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CT Offshore is settled
CT Offshore is settled
25-09-2016 08:00
CT Offshore has managed to settle all its assets. All employees have left the company, of which most have already found new work. All the company's vessels and equipment for mixed subsea offshore work have been sold to new owners.

Offshore tax in budget negotiations
24-09-2016 08:00
During the negotiations on the future finance bill the Conservatives will require that the sailor tax should apply to offshore ships. S and V, find the proposal sympathetic, but will discuss financing. Good news if no jobs should be dropped, says Danish Shipowners' Association.
Replacement of Maersk's top management
23-09-2016 08:00
There are major changes in the top management in connection with the new structure of A.P. Møller-Maersk Group. Three members of the group's top management - Trond Westlie, Kim Fejfer and Jakob Thomasen – will resign before year end.
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Maritime opportunities in Dubai
22-09-2016 08:00
The fall in oil prices has reduced activity in the offshore and maritime industry. In Dubai there is still an ambitious growth strategy for the maritime area, which offers opportunities for Danish companies. The Danish General Consulate in Dubai will set focus on this on October 3 in Frederikshavn.
Young people to maritime training programs
21-09-2016 08:00
Danish Maritime is part of a campaign to get parents to talk education with their children. Employers are crying out for more skilled employees, but three out of four parents who have children that are between 14 and 23 years old, would advise their children to take a high school education.
 Mads Peter Zacho new CEO of J. Lauritzen
20-09-2016 08:00
J. Lauritzen is pleased that Mads Peter Zacho has been appointed new CEO from September 19, 2016. Before joining J. Lauritzen Mads was CFO in TORM A/S and has held various positions at A.P. Møller-Maersk Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Nordea.

 Danish frigates lack weapons
19-09-2016 08:00
The Danish frigates lack weapons to defend themselves. The frigates will soon be equipped with new radar for missile defense, and thus they may become targets for Russian missiles, warns Russia's ambassador in Denmark, Mikhail Vanin. But they will not be equipped with the associated weapons.

Oil missing in the 2025 plan
18-09-2016 08:00
In the 2025 plan, which the government has submitted there no signs of improved framework conditions for oil and gas production. It is not good enough, says the Conservatives, who want better framework conditions for oil and gas production involved in the negotiations.
ATPI Griffinstone showcase at the DMF
17-09-2016 08:00
ATPI Griffinstone, part of the ATPI Group, the leading travel management company for the shipping, energy, and offshore sector, will be attending the Danish Maritime Fair taking place in Copenhagen from 25 – 27 October 2016.
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Danish tanker bunkers LNG at sea
16-09-2016 08:00
The Danish-registered vessel Ternsund is the first ship ever to bunker LNG while being at sea. The ship-to-ship transfer happened while the two ships were anchored off the entrance to Gothenburg Harbour.
First director resigns before division
15-09-2016 08:00
A possible division of Maersk Group has caused the first director to resign his position. Niels Bjørn Mortensen, Director of Regulatory Affairs, confirms that he has resigned and is leaving Maersk on October 31
 MAN Diesel & Turbo supports Mercy Ships
14-09-2016 12:00
MAN Diesel & Turbo has expanded its partnership with Mercy Ships, a NGO provider of charitable healthcare. MAN PrimeServ, will provide spare parts for the MAN installations aboard the hospital vessel MV Africa Mercy to an annual value of EUR 250,000.

 Vestas change message policy
14-09-2016 08:00
From today, September 14, Vestas will change the limit for the supply and service orders that are published to the market via company announcements, to 300 MW and 300 million EUR from 200 MW and over 200 million and above for firm and unconditional orders.

