Sirena Seaways to Estonia-Sweden
Sirena Seaways to Estonia-Sweden
12-09-2014 08:00
DFDS will swapp some of their ships in the near future. Sirena Seaways will arrive in Esbjerg from Harwich for the very last time on 29 September. However, she will be far from unemployed.

Grand opening at LORC
11-09-2014 08:00
55 years after the opening of the Odense Shipyard by A.P. Møller, his granddaughter Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla inaugurated the LORC Nacelle Testing facility at the premises of the former shipyard, which is now an industrial park.
North Sea drilling without oil and gas
10-09-2014 16:00
As an operator for license 4/06B, Wintershall Noordzee B.V. has drilled Chabazite-1 (5503/3-4) in the western part of the North Sea. No oil or gas was found.
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Maersk top executives rush to meeting
10-09-2014 14:00
Top executives from Maersk Line and MSC, which have entered into the vessel-sharing agreement called 2M, was reported to be heading to the United States for an urgent meeting with the American maritime administrations, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). FMC's approval of 2M is dragging out.
Finnish cruise ship in Faaborg
10-09-2014 12:00
The cruise ship M/S Brahe owned by the Finnish travel company Saimaa Travel, has arrived in Faaborg. From next year, it will be possible to go on five day cruises in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Until then, Nordic Cruise Line offers one day trips with M/S Brahe and the first will take place on September 20th.
 DSA co-founder of new Council
10-09-2014 10:00
Last week, Danish Shipowners Association attended a meeting in the Arctic Economic Council in Iqaluit in Canada. The goal is growth, taking into account the environment and local population.

 Special transport through Fredericia
10-09-2014 08:00
On September 4th and 5th, a 38 meter long tube and a 21 meter long container successfully snuck its way through Fredericias narrow streets.

Wooden ships have begun the race
09-09-2014 16:00
On Tuesday, 60 ships went out on the first stage of the Limfjorden Rundt. Many ship interested people already gathered on Monday in Løgstør to see the many old wooden ships meet, before the race started at 8:30 this morning in Løgstør.
V. Ships opens office in Copenhagen
09-09-2014 14:00
Starting 10 September, the Danish ship owners will have access to the British ship management company V. Ships from their newly opened office in Copenhagen. The office will be led by Peter Abildgaard, who has previously worked as vice president of Torm and later held a position as CEO of Global Operations at Navig8 Tankers in London.
Warning against helicopter wreckage
09-09-2014 12:00
DMA now warns that the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed Friday in the Kattegat could complicate shipping traffic in the area. The position is provided with a virtual AIS warning.
Port Conference 2014
09-09-2014 10:00
There is now no doubt that the international tendencies are increasingly affecting the Danish ports competitive position and have strategic importance to the ports business opportunities.
 DFDS: No enforcement of requirements
09-09-2014 08:00
The new, stricter sulfur regulations, which will come into effect from next year in the the ECA areas, will not be enforced. On Tuesday, Director of Environment & Sustainability in DFDS Poul Woodall, stated this in a debate at the SMM Exhibition in Hamburg

 Ships will be used as floating test labs
08-09-2014 14:00
The Blue Denmark INNO + project, who aim to create growth and jobs through innovation, is really moving forward. The project has a total budget of almost 120 million kroner, 50 million of which are a grant from the Innovation Fund.

Nordic Wolverine saves 7 distressed
08-09-2014 12:00
On Saturday, the Danish-operated chemical tanker Nordic Wolverine rescued seven distressed crewmembers of a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico. All seven appear to be in good shape.
Green Ferry Vision nominated for award
08-09-2014 10:00
Green Ferry Vision, who is working towards supplying electric ferries for Ærø, are among the finalists in the race to win the international prize Ship Efficiency Awards 2014, organized by Lloyd's Register in London.
Electric ferry on the way to Stockholm
08-09-2014 08:00
The electric ferry Sjövägen, built in Faaborg Shipyard, has now started its journey towards Stockholm where it will sail for the company Ballerina AB. Faaborg Shipyard expects similar tasks in the future.
The "green" Blue Denmark being marketed
07-09-2014 14:00
The Blue Denmark, which among others things are working towards creating a more environmentally friendly shipping business, is now officially being marketed. Denmark's official green brand, State of Green, is launching a new theme on their website with a focus on green maritime solutions.
 Frederikshavn considering Tall Ships Race
05-09-2014 16:00
On Wednesday night, the Culture and Leisure committee in Frederikshavn left the decision about the application of hosting the Tall Ships Race in 2018 to the Finance Committee, who now gets to make the decision without advice from other committees.

 Maritime growth opportunities in the Arctic
05-09-2014 14:00
Along with other maritime organizations and authorities, The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) hosted a business policy seminar in Greenland, which was to identify opportunities and barriers for maritime growth in the Arctic. There were more than 70 participants from Danish and Greenlandic companies, organizations and authorities.

