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Danish Yachts delivers new construction
Danish Yachts delivers new construction
26-08-2014 12:00
In a few days the North Jutland shipyard Danish Yachts will deliver the carbon fiber vessel "Lina" to the Norwegian shipping company Odfjell. Lina is of type Swath and will be used to transport personnel and spare parts to wind farms. The 25 meter long vessel is the fifth in a series of passenger vessels in carbon fiber.

Requirement for future maritime educations
26-08-2014 16:00
Increased environmental requirements and increasing competition on a global scale poses new, high demands for future maritime employees. In connection with the Danish Maritime Days 6 to 10 October, the conference "Maritime Competences in the Future - Effects from the Danish Maritime Cluster projects" focus on maritime educations
Bladt Industries opens welding school
26-08-2014 14:00
Bladt Industries is ready with a new initiative with the opening of a new welding school. The idea is not only to train new blacksmiths, but also to retain the knowledge and craftsmanship as Bladt Industries' smiths have built up over decades.
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New marine evacuation system at Hytek
26-08-2014 10:00
Hysafe and Hytek, both of which are part of the Danish Hytek Group, has initiated collaboration with British Survival Craft Inspectorate (SCI), a leading global provider of marine evacuation systems. Hysafe and Hytek will be new distributors of SCI's products in the Scandinavian market.
Danish shipping companies fight corruption
26-08-2014 08:00
Danish shipping companies such as A.P. Møller-Maersk, Norden, Torm and J. Lauritzen, along with other global players in the maritime world have joined forces in anti-corruption network Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), which meets twice a year to discuss how deal with the problems of corruption.
 Denmark aims to increase sulfur control
25-08-2014 16:00
The Danish government is pushing for countries in the Baltic Sea to step up their monitoring of the sulfur content in ships' fuel tanks. This is done bilaterally and within the EU, Minister of Environment Kirsten Brosbøl informed.

 Statoil fires 60 in Kalundborg
25-08-2014 14:00
Statoil's refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark's largest has to undergo major cost-cutting in the autumn. 60 posts are to be abolished. Tough competition in the market and a large excess capacity makes it necessary to save on costs.

New environment in Aarhus
25-08-2014 12:00
Aarhus School of Engineering accepted a new generation of students in the new environment at Aarhus Harbor last week. The large Navitas building at Aarhus Island is now running at 100 percent. 115 new students are starting at Aarhus School of Engineering, which is the largest of five Danish engineer schools.
Large offshore order for Bladt Industries
25-08-2014 10:00
Things are going really well for Bladt Industries in Aalborg. Orders are pouring in - lately the company has contracted with Joint Venture Sand Bank Offshore Wind GmbH for the delivery of a substation for the wind farm.
DONG launches wind turbine foundations
25-08-2014 08:00
Dong in collaboration with Bladt Industries has developed a new offshore wind turbine foundation that combines a lattice structure with a suction caisson foundation. The construction weighs 850 tons and is 57 meters high. It will now be tested in a German offshore wind farm.
Danish ships met in the Gulf of Aden
22-08-2014 14:00
The Danish support ship Esbern Snare, which is currently on anti-piracy patrol in the traffic corridor in the Gulf of Aden, met the Danish container ship Maersk McKinney Møller which is en route to the East on Friday
 NT Offshore expands with new company
22-08-2014 12:00
NT Offshore is starting a subsidiary - NT Equipment & Services - which sells equipment and services to the maritime industry, offshore renewable and oil & gas industries. At the same time the parent company is expanding with an office in Bremerhaven.

 Port Director of Hanstholm face sacking
22-08-2014 10:00
A united finance committee in the municipality of Thisted recommends the municipality to fire Hanstholm port director for the past six years - Birgitte Juhl. The decision will be made at a council meeting next Tuesday.

Shipping.dk buys Thomas Wang
22-08-2014 08:00
The logistics company Shipping.dk has bought all shares in the shipping company Thomas Wang which located in Nyborg. At the same time Shipping.dk's parent company USTC takes over shares in the shipping company Nyborg, a subsidiary of Thomas Wang.
Maersk Gallant ready to depart from Lindø
21-08-2014 16:00
The giant Ultra Harsh Environment Jack-up rig Maersk Gallant, which has had its five-year inspection and upgrade at Fayard at Lindø Industrial Park since May, was preparing to leave on Thursday morning. Bad weather has delayed the departure
New standby vessel bound for Esvagt
21-08-2014 16:00
ESVAGT latest new acquisition, the standby vessel Esvagt Claudine, is on track to Esbjerg from Singapore where it is built. The ship left Singapore in mid-July and is expected to arrive in Esbjerg on 3 September.
Bladt deliver platform for Maersk Oil
21-08-2014 14:00
The new unmanned satellite platform, Tyra Southeast B, has now been shipped from Bladt Industries in Aalborg to its destination in the Danish sector of the North Sea.
 DanPilot launches tests on new vessel
21-08-2014 12:00
DanPilot has signed an agreement with Tuco Marine in Faaborg on the rental of a new type of boat. The aim is to examine whether this new type of boat is suitable as an alternative to the smaller pilot vessels in DanPilot.

 Vestas receives first 8.0 MW order
21-08-2014 10:00
DONG Energy and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has signed a conditional agreement to buy 32 V164-8,0 MW turbines which to be installed on Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm off of England's northwest coast in Liverpool Bay.

