Maersk confirms 2M approval
Maersk confirms 2M approval
10-10-2014 10:00
On July 10, 2014 Maersk Line announced the signing of a long-term (10 years) "vessel-sharing agreement with MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA (parties) on the Asia-Europe, Europe-North America and Asia-North America routes.

Do not underestimate the competition
10-10-2014 12:00
You should never ever think that you are the best, and you should not underestimate the competition. Ane Maersk McKinney Uggla summarizes the lessons from her father, which she has brought with her since taking charge in 2012.
Bawat gets ballast water system approved
10-10-2014 08:00
The Danish company Bawat A/S, which was established in 2011 with the aim of developing technologies for ballast water treatment, has developed a system that has successfully completed all the tests imposed by the IMO, as documented by DNV-GL.
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The youth looks at a maritime future
03-10-2014 16:00
The companies MarineShaft and Hirtshals Yard will get the opportunity to shape the future of some of North Jutland youth on Monday, when 80 students from 8th to 10th grade of Hjørring community and Hjørring Production school visits the companies as an event in connection with the Danish Maritime Days.
How to control sulfur emissions
03-10-2014 14:00
On Monday the Ecological Council will present a solution on how to inspect if ships emit too much sulfur at a conference with the Danish Shipowners Association, and how to easily adopt effective sanctions against it.
 Future conditions for seafarers
03-10-2014 12:00
On Monday, you have a chance to discuss conditions for seafarers worldwide at the "Conference on the Seafarer as part of Global Quality Shipping" organized as a part of the Danish Maritime Days.

 Denmark may loose offshore opportunities
03-10-2014 10:00
Offshore has been a growth engine for Denmark in recent years, but Denmark risk losing growth explosion to Germany, Sweden, Singapore and other countries, if the Danish framework conditions for ordinary navigation will not be updated to accommodate the rapid development and growth of maritime services in the offshore area, says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of the Danish Shipowners Association.

The merchant fleet has never been greater
03-10-2014 08:00
There has never been so many ships under the Danish flag as now. Pr. 1 October there were 644 Danish-flagged merchant ships with a total capacity of 15.85 million dwt, which is a record high. This is shown by the latest figures from the Danish Shipowners Association.
ATP Instone at the Danish Maritime Fair
02-10-2014 16:00
ATP Instone, which is part of the international ATPI Group and works with arranging travel in the marine and energy sectors, will be present at the Danish Maritime Fair in Bella Center next week. Adm. Director Kim Fuglsang will be available at the booth along with sales manager Jim Larsen and operations manager Carsten Hansen.
Trond Westlie new chairman in Esvagt
02-10-2014 14:00
CFO of A. P. Møller-Maersk, Trond Westlie, was just appointed the new chairman of Esvagt. This triggers the sell-off rumors that previously have been going around Esvagt. Trond Westlie refuses, however, that his entering is equal to a rapid sell-off.
Maritime boarding school-opening delayed
02-10-2014 12:00
The Maritime boarding school opening on South Langeland will not commence for a whole year, as it has not been possible to sort out the financing. All papers are ready for the Ministry of Education, that should have had the application from South Langeland Maritime School in Bagenkop yesterday - on October 1st.
 Many container ships are being scrapped
02-10-2014 10:00
The number of container ships that are scrapped, will peak this year, assesses Bimco, and it is particularly small container ships. 28 percent of the ships to be scrapped, are ships of less than 3,000 TEU. It is important for the container companies to get the unit cost down.

 Difficult time ahead for container shipping
02-10-2014 08:00
Spot rates for the container shipping market fell eight percent in September compared to August, and thus the price increases from September 1, have not been successful. A difficult winter seems to wait prior to the container companies, concludes Sydbank.

