Jan Rindbo new CEO of DS Norden
Jan Rindbo new CEO of DS Norden
30-10-2014 10:00
The Chief Operating Officer of the Hong Kong company Pacific Basin, Jan Rindbo, has been appointed new CEO of the shipping company Norden. The 40-year-old Rindbo will take up his new post in early summer 2015.

The port of Køge creates many jobs
31-10-2014 16:00
Since 2008, the employment in the transportation and logistics cluster in Køge has grown by 28 percent, while revenue rose by 22 percent. This is shown by a new catchment analysis, which has been prepared by GEMBA Seafood Consulting for The port of Køge and Scandinavian Transport Centre, located next to the The port of Køge.
Northern Jutland wind network continues
31-10-2014 14:00
The cluster network Hub North, consisting of 220 companies that either produce directly to the wind industry or act as suppliers of services, equipment or advice, has had its license for 2015 extended .

Lauritzen sells capesize bulker
31-10-2014 12:00
Lauritzen Bulkers have sold the 5 year old capesize bulker Camilla with 179,000 DWT to Greek Marmaras Navigation. According to Tradewinds, the sale is worth $ 40 million, but the company would not confirm this amount.
DONG upgrades after a great 3rd quarter
31-10-2014 10:00
Higher profitability from wind activities, including gains from the sale of 50 percent of DONG Energy's stake in the British London Array offshore wind farms and Westermost Rough, is the reason that DONG now raises its expectations for the full year of operations.
 Denmark is no. 2 in offshore wind
31-10-2014 08:00
It may be Britain is no. 1 in the world in terms of installed offshore wind capacity. But Denmark are close behind, and everything indicates that Denmark will maintain the significant growth in wind energy, the research firm GlobalData concludes in a new report.

 Smaller ports gathered for ERFA meeting
30-10-2014 16:00
The small Danish ports have just been gathered for a meeting in Middelfart to discuss common challenges and opportunities. The themes included the business strategy, port law, communications and social media.

Less excess capacity of tankers
30-10-2014 12:00
It is going in the right direction in the tanker market. Although there are still too many tankers in the market relative to demand, the first nine months of this year showed that things are going in the right direction. Fewer new tankers than expected are being delivered, and more are being scrapped.
Seminars focusing on offshore in Marstal
30-10-2014 12:00
On November 4 to 5, Marstal Navigation School will implement some seminars on offshore for the school's master students. The theme days are a new initiative in the innovative approach to the subject and to the course
Danish Maritime in dialogue with China
30-10-2014 08:00
Danish Maritime Director Jenny N. Braat meet with representatives of the China classification company CCS this week to hear why they treat foreign maritime suppliers inferior to local suppliers.

No commercial port in Assens
29-10-2014 16:00
Assens Harbor has been ordered to cease the wood chipping no later than May 31 next year, and until then, there must only be chipped wood at wind speeds of over six meters per second. But it is impossible for the port to exist under these terms, the port manager stated.
 Many sailors provides busy doctors
29-10-2014 14:00
Radio Medical, which consists of a team of doctors from Southwest Jutland Hospital in Esbjerg, last year received 1,667 requests, which is eight percent more than the year before. Several sailors on Danish ships are part of the explanation for the increase in inquiries.

 Maersk doubles surcharge for queues
29-10-2014 12:00
The wait time when calling in at Manilla is now so long that Maersk, with effect from November 1, raises its queue surcharge for the port to double – from 150 to 300 dollars per TEU.

Layoffs at Semco Maritime
29-10-2014 10:00
The offshore company Semco Maritime has completed its largest round of layoffs. A total of 44 employees have been laid off, whereas 60 percent are engineers, technicians and 40 percent hourly workers and administrative staff.
Shipyards should receive more assignments
29-10-2014 08:00
The Danish government should focus on quality and less on the price when tasks are sent out to tender. Danish Maritime believes that more shipyard tasks should be able to go to the Danish shipyards if the quality was just as important as price.
The end of four years financial uncertainty
28-10-2014 16:00
With Oaktree Capital, according to a new agreement, taking a majority stake in Torm, has finally established a realistic plan for Torm, which seems to mean the end of four years of great financial uncertainty, says Flemming Ipsen, Chairman of Torm.
SEB drops OW Bunker shares
28-10-2014 14:00
SEB Wealth Management, which has been one of the major shareholders of OW Bunker, which went public earlier this year, has sold all its shares in the oil trading company. The break has simply been too great in relation to the downgrade from OW Bunker recently, says the investment firm. Several others have also sold their shareholdings.
 NT Offshore chosen as Gazelle winner
28-10-2014 12:00
The Esbjerg company NT Offshore is chosen as Gazelle winner in South Denmark by Børsen. The company has in the past four years had an increase in gross profit of 1909 percent. In 2013, NT Offshore had a gross profit of fourteen million kroner and a profit before tax of three million kroner.

 Maritime education provide job guarantee
28-10-2014 10:00
For many graduates, it is really hard to find a job. So when you're choosing an education, you have to think carefully. A good bet is to choose a maritime education, as this almost guarantees jobs. This is shown by a new list of the 10 programs where unemployment among graduates is the lowest.