Mary Maersk sets new world record
21-08-2014 08:00
Maersk Lines Triple-E containership Maersk Mary has now set a world record in the number of containers on board a single ship. The record - which was set a month ago - is 17,603 TEU.
DONG rejects DR allegations
20-08-2014 16:00
In the DR documentary which is shown tonight on DR1, on DONG Energy's capital increase is argued that DONG Energy's management should have a special financial interest in the price, such as Goldman Sachs, ATP and PFA paid for shares in DONG Energy was the lowest possible. DONG rejects this.
Næssund ferry in danger of being closed
20-08-2014 12:00
Too few passengers and the high operating cost is the reason why Morsø and Thisted Municipality are seriously considering to discontinue the Næssund ferry which sails between Thy and Mors. This is despite its service on site for at least 43 years.
New order on its way to Bladt Industries
20-08-2014 10:00
Bladt Industries in Aalborg can look forward to a new large order for transition pieces. EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has received the contract for the manufacture and delivery of 72 foundations for offshore wind farm Sandbank 90 km west of Sylt in the North Sea.
 Maersk launches new investment plans
20-08-2014 08:00
After a very good interim, the CEO of AP Møller-Maersk Nils Smedegaard Andersen opens up for new investments. In particular, oil extraction and port terminals are to be spent money on. There are more than 50 billion kroner available when the right opportunities arise.

 Bladt almost finished with Butendiek
19-08-2014 16:00
Another project is nearing its completion for Bladt Industries. The remaining 12 of the 80 Butendiek transition pieces will be delivered this week. The first transition piece was installed in early June.

Maersk Drilling got lower profits
19-08-2014 14:00
Maersk Drilling came out of the first half of the year with a profit of $ 233 million against a profit of $ 296 million in H1 2013. The profit in the second quarter was $ 117 million against a profit of $ 150 million in the same quarter last year.
Maersk Line with surplus of $1 billion
19-08-2014 12:00
Maersk Line came out of the first half of the year with a profit of $ 1 billion, compared with a profit of $ 643 million for H1 2013. The profit in the second quarter was $ 547 million; which is 108 million more than in the same quarter of 2013.
Smedegaard: Very pleased
19-08-2014 10:00
A. P. Møller - Maersk CEO Nils Smedegaard Andersen is very pleased with the profit for the first half of 2014, with an increase in underlying profit of 42% to $2.4 billion.
Rig waiting for better weather conditions
19-08-2014 08:00
The Maersk Drilling rig, Maersk Gallant, one of the world's largest drilling rigs, is ready to be towed out from Fayard at Lindø Industrial Park after its five-year overhaul, which started in May. Unfortunately the weather has been halting departure.
 Faaborg III again hit by problems
18-08-2014 16:00
Due to a short circuit in the wiring system for the sensors on the front ramp, the ferry between Faaborg, Avernakø and Lyo has had to cancel departures again. First, the departure at 8.00 AM from Faaborg was canceled and then the departure at 10:00 AM was canceled.

 Political demands for shore power for ships
18-08-2014 14:00
On August 21, the Copenhagen City Council must consider a proposal from SF that the more than 400 cruise ships that dock at Copenhagen each year will be offered shore power in the future.

Nordana orders eight new ships
18-08-2014 12:00
The Danish shipping company Nordana has signed a contract with Taizhou Sanfu Shipbuilding for the construction of eight 12,000 dwt multipurpose heavy lift vessels. The delivery will start from the second quarter of 2015 and end in the second half of 2016.
New standby vessel bound for Esvagt
18-08-2014 10:00
ESVAGT latest new acquisition, the standby vessel Esvagt Claudine, is on track to Esbjerg from Singapore where it is built. The ship left Singapore in mid-July and is expected to arrive in Esbjerg on 3 September.
Sunken tugboat in Esbjerg salvaged
18-08-2014 08:00
After a lengthy salvage operatio, Sunday Nordic Marine Consult succeeded in raising the tugboat Dive Master, which nearly two weeks ago, sank in the port of Esbjerg in connection with the towing of a large sailing ship.
Faaborg III again hit by problems
17-08-2014 14:00
Due to a short circuit in the wiring system for the sensors on the front ramp, the ferry between Faaborg, Avernakø and Lyo has had to cancel departures again. First, the departure at 8.00 AM from Faaborg was canceled and then the departure at 10:00 AM was canceled.
 Ship collided with offshore wind turbine
15-08-2014 16:00
The Danish standby ship OMS Pollux, which is owned by Nordic Offshore Marine in Odense, collided with the foundation for an offshore wind turbine in Walney Wind Farm, located off the British coast in the Irish Sea on Thursday.

 Requirements forces Torm to take action
15-08-2014 14:00
Since March, Torm's equity has been negative, and according to commercial law, the company is obliged to convene an extraordinary general meeting if there is negative equity for more than six months. The requirement is forcing Torm to host an extraordinary general meeting soon.

Offshore barge sank southeast of Gedser
15-08-2014 12:00
A German barge with parts for an offshore wind farm sank under tow off the German coast southeast of Gedser on Wednesday. The barge was en route from Stralsund to Kiel when it capsized two nautical miles northwest of Darßer Ort lighthouse.
Dry cargo causes J. Lauritzen to prosper
15-08-2014 10:00
Improvements in the dry cargo market has caused J. Lauritzen to prosper in the first half of the year, which is shown in the company's proposed accounting for the first half of 2014, the operating result before depreciation (EBITDA) was at $ 74.8 million, an increase of 49.3 million dollar compared to the same period in 2013.
Dong pulls British fishermen to court
15-08-2014 08:00
The Danish company DONG Energy has come under fire in the UK. This is after the company has gone to the British courts to force 24 crab fishermen from Norfolk away from their normal fishing area.
DSM focus on offshore orders
14-08-2014 16:00
The South Jutland supplier of black and stainless steel DSM is focusing on getting offshore orders in Denmark and Norway. DSM has just been approved and recorded in Achilles, a global provider of supplier management services, and considers DSM to be a mark of quality.