Large order for Victor A/S in Frederikshavn
Large order for Victor A/S in Frederikshavn
12-04-2015 08:00
Victor A/S has secured a major order from Flensburg Shipyard, which in 2016 is to deliver two WIVere (Well Intervention Vessels) to Siem Offshore. The work will be performed at the company's workshop in Frederikshavn and at the shipyard in Flensburg.

Scandlines lacks personnel
11-04-2015 08:00
Scandlines catering in Rødbyhavn lacks summer replacements for the upcoming peak season. The company must use 130 summer replacements, but still needs 25 to make it work
Esvagt Faraday goes to work
10-04-2015 08:00
Esvagt Faraday, which is ESVAGT's second SOV (Service Operation Vessel) which is custom built to service the offshore wind farms, took off on its first assignment for Siemens Wind Power. ESVAGT's first SOV, Esvagt Froude, is already working for Siemens Wind Power and has been since 18 February.

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Swedocean joins Danish Maritime Fair
09-04-2015 12:00
Swedocean have teamed up with Danish Maritime Fair, the event taking place in Copenhagen this fall, from 6th to 8th of October. The Maritime Fair in Copenhagen is a new window of opportunity for companies looking to expand their horizons.
Danes dominate the offshore wind market
09-04-2015 08:00
Five companies fight for orders on wind turbines, but although the sea is large, analysts agree that there is not enough room for all of them. Danes are in charge of several of the companies, and it is no coincidence, for it is Denmark, which has invented offshore wind.
 Alstom and GE focuses on offshore wind
08-04-2015 08:00
Former CEO of offshore wind turbines in Vestas, Anders Søe Jensen, is vice president of the French-American Alstom Power Offshore Wind, which is close to a breakthrough in offshore wind and is ready to fight against Vestas. The company is a merger between Alstom and General Electric, who have put their focus on offshore wind turbines.

 Danish tanker without fault in collision
07-04-2015 08:00
A preliminary report from the US accident investigation - the National Transportation Safety Board – on the collision between the Danish chemical tanker Carla Maersk and bulk carrier Conti Peridot concludes that the Danish ship was not at fault in the incident

Lessons from Thyborøn used in Slovenia
06-04-2015 08:00
Slovenia's main port, Koper, is to be expanded because of strong growth, but the conditions are difficult and it calls on Danish experience from Thyborøn and Fredericia, says the consulting engineering company Niras.
Record revenue in Hirtshals harbour
05-04-2015 08:00
Hirtshals harbour could in 2014 present a new record turnover of 68.5 million kroner, while the port shows a growth of 8.2 percent from 2013 to 2014. These are some of the highlights, as the port's chairman Anker Laden-Andersen can provide in the presentation of ports statements for 2014.
Tyrannical billionaire not shipping magnate
04-04-2015 08:00
It has long been a widespread belief that the creators of the American cartoon The Simpsons have caricatured the series' most unsympathetic figure - the tyrannical billionaire C. Montgomery Burns – on the Norwegian shipping magnate Fred Olsen.
Nominated for environmental award
03-04-2015 08:00
ME Production A/S in Frederikshavn has been nominated for the environmental prize Environmental Performance Award in London for their scrubber solution for smog cleaning on ships. The winner will be awarded later in April in the British capital
 Semco Maritime in a new round of layoffs
02-04-2015 08:00
For the second time in half a year, Semco Maritime has to lay off employees. The first time was in October, where 44 employees, most of them engineers, technicians and engineers, were laid off. This time, 25 employees have been fired.

 Green Ship of the Future restarts
01-04-2015 08:00
Green Ship of the Future restarts in a new version and invites for a meeting on 17 April at. 9-11. Here, the framework for enhanced efforts on the development of energy-efficient solutions for maritime traffic and a reduction of the environmental impact, will be determined.