OSK-ShipTech celebrates 50th anniversary
13-09-2016 12:00
On Friday, September 16, OSK-Ship Tech A/S can celebrate half a century as maritime consultants. It has also been a journey of evolution from a company that was founded and headed by a single man into a growing organization.
DONG appeal judgment in Elsam case
13-09-2016 08:00
On August 30, 2016 the Maritime and Commercial Court ruled judgment in the case of the former Elsam. The judgment states that Elsam abused its dominant position in the market for wholesale electricity in Western Denmark from January 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. DONG Energy has decided to appeal the decision.
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Industry promises cheap offshore turbines
12-09-2016 12:00
The wind industry has presented a savings catalog that will cut 2,2 billion kroner off the price of the wind farm Kriegers Flak. In total, the saving proposals will mean savings of 7,3 billion kroner. The proposals are the industry's attempts to save the coastal wind farms, which the government is willing to drop.
Aabenraa Port reaches 1 mio. tons of cargo
12-09-2016 08:00
On Wednesday, September 14, Aabenraa Port reaches 1 million tons of goods going through the port, which is at about the same time as in both 2014 and 2015. It is Shipping.dk Aabenraa, which turns in one of Aabenraa Port of annual milestones.
 Danish shipyards missed navy order
11-09-2016 10:00
Several Danish shipyards, including Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, had bid on the task of repairing and maintaining the frigate Niels Juel. Instead the Danish Defence chose to give the million large order to a shipyard in Tallinn, Estonia

 Bladt Industries focuses on growth
10-09-2016 08:00
In 2015, Bladt Industries had a revenue of nearly 3 billion kroner and an operating profit of 103,5 million kroner, and 2016 looks to be even better. So far, Bladt Industries has shipped three transformer stations this year, and 2016 looks to be a good year.

First wind turbine up at Burbo Bank
09-09-2016 08:00
On September 8, 2016 Sea Installer and her crew installed the first turbine at DONG Energy's Burbo Bank Extension. This is the first time ever the currently largest wind turbine on the market, MHI Vestas 164-8 MW, has been installed.
Vision of The Fjords is Ship of the Year 2016
08-09-2016 08:00
The renowned Norwegian maritime magazine - Skipsrevyen - has recently named Ship of the Year 2016 at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg. The title went to the innovative Norwegian hybrid ferry, Vision of The Fjords, which Maritime Denmark's readers already know about through articles in our magazines.
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Bladt has transformer station ready
07-09-2016 12:00
Bladt Industries has finished producing the Bligh Bank Phase 2 transformer station, and load-out has taken place at Bladt Industries' manufacturing facilities in Aalborg. The fabrication of the transformer station began in May 2015.
The Chinese inquire about sulfur experience
07-09-2016 08:00
Transport Researchers from China want to learn from Danish experience with modern technology to ensure that ships comply with the rules for sulfur emissions. Denmark and the Netherlands are two of the leading countries in this field, and Chinese scientists have been visiting. The DMA was the first stop.
 2047 will be the end of North Sea oil
06-09-2016 12:00
The DEA has for the first time published its projections which show that oil production in the Danish part of the North Sea will end in 2047, and gas production will end in 2052. Previously, it was thought that new technology and exploration would contribute to more oil production.

 Business Minister supports maritime export
06-09-2016 08:00
The more than 100 Danish companies that exhibit their skills on the world's largest maritime exhibition - SMM in Hamburg - received support from the Danish maritime minister who took the morning plane from Copenhagen to visit the Danish exhibitors on the opening day.