DSA cancels wage supplements
01-10-2014 16:00
The Danish Shipowners Association with effect from today has stopped compensating seafarers for the genes that are associated with sailing through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The Maritime Officers are not completely satisfied with this.
Repair of DONG platform is finished
01-10-2014 14:00
The oil from DONG Energy's North Sea fields, Siri, Nini, Nini East, Cecilie and Stine 1, will now be sent directly back to the oil tank underneath the Siri platform. This follows extensive work that has spanned several years and has now been completed.
Mitsubishi joins the Danish Maritime Fair
01-10-2014 12:00
Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co. Ltd. (MHI-MME) is exhibiting next week at the Danish Maritime Fair in Bella Center with Danish PJ Diesel Engineering A/S. Their common position will be one of the biggest at the fair where you will be able to experience the latest technology from Mitsubishi, which satisfies IMO Tier III rules.
Desire for better roads to Hundested Harbor
01-10-2014 10:00
Companies on Hundested Harbor are experiencing growth, but the access roads to the harbor are bad and can be a barrier for further growth. A member of parliament was met with demands for a highway extension when he recently visited Hundested Harbor.
 Bluewater and PostNord sign agreement
01-10-2014 08:00
The Danish transport and logistics company Blue Water Shipping strengthens its Nordic distribution setup with a new agreement with PostNord. It is part of the company's desire to strengthen its position as a shipping company in the Nordic region.

 Siemens will supply to the Aarhus wind farm
30-09-2014 16:00
Havvind Aarhus Bugt A/S has had the supply of wind turbines for a wind farm in the Bay of Aarhus, a service contract out to tender, and Siemens Wind Power has been selected as the preferred one-stop supplier. There are ongoing negotiations going on between the two parties.

Network meeting on e-navigation
30-09-2014 14:00
The Blue Denmark must be at the forefront in the development of e-navigation and exploit the opportunities created for increased safety, efficiency and business development. Therefore, the Danish Maritime Authority invites to a network meeting.
Offshore provides tailwind in North Jutland
30-09-2014 12:00
When the drilling rig Maersk Guardian in 2011 came to Hirtshals to be renovated, it provided 250 jobs and 37.5 million kroner in additional income in North Jutland. However, although Maersk Guardian is far from land, the adventure continues in Hirtshals - not least because of maintenance and engineering company Safe Ocean Service, working in the maritime sector and offshore.
New management in Nordic Tankers
30-09-2014 10:00
Nordic Tankers, which operates a fleet of small and medium-sized chemical tankers, has had its management expanded with two experienced new members. It is 47-year-old Carsten Brix Ostenfeldt and Henriette Schütze 46, acceding respectively on January 1 and October 1.
Gertsen & Olufsen set sights on Asia
30-09-2014 08:00
Gertsen & Olufsen has acquired the Vordingborg company Atlas Incinerators that adds a new product line to Gertsen & Olufsen, and two factories in Asia. The aim is to create a larger company that can achieve higher sales particularly in the Chinese market.
 Maritime Days in Vendsyssel
29-09-2014 16:00
On October 6, a number of Northern Jutland maritime businesses are opening in North Jutland in connection with the Danish Maritime Days. It will happen in Hirtshals, Frederikshavn and Skagen. The organizer is Danish Metal and MARCOD in cooperation with EUC Nord, Frederikshavn and Hjørring.

 Maritime Days in Vendsyssel
29-09-2014 16:00
On October 6, a number of Northern Jutland maritime businesses are opening in North Jutland in connection with the Danish Maritime Days. It will happen in Hirtshals, Frederikshavn and Skagen. The organizer is Danish Metal and MARCOD in cooperation with EUC Nord, Frederikshavn and Hjørring.

