the company’s CEO.

Ferries are to take pressure of highways
25-09-2018 10:00
Traffic jam on highways is one of the issues that politicians often struggle to deal with. In the future, shipping of goods should be more dominant on sea, in order to take the load of the roads. This is the opinion of several politicians who are dominant in the transport debate, as they view ferries to be part of the solution to the problem.
Færgerederierne announces new chairman
24-09-2018 12:00
Danish ferry shipping organization Færgerederierne (Ferry Shipping Companies in English) has found a new chairman. The new chairman will be former CEO of Scandlines, Søren Poulsgaard Jensen. He will takeover the position after former John Steen-Mikkelsen, on last Friday, resigned after spending 11 as chairman of the organization
Cruise ship no. 100 arrives in Skagen
24-09-2018 10:00
Just before noon today, the cruise ship Marina from Oceania Cruises arrived at the port of Skagen for the second and last time this year. Marina is thereby the 100th cruise ship to arrive at the port since 2015, when the port opened up for the arrival of larger cruise ships.
Storm results in cancelled departures
21-09-2018 12:00
The upcoming storm Knud, which will be worst Northern Jutland, Skagerrak and the Northern part of Kattegat with a gust of hurricane strenght, has resulted in several cancelled departures. The storm will hit around 15.00 o’clock, and has caused shipping companies Stena Line and Color Line to cancel several departures this afternoon and night.
 Express 1 close to dangerous collision
21-09-2018 10:00
On Tuesday, the Danish ferry service company Bornholmerlinjen’s express ferry Express 1 collided crashed into a large quay fender next to the old lighthouse in the port of Rønne. The accident happened as the ferry was arriving in Rønne at 13.40 o’clock. The ferry was dangerously close to hitting another of the large red quay fender near the ports large oil tank.

 Association criticises Maersk sulphur charge
20-09-2018 12:00
The trade asassociation, British International Freight Association (BIFA), criticises Maersk Lines plans to cover the additional costs of low sulphur fuel by implementing a special charge. The charge, bunker adjustment factor (BAF) will be introduced in January 2019, one year before IMO’s new sulphur regulations are set in motion.

Venta Maersk writes history
20-09-2018 10:00
Maersks ice-class vessel Venta Maersk has sailed through the Northeast Passage for the first time. Venta Maersk of 3.600 TEU is the world’s first commercial container vessel to sail the route, as the passage has predominantly been reserved for tanker vessels, bulk carriers, and passenger ships.
Maersk merges Maersk Line and Damco
19-09-2018 12:00
As expected, A.P. Møller – Mærsk has decided to merge container-shipping company Maersik Line with logistics company Damco. The merger will be effective from January 1, 2019. COO of Maersk, Vincent Clerc will be leading the new unit.
International standards are necessary
19-09-2018 10:00
The Danish shipping industry depends on international standards is it is going to ensure better climate and still conserve its ability to compete. This was the message from the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial affairs and others when 100 international experts met at Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier this Tuesday.
Tanker ran aground in Aabenraa
18-09-2018 12:00
SHORT NEWS: The product tanker Sucran C ran aground outside the port of Aabenraa around 3 pm on September 16, as the ship was departing the port. The tanker was pulled of the seabed approximately five hours later with the help of a tugboat.
 CEO Jens Holger Nielsen leaves Samskip
18-09-2018 10:00
Jens Holger Nielsen helped Samskip become one of the most important pan-European shipping-and logistics companies, who offer multimodal transport and related services on land, sea, railroad and in the air through a network of more than 70 European offices. It has not been made official who will take over his position.

 Unifeeder expands in Great Britain
17-09-2018 12:00
Unifeeder increases capacity and coverage of Great Britain. In order to live up to the increased market demands, Unifeeder is adding a larger vessel to the shipping company's direct service to Great Britain from the Baltic Sea. The upgrade will be official from September 24

Maersk Line changes to BAF
17-09-2018 10:00
Maersk wants to change the fuel adjustment charge before the IMO sulphur 2020 regulations are set in motion. A new Bunker Adjustment factor (BAF) bill will give customers the opportunity to predict, plan and witness how the changes in fuel prices effects the frequency of shipments.
Rolls-Royce Marine gets new address
15-09-2018 10:00
The service company Rolls-Royce Marine A / S has entered a leasing deal with the port of Aalborg. After being located 27 on Værftsvej for the last 27 years, the company is now moving to an area of 4,500 square meters in the port of Aalborg’s commercial park on the eastern port.
Christiansø ferry service is on the market
14-09-2018 10:00
The ferry service between Bornholm and Christiansø has been put on the market. The service is offered for a five-year contract from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2024. This has been made official on the Danish Ministry of Defense's website.
Edda Mistral jumps the gun on Hornsea
13-09-2018 10:00
Although Edda Mistral was originally intended for use during the operation phase of Ørsteds Hornsea Project One, the project group saw an opportunity to maximize the use and acceleration of the vessel, so that the SOV can also be used to construct the wind farm of 1,2 GW.
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