Danish shipping warnS against EU system
05-09-2016 08:00
The EU CO2 quota system is being revised, and in this context it is proposed to put the shipping industry under the quota system. Danish shipping companies warn against the proposal and instead want a global regulation of the area.
Global leaders gather for DMD 2016
04-09-2016 08:00
Leaders from all sectors of the global maritime industry will discuss fundamental changes in the global economy and new technological developments of importance to the maritime industry and global development at the Danish Maritime Forum in Copenhagen on 26-27 October.
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Steel Wind will supply foundations for DONG
03-09-2016 08:00
DONG Energy has chosen Germany's Steel Wind Nordenham to produce 36 mono piles and transition pieces for the 450 MW Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm. The two companies have worked together on foundations for Race Bank offshore wind farm in the UK.
New wind turbine plant at Lindø
02-09-2016 08:00
Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) has received yet another test plant at Lindø Industrial Park in Odense. There has been invested 140 million kroner in the new test center, where you can test nacelles, gears and other machine components for wind turbines up to 10 MW.
 Retrieves chemical substances from Libya
01-09-2016 08:00
The Danish-led international maritime operation to transport the approximately 500 tons of debris from Libya's chemical weapons stock is close to being completed. Saturday evening 27 August, the chemicals were picked up at the port of Misrata in Libya.

 Danish oil and gas exports continue
31-08-2016 08:00
The DEA publishes a new 5-year forecast for production of oil and gas as well as new long-term projections, which is an element in the Economic Survey. Except for a few years Denmark will be a net exporter of oil up to and including 2026 and natural gas up to and including 2032.

Max Mols affected by turbo problems
30-08-2016 08:00
Mols-Linien's smallest and oldest fast ferry Max Mols was affected by problems with a turbocharger on Saturday and had to cancel the last trip from Aarhus on August 27. According to Mols-Linien schedules all departures with Max Mols have been canceled to and including today.
DMI and Weilbach in new collaboration
29-08-2016 12:00
The Danish supplier of nautical charts and publications for more than 250 years – Weilbach - has entered into a contract with DMI, The Danish Meteorological Institute. This has resulted in a new digital product, WENDIS Weather, which provides the world’s merchant navy with precise and updated weather data
Offshore wind may become cheaper
28-08-2016 08:00
It is possible to decrease the price of the maritime part of offshore wind. That was the message when the Danish Shipowners' Association on Wednesday hosted a meeting in connection with a PhD project by Thomas Poulsen from Aalborg University.
Government remove support for windpower
27-08-2016 08:00
Beginning next week, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen will present the government's 2025 plan. According to the Børsen's information there will not be given financial aid to coastal offshore wind turbines, although as part of the energy agreement it was agreed that there should be allocated 7 billion kroner for the construction of wind turbines.
 Kenya Maritime Authority to visit DMF 2016
26-08-2016 08:00
The Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) is attending the Danish Maritime Fair (DMF) with the aim of learning about the latest trends in the global maritime/shipping industry and networking with industry players.

 Opening of one of North Europa’s largest cleaning facilities for plate heat exchangers
25-08-2016 12:00
Following the recent opening of one of North Europa’s largest cleaning facilities for plate heat exchangers, the Danish company PHE Nordic, situated on the central island Funen, now has increased its capacity to service the offshore industry with quick and safe high quality solutions.

VMS Group is setting up on Rømø
24-08-2016 08:00
VMS Group from Frederikshavn has established a new department on Rømø Harbour. The department, which has been named VMS Service Base Wadden Sea, is established in cooperation with JKP Field Services from Esbjerg and should offer service especially in propulsion systems.
Clipper readies ex-Norden vessels
23-08-2016 08:00
Clipper is in the process of readying the two first of four 32,000 DWT Handysize dry cargo ships which the company bought from Norden with its partners in June. The vessels will be included in the Clippers Logger Pool which currently consists of 31 ships.
More trucks choose Elsinore-Helsingborg
22-08-2016 08:00
Despite stiff competition from the Öresund Bridge, the ferry route between Elsinore and Helsingborg has succeeded in increasing the number of transferred trucks. In the past 12 months the number of trucks on the route increased by 7,4 percent. The number of travelers with AutoBizz Smart agreements has increased.
Danish ships on their way to Libya
21-08-2016 08:00
The Danish Parliament has unanimously decided that two Danish ships and more than 200 people will help to eliminate stockpiles of chemical substances that can be used for the manufacture of weapons from Libya. The naval ship Absalon left from the naval station Frederikshavn on Wednesday this week.
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