DMD participate in Culture Night
29-09-2014 14:00
Danish Maritime Days docks at Amalie Haven's Wharf during the Culture Night in Copenhagen on 10 October. Here you can get on Denmark's oldest training ship Georg Stage, and you can go on an adventurous journey toward the ocean floor.
Maersk Line sets new world record
29-09-2014 12:00
In late August, Mayview Maersk bested a previous record set by Mary Maersk, as the container ship in the world, which until now most loaded containers. On August 31, Mayview arrived at Roterdam with 17,726 TEUs on board. The container ship was helped to the dock by tugs Svitzer Brent and Svitzer Nari.
Less paperwork for the shipping industry
29-09-2014 10:00
IMO facilitating committee has adopted a new set of guidelines for the use of electronic certificates, so it will become easier to use electronic certificates and IMO Member States are encouraged to accept their use. It will reduce paperwork and thus less hassle and delays to shipping.
Danes teaching maritime rescuing in Africa
29-09-2014 08:00
Two SAR specialists from the Marine Guard is in the Comoros with a Nordic team of instructors led by the Navy. They teach 18 officers from eight East African countries in search and rescue at sea.
In the city of Moroni - the capital of the Comoros in the Indian Ocean - the captain lieutenants John Strøbæk and Anders Moller from the Marine Guard are just now starting to teach African students in search and rescue at sea.
 DONG gets approval for Burbo Bank
28-09-2014 16:00
The British government has approved the 256-megawatt Burbo Bank's expansion project, which Dong Energy is planning, by the North West of England. The wind farm will be located in Liverpool Bay, west of the existing Burbo Bank offshore wind farm, which has a capacity of 90MW.

 Copenhagen cruise port of the year
28-09-2014 14:00
With fierce competition from Istanbul and Tallinn, Copenhagen Harbor was named best European cruise port due to excellent service and better facilities with three new terminals. The shipyards also praised the harbor, and the traffic problems have apparently not played a major role.

Maersk Drilling names deepwater drillship
28-09-2014 12:00
Maersk Drilling's fourth drillship designed for deep water was named on Thursday at a ceremony at the shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in Korea. The drilling vessel has been named "Maersk Voyager". The four drill ships were ordered in 2011 and represents a total investment of 2.6 billion dollars.
Disappointing oil production in the NorthSea
28-09-2014 12:00
National Bank has halved its forecast of GDP growth to 0.8 percent. This is mainly because Denmark produces less oil in the North Sea, and therefore energy export is decreasing. The production in Tyra field dropped by 10 percent
Maersk Oil will have a Chief Growth Officer
26-09-2014 14:00
From the beginning of next year, Maersk Oil will have a Growth Director who will be responsible for oil exploration and new business. It is the Dutchman Ebbie Haan, who has held a position as director of Sasol Petroleum International and worked 26 years at Shell, who will be joining in the newly created post.
R & D opens office in Lindø
26-09-2014 12:00
The Aarhus engineering company R&D has opened an office in Lindø Industrial Park. The goal is to strengthen test cooperation with LORC and create new customer relationships. R&D is one of the main suppliers to LORC's test center and among the world's leading specialists in equipment for testing of wind turbines.
 New name for Maersk companies
26-09-2014 10:00
A.P. Møller-Maersk 'fifth business Services & Other Shipping is renamed APM Shipping Services. The former name created confusion about the future of the smaller companies like Svitzer, Damco and Maersk Supply Service. Maersk Group is now trying to end the speculation about a possible divestment.

 Norden opens new office in Australia
26-09-2014 08:00
Many dry-bulk shipping companies centralize their operations to Singapore, but Norden is now going against the trend by opening a new office in Melbourne, Australia. The company already has offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro and Annapolis.

DONG gets approval for Burbo Bank
25-09-2014 16:00
The British government has approved the 256-megawatt Burbo Bank's expansion project, which Dong Energy is planning, by the North West of England. The wind farm will be located in Liverpool Bay, west of the existing Burbo Bank offshore wind farm, which has a capacity of 90MW.
The pressure on Maersk Tankers grows
25-09-2014 16:00
While most companies in the Maersk Group are in the lead in their respective industries, Maersk has problems. Now a big effort is being made to turn around the tanker company. It is now or never for Maersk Tankers.
Maersk helps in the fight against Ebola
25-09-2014 14:00
APM Terminals Liberia and Maersk Line has donated 50 tents to the Government of Liberia to lay the foundations for a new Ebola treatment center in Monrovia, Liberia. Ebola outbreaks in Liberia have resulted in a massive shortage of beds and facilities, and many patients are sent home from hospitals.
IMO celebrates World Maritime Day
25-09-2014 10:00
IMO will hosts World Maritime Day today, with focus on getting member states to accelerate the IMO conventions into reality. In this connection, the IMO points at Ballast Water Convention as an example of a convention adopted by the IMO, but has not yet gone into force.