Cheaper electricity from offshore wind
28-10-2014 08:00
The engineering company R&D collaborates with Aalborg University to develop a new test method for wind turbines that can ultimately provide consumers with cheaper electricity from wind turbines. The project, supported by EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration) will run for three years.
VIKING start production in Bulgaria
27-10-2014 16:00
For 12 years VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S has produced an increasing proportion of its security products in Thailand's largest port, Laem Chabang, where the Group currently employs approximately 700 workers. Now VIKING's overseas production will be supplemented by a factory in Bulgaria.
Plenty of work for Rødvig harbor
27-10-2014 14:00
The Zealand fishing port Rødvig at Stevns has been converted because Siemens Wind Power uses it as a crew base in the establishment of the wind farm Krieger's Flak in the Baltic Sea. It provides work and movement in the port and with the industrial operators.
Oaktree want to take control of Torm
27-10-2014 12:00
Torm has entered an agreement with a group of existing lenders, which represents 61 percent of Torm shipping finance, and Oaktree Capital Management about a possible restructuring of the company
 First turbine constructed at Borkum Riff 1
27-10-2014 10:00
The first turbine of the 78 Siemens 3,6MW turbines was installed securely on October 25 by the A2SEA vessel Sea Installer. In the coming months, the vessel will install the rest of the turbines, which will be shipped from Esbjerg in Denmark. The special vessel Sea Installer can transport eight turbines at a time.

 Australian school to buy Danish icebreakers
27-10-2014 08:00
The three Danish icebreakers, Thorbjørn, Polar bear and Danbjørn, all of which have been stored in Frederikshavn, after parliament decided to sell them, as they haven't been used for several years, may now be sold to an Australian maritime school.

Langeland Ferry came close to submarine
24-10-2014 08:00
Passengers on their way from Spodsbierg on Langeland to Tars on Lolland on board the ferry Langeland got more than they paid for, as the ferry passed a submarine sailing on the surface. This meant that the two vessels came very close to each other
Andreas Nordseth set for IMO top post
23-10-2014 08:00
When the election for the post of Secretary General of the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO, is announced later this year, Denmark will set the Danish Maritime Authority director, Andreas Nordseth for the position, the Ministry of Business and Growth states
Female maritime executives get together
22-10-2014 08:00
Female leaders from maritime companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are now joining forces to establish WISTA Nordic, Nordic cooperation within the Women's International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA)
Maersk Supply Service is building
21-10-2014 08:00
Maersk Supply Service has a solid construction program under way, and at the same time, they get rid of older vessels. Maersk Gabarus, built in 1983, is being scrapped in Belgium, and Maersk Fetcher, built in 1995, has been sold.
 25 companies will look for Danish oil
20-10-2014 08:00
A record number of companies have participated in the previous bidding round of licenses for oil exploration in the North Sea. As many as 25 oil companies have participated In the previous tendering process only 17 oil companies participated.

 Ebola delay Danish port project
17-10-2014 08:00
A port project in Karrebaeksminde has been affected by Ebola. Several types of wood used for the hammer and stakes for the new pier heads, comes from West Africa, where there is Ebola. This means that the materials are partially delayed and it is now uncertain when the project will be completed.

Danish Maritime Days well attended
16-10-2014 08:00
Danish Maritime Days was a well attended event with many participants and great commitment to the more than 50 events. Danish Maritime Days took place from the 6th to 10th October, and the connection to the many events testify that the maritime days was a success.
Danish-German offshore cooperation
15-10-2014 08:00
Although many southern Danish and German companies are engaged in offshore wind energy, only a few of them are in partnership across the border. This has to be changed, because there is great potential in the German market.
Bredgaard Boatyard bets on Fehmarn
14-10-2014 08:00
Bredgaard Boatyard from Sakskøbing bets, as many other small businesses on Lolland-Falster, that the Fehmarn construction will bring new tasks. However, the boost that the construction can give them, does not come by itself. Consequently, many of the smaller companies have joined forces.
Do not underestimate the competition
10-10-2014 12:00
You should never ever think that you are the best, and you should not underestimate the competition. Ane Maersk McKinney Uggla summarizes the lessons from her father, which she has brought with her since taking charge in 2012.
 Maersk confirms 2M approval
10-10-2014 10:00
On July 10, 2014 Maersk Line announced the signing of a long-term (10 years) "vessel-sharing agreement with MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA (parties) on the Asia-Europe, Europe-North America and Asia-North America routes.

 Bawat gets ballast water system approved
10-10-2014 08:00
The Danish company Bawat A/S, which was established in 2011 with the aim of developing technologies for ballast water treatment, has developed a system that has successfully completed all the tests imposed by the IMO, as documented by DNV-GL.

2M approved by American authorities
09-10-2014 08:00
According to news agency Reuters, the American Maritime Authority, the Federal Maritime Commission, has approved the 2M alliance between Maersk Line and MSC. The approval has yet to be announced officially.
Fayard are not thrilled about new shipyard
08-10-2014 08:00
Business and Growth Minister Henrik Sass Larsen (S) has proposed to create a new shipyard that will build special vessels in Denmark. But the repair yard Fayard, which occupies most of the former Lindø shipyard area is not happy about the idea. They are only interrested in repair and retrofitting.
World Bora named in Esbjerg
07-10-2014 08:00
World Marine Offshore, which is based in Esbjerg and engaged in transporting passengers and goods to and from offshore installations in the North Sea, has named its newest ship World Bora. The event took place in the Port of Esbjerg.
The youth looks at a maritime future
03-10-2014 16:00
The companies MarineShaft and Hirtshals Yard will get the opportunity to shape the future of some of North Jutland youth on Monday, when 80 students from 8th to 10th grade of Hjørring community and Hjørring Production school visits the companies as an event in connection with the Danish Maritime Days.