London is no longer the center of the world
05-09-2014 12:00
According to John Hamming from Icap, London used to be the shipbroker capital of the world, but shipbroker activities are moving away from London. The city is still important, but more and more activities move to regional centers for shipbroker activities, including Copenhagen.
British shipbroker in Copenhagen
05-09-2014 10:00
British Icap is establishing itself as a new shipbroker in Copenhagen to get closer to the Danish shipping companies. Icap is strong in the large bulk carriers, but will also offer services to the smaller vessel types and in the long run, also tankers. To being with, the Copenhagen office will have six shipbrokers
FMC: 2M has learned nothing from P3
05-09-2014 08:00
Maersk Line and MSC seem convinced that the Chinese competition authorities will approve 2M, just like they were convinced that P3 would be approved. But according to Richard Lidinsky from the Federal Maritime Commission, the Chinese authorities have to be treated with respect.
Danish despatched soldiers comemorated
04-09-2014 16:00
On September 5th, it is the official Flag Day for the Danish despatchers. On Flag Day they are recognized for their efforts and sacrifices they have made for Denmark. This is the sixth time Flag Day is being held.
 Social network for the shipping industry
04-09-2014 12:00
So far, the shipping industry not had its own platform on social media. With Shippingcluster, that problem belongs in the past. It is a social network dedicated to shipping companies, brokers, agents, educational institutions, etc.

 Windturbines off Frederikshavn Port
04-09-2014 10:00
A test project with six 8 MW wind turbines is going to be built in the waters off the Frederikshavn Harbor. The partners in the project include South Korean Daewoo International Corporation, two other Korean companies, Dong Energy, Vestas and two of Fred. Olsen companies.

Femern president addresses Scandlines
04-09-2014 08:00
The shipping company Scandlines has filed a complained to the European competition authorities concerning the Fehmarn connection. It will downgrade the roads to the Scandlines ferries in Rødbyhavn to regular highway, once the bridge is completed. The chairman of the Fehmarn connection, Henning Kruse Petersen, will look at whether Scandlines complaint can be met.
New standards for underwater production
03-09-2014 16:00
Statoil has taken the initiative to establish industry standards that will make it more profitable to build large projects with subsea technology. DNV GL will lead a so-called "Joint Industry Project" between subsea operators.
Køge services wind turbine equipment
03-09-2014 14:00
The ship "Wind Perfection" is owned by C-Bed, which specializes in so-called floating hotel solutions. The hotel ship is a new customer in Køge Harbor and it marks the beginning of wind power activity at Krieger's Flak.
HG Electric expands in Frederikshavn
03-09-2014 12:00
HG Electric, which designs and performs electrical installations on ships, need more space and is building new headquarters in Frederikshavn Harbor. Tomorrow's is the opening ceremony of the 600-square-meter new building.
 Foundation causes bustles in Frederikshavn
03-09-2014 10:00
In the coming weeks, a new bucket foundation for offshore wind turbines will be tested in positions at wind farms Dogger Bank and Horns Sea in the North Sea and Dudgeon by the English east coast. This causes bustle in the Frederikshavn Harbor, where Fred Olsen Windcarrier's "Brave Tern" is being loaded with the foundation.

 Challenging wind project for Blue Water
03-09-2014 08:00
Blue Water Shipping has been responsible for the transport and storage of turbine components for a large wind farm in the Ilocos Norte province in the Philippines. It included lifting 250 nacelles, hubs, towers and blades.

Wind delivered 41,2 pct of all electricity
02-09-2014 16:00
In the first half of 2014, Danish wind power beat all records. The extraordinarily strong wind in the first months along with several new wind turbines boosted the wind power to 41.2 percent of the total electricity consumption in Denmark.
New cost savings at Maersk Tankers
02-09-2014 14:00
Maersk Tankers will launch a new strategy, and costs must be reduced even further to increase the profit from the 180 product tankers in the company's fleet. Since 2008 Maersk Tankers has not been able to profit from its product tankers, but the operating profit is higher than the competitions
Islanders on Birkholm get free shipping
02-09-2014 12:00
Residents on the island Birkholm, which is under the Ærø Municipality, will now have free shipping on the route between Marstal and Birkholm. Ærø has chosen to use some of the funds from the state for the free shipping.
Ferries with alternative fuels
02-09-2014 10:00
On Monday September 8th, The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (DSNAME) will start its fall season with the event: Ferries in Denmark with alternative fuels (LNG and electric power). It is still possible to sign up.
 2M-alliance to be approved in November
02-09-2014 08:00
The alliance between Maersk Line and MSC is expected to be approved by the United States competition authorities in November, but it is also expected that they will impose conditions and that the alliance will be closely monitored.

 Ejnar Mikkelsen assists Sirius
01-09-2014 14:00
Since Juli this year, the inspection vessel Ejnar Mikkelsen has patrolled the National park North of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), North East of Greenland. The last three weeks Ejnar Mikkelsen has helped Sirius, by deploying depots along the shore.

Jesper T. Lok leaves DSB
01-09-2014 12:00
Short News: Only two and a half years after Jesper T. Lok left the position of CEO in Svitzer to become new CEO of DSB, he is now stepping down. He has accepted a new job, as the head of an international company.
Evelyn Maersk saves 352 boat refugees
01-09-2014 10:00
Sunday night, the Maersk Line container ship Evelyn Maersk saved 352 refugees from a fishing vessel. The boat was in the Mediterranean Sea, was experiencing engine trouble and was taking in water. Tomorrow they will be transported and set ashore on Sicily.
DanPilot increase profit in 1st half year
01-09-2014 08:00
DanPilot came out of the first half of the year with a profit before tax of 15.6 million kr., an increase of 4.6 million kr. compared to the profit of 11 million in the first half of 2013.
Torm gets extended loan facility
29-08-2014 16:00
Torm announces that all lenders have joined the agreement on the extension of the existing working capital facility by six months until 31 March 2015 in order to facilitate the implementation of the recapitalization process.