Continuing problems for Leonora Christina
31-03-2015 08:00
Leonora Christina is still affected by minor technical problems. Last night a radiator hose ruptured, so one of the ferry's main engines was out of service. Moreover, there are minor delays on the route Rønne- Køge. The ferry Gute, which is replacing Hammerodde, was also delayed.
Torm accedes new restructuring agreement
30-03-2015 08:00
Torm, alongside a group of existing lenders and Oaktree Capital Management, has acceded a new restructuring agreement for the company. The parties now seek commitments from other lenders.
Change in medicine chest A
29-03-2015 07:00
One of the compositions in the medicine chest A on Danish ships has been deleted from the Danish market and must therefore be replaced with another product in procurement. It is the preparation Dextromethorphan in oral solution, which is no longer sold in Denmark.
MF Samsø is back in operation
28-03-2015 08:00
Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn has produced and painted non-stop, which means that the schedule now says that MF Samsø is being deployed today Friday, March 27 at 9:45 on Hou - Sælvig. The ferry will replace Ane Læsø, but on the route Hou - Sælvig.
 Need for new maritime knowledge
27-03-2015 08:00
Maritime companies need a knowledge injection to be properly prepared for future challenges. This is concluded a new report as part of the government's stimulus plan for the Blue Denmark. The report was prepared by the Research Policy Liaison for Interdisciplinary Maritime Research.

 Damaged night ferry to be towed to Køge
26-03-2015 08:00
The ferry Hammerodde had to turn back shortly after departure from Køge last night. At departure from the harbor in Køge at 12:30 AM, the ferry apparently hit something on the bottom of the harbor and damaged one screw shaft.

Danish Maritime Fair in high gear
25-03-2015 16:00
In only 6 weeks, 30% of the area at Danish Maritime Fair 2015 has been booked – 65 out of 169 stands to be precise – not only by local Danish suppliers like Viking Life-Saving Equipment, Lyngsø Marine and Atlas Incinerators, but also by companies from abroad such as Lukoil, Oil Market Journal and Aspida – Maritime Security.
Frederikshavn Harbour borrows 600 mio kr.
25-03-2015 08:00
Frederikshavn Harbour City Council has applied for a loan guarantee for a loan of up to 600 million kroner to be used for the port's major expansion. The city council in Frederikshavn supports the expansion, because there are jobs and a better economy involved.
Large orders create profits at Novenco
24-03-2015 08:00
Novenco Marine & Offshore A/S, which supplies ventilation and air conditioning systems for ships, turned losses into profits in 2014. Revenue grew 49 percent to 807.1 million kroner, while profit after tax landed on 10.9 million kroner after the company in 2013 suffered a loss of 30.2 million kroner.
M/F Samsø inspected for damage
23-03-2015 08:00
The new Samsø Ferry, located at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn has a big hole in the bow after the collision of a ferry berth in Sælvig on Wednesday night. After arrival, the shipyard workers started inspecting the extent of the damage.
 Internships must be brought to light
22-03-2015 08:00
MP Alex Ahrendtsen, culture and education spokesman for DF, wants the figures for company training and internships broyght to light. "Will the Minister ask the Danish shipping companies to publish the number and distribution of training and internships?" he asked Education and Research Minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

 Apply for Sea Pilotage now
21-03-2015 08:00
Companies wishing to sail through Øresund and Storebælt in the period 2016-2019, must apply for permission from the Danish Maritime Authority before 1 May this year, says the Danish Maritime Authority. Applicants may apply for up to 600 pilotage annually in the period.

Captain got drunk in Danish waters
20-03-2015 08:00
The captain of the Norwegian tanker Yara Froya got very drunk after his ship left the port of Fredericia, bound for Kiel on Wednesday afternoon. Shortly before midnight he was stopped by the German coastguard with a BAC of 1.27.
Danish Maritime Days receives award
19-03-2015 08:00
Danish Maritime Days reigned supreme as the Copenhagen Initiative Award 2014 was presented at the Copenhagen Congress and Event Award Wednesday night, where Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen Municipality paid tribute to the organizers of up to 200 international events, which annually puts Copenhagen and Denmark on the world map.
Hafnia Tankers had profits in 2014
18-03-2015 08:00
Hafnia Tankers ended 2014 with a profit of $ 2.3 million after tax. That compares with the company in 2013 having a profit of $ 8.6 million after tax. Revenues amounted to $ 118.8 million from $ 30.5 million in 2013.
Cruise ships to Kalundborg in 2016
17-03-2015 08:00
There are no cruise ships coming to the port of Kalundborg this year. In return, there will be some next year, said the port, but will not state how many and which ones. The port is still working to get more cruise ships.
 Siemens reduces costs of offshore turbines
16-03-2015 08:00
Instead of a very expensive transformer platform, Siemens will build one or two smaller transformer platforms on the wind turbines foundation. It can reduce the cost of transformer platforms by 30-40 percent and is thus still a part of the effort to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. The new design is intended for offshore wind farms near the coast.

 Erria increases sales and profits
15-03-2015 08:00
Erria, which today primarily foccuses on advice and Ship Management, came out of 2014 with a revenue increase of 23.8 per cent to 97.9 million kroner, while the bottom line grew from 4 million last year to 7.9 million kroner.

OW Bunkers curators will sue banks
14-03-2015 08:00
The curators of the estate of OW Bunker threatens to drag two large banks, ING and BNP, in court for taking mortgages on oil stocks for half a billion kroner. This is stated in an exchange of a statement to the Court of Aalborg. The bankrupt company sold the oil for 505.9 million kroner in December 2014
Accident causes fewer departures
13-03-2015 08:00
The accident with the Scandlines ferry Princess Benedikte at the shipyard in Gdansk in Poland will mean limitations in the ferry service on the route Rødby-Puttgarden. There will only be departures every 40 minutes.
2014 was a good year for the Port of Aarhus
12-03-2015 08:00
While growth in the Danish society was at one percent, the Port of Aarhus in 2014 realized a turnover of 237 million kroner, which is an increase of 9.2 percent compared to 2013. Net income from the operation of the port was more than doubled from 20 million kroner in 2013 to 46 million kroner in 2014.
Danish Maritime Days nominated for award
11-03-2015 08:00
Once a year Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen Municipality praise the organizers of the up to 200 international events which annually put Copenhagen on the world map. It is at the Copenhagen Congress and Event Award. This year, the Danish Maritime Days is nominated for the Copenhagen Initiative Award 2014.
 A. P. Møller- Mærsk sets Esvagt up for sale
10-03-2015 08:00
A. P. Møller-Mærsk is ready to sell the offshore company Esvagt for four billion kroner. Mærsk has previously tried to sell to Esvagt, but it got stranded because of opposition from minority shareholders, including Kent Kirk. It seems that the differences have been resolved.

 Million credits were visible to OW Bunker
09-03-2015 08:00
The million credits which OW Bunker's subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading gave its customer Tankoil Marine Services, were visible to everybody in the management of OW Bunker. They also knew that parts of the company were presented incorrectly in the prospectus that was prepared in connection with OW Bunker's IPO.

Royal Arctic Line struck by ice problems
08-03-2015 08:00
Arina Arctica was unable to make its last call at the Disko area due to the ice conditions. During February several Royal Arctic Line ships also had to cancel a number of calls in West Greenland as the ice situation along with the weather made it impossible.
Denmark's leading wind energy in 2030
07-03-2015 08:00
The Shipowners Associations and the Danish Wind Industry invites to a business policy meeting on 11 March, EWEA Offshore 2015 in Bella Center. It is no coincidence that once again it is Denmark, which houses the world's largest conference on offshore wind energy; EWEA, but how do we ensure that Denmark in 2030 is the world's leading wind nation. This is the theme for the meeting.
OW Bunkers problem customer bankrupt
06-03-2015 08:00
The Singapore company Tankoil Marine Services, which was OW Bunkers problematic customer which partly led to OW Bunkers bankruptcy, is now on its way to bankruptcy. This is good news for the curators of OW Bunker, who until now have tried to find out what really happened in Singapore.
Port of Hirtshals expansion becomes visible
05-03-2015 08:00
The expansion of the Port of Hirtshals east of the existing port area is already becoming visible both on land and in the sea. The contractor MJ Eriksson A/S has started work to fill sand onto he beach and into the sea, and thus the creation of the 250,000-square-foot harbor area is becoming a reality.
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